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Death of Queen Elizabeth II, Interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth, Biography, Family, Reign.

Queen Elizabeth II, Death and interesting facts

 Queen Elizabeth II

The 1920s in the years following the first world war king George  v rules the British empire he and his wife queen Mary of popular, rulers devoted to the traditions of monarchy their oldest son is Edward prince of Wales,  a romantic figure Edwin is heir to the throne and the attention of the empire is always focused on him. 

Edward's brother prince George must inevitably live in the shadow of the future king. But Prince George and his wife Elizabeth are a shy couple unaggressive content to stay as much as possible in the background. 

On April 21st 1926 they have a child princess Elizabeth comparatively little publicity will be given to the princess as she grows up, she has royal blood but like her parents it is doubtful that she will play an an important role in the affairs of the British monarchy princess Elizabeth makes her first official appearance in public at a wedding within the royal family says one observer she always does what she is told without constantly asking why, she is very good child. 

But Elizabeth has no idea that within the royal family a series of events is unfolding that will suddenly change her life, 1936 upon the death of king George v his oldest son Edward takes the throne Edward however faces an agonising dilemma, he is in love but against all royal tradition he wants to marry a divorcee from the United States. 

Finally he consults with his mother tells her that he will renounce the crown for the abdicates and goes into exile with his bride. 

1937 Edward's brother Prince George finds himself thrust almost reluctantly onto the throne of England his daughter princess Elizabeth now realizes that her life must change dramatically her father is the king and she now 11 years old, will very likely someday be the queen of England. 

Word War ii Britain reels under the nazi blitz at this time as British children are being evacuated from the bomb - torn cities and sent to the countryside and even overseas fourteen - year - old. 

Princess Elizabeth  makes a radio speech that will forever endear, her to the empire thousands of you in this country have to leave your homes and be prepared from your fathers and mothers my sister Margaret rose and I feel so much for you, as we know from experience what it means to be away from those we love most of all. 

All of us children who are still at home think continually of our friends and relations, who have gone overseas I can truthfully say to you all that we children at home are full of cheerfulness and courage and we are trying to to bear our own share of the danger and sadness of war. 

We know every one of us that in the end all will be well for god will care for us and give us victory and peace, and we peace comes remember it will be for us the children of today to make the world of tomorrow a better and happier place. 

Because the royal family would be targets for German bombers, the princesses spend most of their time in Windsor castle far from London, by just staying in Britain however they boost morale they serve as symbols of English defiance. 

May 1945 the war in Europe is finally over when it began Elizabeth was a child who had the affection of the English people she emerges from the war, a young woman who has won their respect in July of 1947 Elizabeth and Philip announced their engagement. 

Elizabeth is 21 years old for a decade she has faithfully played her role as princess, now she takes her next important step, her marriage to Philip it is the most resplendent royal wedding in a century even at this moment Elizabeth is aware that  the day draws closer when she will ascend the throne. 

When she will fulfil her destiny and become queen of England 1952 princess Elizabeth and the duke of Edinburgh start on a tour of the British empire there has been some concern because her father the king has been ill. 

But he seems to be recovering and Elizabeth looks forward to her journey then one week later she is summoned home from Africa, her father has suddenly died Elizabeth inscribes her wreath with the words darling Papa, from lillybend an empire mourns the passing of its king in a ceremony rich with a thousand years of tradition. 

England will crown her new monarch madam, will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the peoples according to their respective laws and customs now Philip vows homage to his queen she is revered as a symbol which unites the far- flung British empire royal tradition is the substance  and the meaning of Elizabeth's life. 

And she performs the royal rituals with dignity no matter what the occasion from military parades to command performances, wherever she goes from Africa to Australia throughout the far - flung, British commonwealth Elizabeth is welcomed hailed showered with adulation surrounded by pageantry and cerebral palm and circumstance. 

The woman and the role are perfectly inevitable matched Elizabeth ii queen of the British empire you. 

Who will replace Queen Elizabeth II 

According to our live coverage the throne and new titles will be given to new King, Charles III. the Prince of Wales, her oldest son.

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