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Powerful motivation speech, Save you time and be successful, Save time and money

Powerful motivation speech, save time and be successful


Put yourself and your best into what you do and change your words remember there's no extra time therefore whatever you do now do it the best way, the first time success is waiting for the man who says yes to success. 

Success is waiting for the man who plans for it, who reaches out for it, who says I wake up and he wakes up, who says I'll read this book and he reads it, who says I'll go to school and it goes. 

Success is waiting for the man who makes a decision so time is important, time is important don't spend your time watching television 24 hours a day don't spend your Time watching video 24 hours a day those that you are watching have put their best into what you are watching change the position say to yourself I will be watched. 

There are certain things you must do for all of what we have discussed to be a reality there are things that are not in abundant, supply they are limited one of them is save time. 

Save time, Save it keep track of your time, the bible says for us to redeem the time because it says the days are evil you don't have  extra time. 

Life is not a game, therefore make everyday count for your lives some of you here are the best writers in the country but where you writings maybe you are sleeping too much, maybe you are resting too much,  maybe you are playing too much. 

It's time to put your best into that writing let the country read your writings improve yourself everyday introduce something into your life that counts. 

Choose to be a success become inspiring distinguish yourself with character with excellence. If you're a musician be a musician with a different become inspiring whatever yo do do it with excellence become responsible what do you have in yourself. 

There are many who cry for help and because there are no answers to their call for help they feel the pains and the pangs of neglect, No refuse to give-up. 

Believe  in what God made up, God made you  and he never made a failure believe  that God has a  purpose for your life. You may have been born as a parental accident but you are not a divine accident. 

God knew you were coming and he made sufficient provision For you. There's a place for you in the world and I'm helping find that place none of you was born to be a poor. 

You may have been poor but you were not born to be poor you may have been Brought up poor but you are not brought up to be poor. 

Understand this the definition of attitude is responsibility when you become an adult you take responsibility for your future, you can not change yesterday but you can do something today that can change tomorrow. 

It doesn't matter how you were born that was yesterday ti doesn't matter what happened last five years the last 10 years you may not be able to change that but you can reposition yourself today you can make new decisions today. 

That'll change what tomorrow will bring invest in your future refuse to be a mentor hobo, refuse to end your life on the sidewalk. 

Every time  I tell you something I tell you that I believe  in your future there's a reason I believe  in you future I believe that if you hear these words you will act on them and they will change your future. 

Mighty shout of thanksgiving for God's mercy declaring that all was done by grace so they're going to ask you how did you get it done you're going to say by grace grace grace. 

How did you manage ,grace, how did someone like you get that influence grace, how did you come through these doors, grace, how did you connected to so and so ,grace, how did you make it happen ,grace, how did you have so much grace,.  


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