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10 Signs She is not into you, Relationship advice for Gentleman,


Sign that she does not love you


Isn't it frustrating when you don't know if she's into you at what point do you realise your pursuit just might really be a wild goose chase that's why its so important that you read this message because I'm going to give you 10 signs she's not into you many guys spend a ton of time wasting their energy in a girl who has no absolute interest in them. 

We've all been there girls can be so cruel when they string you all along to be fair they may have tried to tell you indirectly. 

Hoping you'd get the hint you're probably looking back on old text messages or you have thoughts trying to analyse every situation to make you feel better or even get your answers and now you've found yourself here. 

And you might be starting to realise the girl of your dreams may not be that into you I'm here to help you decide if you should take the high ground? and bow the chase gracefully. 

1. Doesn't Reply,

She doesn't reply to your messages she might not always have her [phone but that's highly unlikely you literally sleep with our phones right next to us and even if she responds she gives you an excuse, like I've been busy I'm sorry.

And the list goes on save your face and quit while you're ahead 

2. One Word Answers.

Does she talk or text you like this dude girls love to talk if your back hurts because you're lifting the conversation, she's not into you consider this red flag and stop its not worth. 

3. Flakes on Plans

So let's say you ask her out and she agrees to go out but if something else comes better she will cancel plants with you, 

Sure things happen again maybe you've actually come up with a plan together to go out but it never happens she then becomes indecisive and eventually she stops responding to you.

4. Substitute Person 

She texts you one day and plans something last minute this happens too often with a girl who wants a little attention from a guy. 

She knows she can get it easily from she doesn't feel like being alone or her original plan was cancelled she basically doesn't see you as a valuable person in life. 

5. Calls you A Friend 

She Casually talks to you and she tells you you're such a good friend what's worse is she might even call you mate or bro which can really murder you inside whenever a girl uses this loosely around you. 

It means she sees no absolute physical connection with you also if she introduces you to her friend well that's really  how she thinks about you. 

6. Doesn't Want you Too Close. 

She doesn't want you to close to her, when you'r with her how does she respond to your presence. If she likes you her body language will be open, she'll get close and her face and body will face towards you. 

If she's not into you she'll keep a little more distance between yo two. If you get too close she might face a way to signal that she doesn't want you getting too close and if you do get close she'll pull away or look uneasy if you notice she's uncomfortable. 

Give her the space she wants so she'll feel safe around you 

7. You'r Hot, She Cold. 

You're hot she become cold, even though it seems women are cold- hearted at times they don't like to explicitly reset guy so she'll go easy on you. 

And be indirect about it when you says is pretty. She denies it and changes the subject when you make a flirtatious comment she says something vague and brush it off when you ask her out for a coffee she's busy right now maybe next time. 

Which means never you might as wee wait for the rapture if she's making unclear responses it means  she's hoping you'll get the hint. 

8. Never Initiates Contact. 

She's just playing hard to get she wants me to chase her or so you think bro this isn't the renaissance and you're not sending pigeons it's not hard to send a virtual message although sometimes the girls wants you to make the first movie in rare cases she might even test you to see if you will text her if she doesn't send you a text for a day or two but bro the mind job is not worth it. 

If you always have to make the first move it's because the doesn't think you're a boyfriend material 

9. She Cut Eye Contact. 

When sees you women are always aware when someone enters the room it's a primal thing when a girl likes you her will be glued to you for a few seconds when you enter the room on the flip side. 

When she instantly looks away or leave the area, just as you arrive it's probably not just a coincidence . 

10. She Just Doesn't Care About You. 

This should be obvious but many guys take this as a challenge thinking she's giving them a test but there's a big difference between playing Koi and .not caring about you  she won't open up her personal life to you won't listen well to you by not asking follow - up questions.

And she won't tell you if she's sad or bummed out because if she likes you she's hopping you will cheer her up a girl who doesn't like you won't look for you. 

For emotional support realising the girls you like doesn't like you back is a hard thing to swallow let be honest it's one of the most challenging things you have to accept when someone else isn't attracted to you. 

You feel rejected humiliated in that inner voice telling you aren't good enough but don't worry it doesn't last forever, you can't force someone into you liking you back no matter how hard you try. No matter how hard you try, no matter how much of  a nice guy you are. 

At the end of the day it's better that you know the truth and move on quickly to someone else that likes you back.

Thank you

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