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Tips to impress a girl you like, Relationship advice for men.

Tips to impress a girl you like

Tips To Impress A Girl You Like. RELATIONSHIP ADVICE FOR MEN. 

8 ways to make a girl addicted to you most men believe it has something to do with luck money or excellent looks this couldn't be more untrue

It has nothing to do with your credit card your biceps when it comes to making a lady addicted to you. What about luck?

don't make me laugh it all comes down to doing the right things saying the right things. And comprehending what motivates women to devote their lives bodies and souls to a guy one 


Allow her to make assumptions about you don't come across as a nice person because many women seek such difficulties. 

So in order to make her addicted to you, you don't need to always do things that she is aware of here's a word of warning. Though you should not give the impression that you are insane, also make yourself difficult to obtain but not impossible you'll need to work on your sense of humour in order to complete this task.

2. Make an Emotional Connection with Her. 

Women unlike men are emotionally weak, this means that their feelings for you are really important to them as a result if you want her to get addicted to you, you'll need to establish a deep emotional bond with her. 

This can be accomplished by providing her with a highly exciting experience that she will never forget, makes jokes act ridiculously and so on. 

3. Create a Strong Male Mentality. 

Demonstrate to her that you are a true man and that you are and that you are superior to her, when she's around you your body language is crucial. 

Make it difficult for her to read your thoughts and behaviours DEVELOPING A powerful male attitude in this situation entails being unpredictable to her by not revealing  your next move in her eyes and mind this will make you stand out. 

4. Loyalty. 

Everyone knows how difficult it is to find loyalty these days especially in guys so if you can project charisma and back it up with loyalty and faithfulness to stick with her exclusively.

You can bet she'll be locked down with you man women are more trusting. And they are often eager to love with everything they have and loyalty is one of the things that ensures them that they are not making a mistake by giving you everything they have. 

If they can figure it out the chanses of them leaving are slim. 

5. Demonstrate Your Confidence to the Girl. 

If you want to get a girl addicted to you. You must be confident in your abilities a girl can tell when a guy is scared and it doesn't appeal to them and it's also not addictive. Confidence is a skill that may ,be acquired over time. 

If you want to be self-assured you must first let go of your uneasiness and shyness, simply go out there and flirt with everyone you can. And your confidence will build over time, you see you have to fake it until you make it when it comes to confidence. 

6. Be Self- Sufficient . 

No female wants a guy who is reliant on others for everything independence entails the ability to do whatever you want, whenever you want when you become self- sufficient it provides you a boost in confidence and shows the female that you can look after her. 

Being self -sufficient is like being a free bird you are not bound by anything or anyone and the girl notices this and has drown to it. 

7. Make the Most of Your Appearance. 

Don't worry I'm not referring to your physical appearance in particular it doesn't matter how attractive you are what counts as how you present yourself always remember that a well- dressed. 

Gentleman is more appealing than handsome destitute man so get dressed up put on some nice shoes, arrange your hair and spray yourself with some perfume. After that see how the world responds to you differently and how your confidence rises. 

8. Make Her Addicted with Dominance. 

Are you interested in learning how to make a girl addicted to you, then be a dominant like a lion women are weary of feminized guys, 

Smiling like retards in front of the camera while carrying a bottle of soya milk.

That isn't what ladies desire, I'm talking about enormous muscles and Santa Claus beards when I say women prefer manly men. 

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