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How to set video as wallpaper and lock screen on android and iPhone, Step by step

How to set video as wallpaper in iPhone


Let me show you to set any video up to 30 seconds in length as your iPhone lock screen page. 

Here it's actually a super simple process you just need app and it's the tik tok app its actually the easiest way to do this with tick tock go a head and get it and Let me show you how to do this. 

And if you don't know about tik tok it's completely free so you can get it from the App Store and make an account let me jump in here on tik tok all you have to do is press the plus sign and here you can could either record a video that you want to set as your lock screen. 

How to install tik tok in iPhone

Or you could upload an existing one that's already on your phone I already have one on my phone so I'm going to bring that in here and lets say this is the video I want. 

Now you  could have this up to 30 seconds but you could change the length of the video so if you want to kind of make it shorter you could do that it's kind of an editing  platform here so let's say this is the only portion I want to add.

Press next with tik tok too you have a bunch of options like filters so if you want to make it look better here you could go ahead and add filters. 

And then I'm gonna press next you also have text and stickers and things like that too so you could really decorate this video. 

And on this page what I want you to do is if you don't have an account you probably haven't got to the page yet make sure at some point you make your free account but change this to only me. 

This is going to be completely private so I'm gong to change it to only me turn all this off and then I'm going to post this video. 

Now all I have to do is if I come to this icon right here the lock icon this only Show private videos, so I'm going to click this and then press the three dots right here and we want to go all the way to this thing called live photo we just need to save this as a Live Photo. 

How to save tik tok video as luve photo

So if you save it it's going to convert it and add it to your camera library now exit ticktock go to the setting app of your phone and scroll down till you see wallpaper. 

Select wallpaper and on here I want you to choose a new wallpaper and it's going to be the last video we saved right here that Live Photo so its gonna be under your photos library here select it now with this you could actually zoom in and change the cropping move  and scale. 

And then if you press set you could save it as your lock screen just like that it's gonna take a second and it's set now if I lock my phone and unlock it. 

If I press and hold on this home page the video is going play for up 30 seconds which is very useful so its going to have a live video on your screen on your iPhone.

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