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10 body language sign


Gentlemen, This is Chaltrends. 

Today, we're showing you 11 proven and scientifically backed body language signs, that when you see almost always mean a girl is interested (Or becoming interested) in you.

And because we don't want you chasing a girl that you don't have a chance with. 

We're also showing you know the 1 most clear body language sign that a girl is 100% NOT feeling you. 

So here are 11 REAL body language signs that a girl likes you + 1 sign that she want to do nothing with you. 

1. She Touches You With Intent 

Usually the final giveaway that you've moved to the next level with her, is for her to ramp up the physical touching. 

This might be her putting her hand on your hand, or grazing your leg with her foot, Or it might be her hugging your arm is she's cold or starting to hang on your shoulder. 

However she wants to do it is up to her, But if she's all over you, She might be finally telling you that you don't have to try that hard to get her anymore. 

If there's one body language sign that should always be an immediate red flag; It's CROSSED ARMS 

When a woman crosses her arms in front of you it can be saying a lot of things None of which are good for you. 

2. She Show You Her Neck. 

As you know by now, when a woman is really flirting, her instinct may take over and one of the clearest sign that a woman might be into you, is for her to present (and trust you with) one of the most vulnerable parts of her body. Her neck. 

So if she begins to emphasise her neck by pulling her hair to one side or tilting her head,. She doesn't want you to be Dracula, but it's a great sign that might want you a little closer. 

3. HER Pupils Dilate And She's Looking At Your Sideways. 

If you are in the habit of making weak eye contact (like a lot guys do) you could be missing up to half  of the non-verbal signalling that women do. 

Signalling like dilate pupils or a quick sideways glance, Both of which are subtle, but hugely telling giveaways that whatever you're doing is working well. 

4. Pointing Her Feet Toward You.

So she's standing close to you, you're talking and she's laughing sounds like it's in the bag, right? WRONG 

Because even though she might seem to be giving you her full attention, her feet might secretly be telling you that she wishes she was somewhere else. 

So if you want to know if you're really where she wants to be, try paying attention to where her feet are pointing, and not just her face. 

5. She Gets You To Pay Attention To Her Lips.

If a woman is really interested after talking to you for a while, she may ramp up her flirtatious tactics by bringing your attention to her lips. 

Whether she simply grazes them with her fingers or puts on a fresh layer of lipsticks, if she draws your attention to her lips (or any other suggestive part of her body), you can pretty sure that's because she wants you to take notice.

6. She Flares Her Nostrils

When you think of flirtatious body language signals a woman might send your way, Flared nostrils probably don't come to mind and are probably something she wouldn't want you to notice. 

That could be because, unlike some body language cues, Most women don't actually mean to do it. So if you notice her nostrils are flaring out of control it's a teltate sign that she's comfortable letting her guard around you.  

7. She Comes Into Your Personally Space 

If she's coming from across the room to you, attention to where she stops. If it's within 4 feet. She's officially entered your personal field and that usually means one thing. 

She probably wants to talk to you. Is she within 2 feels now? She's moving closer to what's known as the ''intimate zone'' and if she's there, you're probably doing a pretty good job of making  her interested. 

8. She Sets Herself Up For Interception.

When a woman might want to talk, but also wants you to be the one to start the conservation, there's typically one blatantly obvious thing she'll do to make it easy for you. 

And that's to simply position herself indoor field of vision. Taken by itself, it's not much, but the fact of the matter is, if a girl is really trying to flirt, it's usually the very first move she'll make.

So watch out for it. 

9. She Makes Clear And Deliberate Eye Contact.

In general, women are pretty selective about who key they make eye contact with. So if a woman looks directly at you for more than 2-3 seconds,

That's probably because to her, you're literally pretty eye-catching. 

10. She Plays With Her Hair

Similar to mirroring, playing with hair may be a conscious or subconscious from of flirting, only instead of just being a sign that she finds you intriguing, 

This one is a much stronger act of real flirtatious attraction taking place. Because according to psychologists, playing with hair is actually an example of ''preening, Which is another way of saying she's trying to look good for you. 

11. Mirroring 

What makes mirroring such a powerful giveaway is that 99% of the time, it's a completely involuntary sign of real interest that she just can't help but do. 

People subconsciously mirror each other as a way of showing familiarity and trust. So if you spot her subtly copying your body language or movements, it could be an early sign that she feels comfortable with you and wants you to feel the same. 

Those are the 11 powerful body sign language sings that shows she likes you and 1 you should never want to see. 



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