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How to calculate safe period, avoid pregnancy, Menstrual cycle fully explained.


How to avoid pregnancy


Hello I know you must be one she wanna be going to see Today and I go to guess what to say one two three four 5678 19 oh I'm good. 

This is something is one if you are a lady if you Young combo if you man if you like Girls, This Post is for you because I say Gil you have to know how to calculator. 

So if you are a gal if you are a kill at all this Post is for you. 

Today right so from today I was that county see you nest Mrs dat void my cycle so die fasting is the new house Trondheim. 

Walk the day One test date you so miss is that is your day one city, 

So when you calculate this the intake that gives you your normal Psycho and where you know your number psycho it's we help Beauty Compilation safe build and your unsafe pure. 

So today I love use in the twin to get this cycle for lady for young girl that have this is cycle it's website for you want others can also applied these in uptown non fully way the cycle. 

I'm gonna be use into it this Psycho and this is My calendar going to be using this is what this is my babe calendar, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, cycle. 

So what you do not this is 228/ for you I think that's All I have to shave when it's Comes to Capaldi of myself what I want you to do for means but if you know you're not frights is Down oh My good in your calendar Then sue your mister also mark that in your calendar. 

Psycho when you know your Psycho that's not to One' this is your body by soon. Now Give us. that's Happy Birth and you in fit now pure I don't even get on. 

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