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Amazing Details in the black panther 2, Black Panther 2 Trailer wakand forever, Five details.


Top amazing details in Black Panther 2 Wakanda Forever


He's fine he's come to the surface World welcome to watch Mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top five amazing details in the Black Panther wakanda forever trailer for this list we're looking at the most exciting moments plot points and references that appeared in the First full preview for this highly anticipated sequel. 

If you aren't caught up with every MCU phase 4 project beware of minor spoiler ahead which character are you most excited to see more of in Black Panther Wakanda forever let us know in the comments below. 

5. Nomar takes flight as a mutant only the most broken people while the first teaser for the second Black Panther movie only hinted at Neymar's ability to fly the full trailer, finally gave us a glimpse of what it will look like when he takes to the skies. 

Although the wings are a bit smaller that Heroes like Angel they still seem 'capable of taking him everywhere he needs to go his epic flight scenes also back up the reports that the character is a mutant within the Marvel Universe he and his fellow aquatic followers have tons of unique abilities however Nomar notably stands. 

Apart from the rest of his kind by having a mutation that enables him to fly including this detail in the Marveel Cinematic Universe allows him to join the ever-growing club of mutants in the MCU Kamala there's something different in your genes like a mutation, outside of Kamala Khan we know that wolverine and Deadpool will be coming to Earth 616 in the next years and Since Craig Hollisaka Mr Immortal was a mutant in the comics. 

It is possible that the goofy she - Hulk character is also one in the live-action Universe. But none of them seems to command the army or have a fraction of the resources that Namor does if no other mutant steps up the Aquantic hero may rise as the de facto leader of the mutants in the MCU. 

4. Introducing A New GOD. 

Baku let's us know in the trailer that Neymar's people often refer to him by an intimidating and divine alias do not call him general or King they called him, the feather serpent God. 

Although there are several stories about the deity kudu; Khan and Mesoamerican folklore,  there is one particular detail that could prove that the God is actually present in the MCU. Several myths hint that this Divine being has ability to cause earthquakes.

During Avengers end game Okay notably points out that there was a seismic event underwater near wakanda it was a mild subduction under the African plate do we have a visual how are we handling it although this line could have just been a clever way to hint at Neymar's arrival in the MCU. 

It could also be a sign that the original kukul khan is still round phase 4, project like Moon Knight and love and thunder have confirmed that there are tons of gods in the universe. 

So it's not far-fetched to think that namor's namesake might be around too the chances that we'll get a battle between kukul khan and the panther goddess boss are probably pretty slim. 

But even if they don't clash like deities and Moon Knight did it seems like a sure bet that the universe is expanding its Divine roster. 

3. The rise of Riri Williams AKA iron heart, 

Fans have known for quite some time that Riri Williams would make her live-action debut in a shiny suit of armour in Wakanda forever however this trailer promised that we might see more of her Origins that we anticipated. 

Traditionally the extremely intelligent Williams grew up in Illinois while the teenager is attending Tony Stark's alma mater MIT. 

She manages to create a working Iron Man suite this incredible action paves the way for Riri to meet Avengers become the superhero Iron heart and fight alongside the Earth's Mightiest Heroes call me iron heart. 

The trailer hints that we'll visit her hometown by featuring a car with an Illinois licence plate instead of MIT it appears that she'll build her first suit in Wakanda and it looks like Riri will definitely into battle with some Wakandan heroines even before the official iron heart series airs on Disney plus in 2023. 

It looks like we'll learn a lot exciting things about this young genius. 

2. Namor has Ward with Wakanda Before,

We know what you whisper today there have been several points in Marvel history where Nomar was one of Wakanda's biggest threats. 

But the trailer seems to be borrowing imagery from the time the Aquatic character clashed with the African notion in Avengers vs X-Men. 

During that storyline Namor and several other mutants decide to take Earth's Mightiest Heroes off the board when the Aquatic Royal learn that several, Avengers are stationed in Wakanda he attacks the nation with a giant wave.

The trailer mirrors this event by showing a torrent of water flooding the main throne Room although we don't think he's leading that group of mutants we mentioned in this film it's clear that he's not afraid to attack the powerful nation. 

It's unclear exactly what sparked the epic war between the two sides but we know that neither Nomar nor the wakandans will ever back down from a fight. 

1. A Heroine becomes the Black Panther at the very end of the trailer. 

We got a breathtaking Glimpse at the person who will take up the mantle in the wake of t'cholla's tragic passing show them.

The new suits design heavily resembles the outfit that Cherie wore when she became the Black Panther in the comics so the appearance of the suit in the preview seems to confirm that her live- action counterpart will indeed carry the mantle going forward. 

Having Cherie become the next Black Panther would mirror comic story lines and line up with reports that her character will have more screen time in the movie however if Marvel wanted to throw us a huge curveball it could be revealed that either General okay or Nakia. 

Are underneath the mask but no matter which character ultimately takes up the claws the trailer. 

Let us know that the next Black Panther will definitely be a heroine.

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