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How to fix this site can't be reached error in Google chrome, Windows step by step.

How to fix this site can't be reached


Hello  blog readers this is chaltrends, most of the Google chrome users must have faced of this issue the site can't be reached some sort of errors but didn't have any clue how to fix it. 

Don't worry I have a fix for you the cause of this error is that a DNS lookup palings of the web page is not available when you try to open any web site or web page you receive this error and it says and I record something like DNS prob finished, don't worry about that. 

In this post I'll give you five different solution and I'm sure that one of which will work for you so what's the video for me here goes the first solution. 


Go to start you hit run select run there you type services and cr - v ICS services dot M SC services dot Emma C there you see a window which lot of things just look for DNS Clank just at be there you see DNS client right click on that and here you see reset option hit preacher.

You can see window is popped up and there's restarted the DNS client now close this reboot your system and see whether your problem is fixed. 


For that what you need to do is to go to control panel there you can see network and sharing centre then you can see change adapting adapter settings click on that, right click the respective network connection  and there hit properties.

You can see client for Microsoft networks queue also a catchy little a lot of things are there just select internet protocol version 4 tcp/ip v4 now you can select properties and there you can see obtain an IP address automatically we don't have to do anything with that now come down and there you can see obtain DNS server, address automatically you think to use the following DNS server address. 

There you type 8 8 8 8 in the organised DNS server box again 8 8 4 and 4 just click on validate settings up on axis exit and then hit ok click close, close everything you can see some troubleshooting window has popped up disclose it reboot reboot your system and see whether your problem is solved or not I'm sure that most of your problems will be solved.


For that what you need to do is go to the search menu in the start there you type c md CMD right click on CMD and you select run as administrator. 

You hit s now follow me you very carefully I'm going to type 6 commands don't worry if you fail to follow me I have copied it in the description box if you have any doubt you can go and press for that, type in the same order as if I am typing ok first IP config - release now he tender you can see a lot of things popped up don't worry about that. 

Then the next one again ifconfig hash all again he tender again lot of things appear on the window don't worry once more IP config hash flush dns FL you b NS flash DNS key to enter again yo can see sexually flushed the DNS resolver caching. 

The next one is IP config hash renew our e n e w it enter ok then you have two more commands it's optional  you type n 80s H space I NT space IP space s ET space dnf2 tender, now the last one is n eth3 at int which we all date type its wing sock wi  n s ol c k space reset ok hit enter ok you can see this message sucks play reset the windsock catalog you must restart the computer in order to complete the reset ok let's close close the window and restart the system and check whether you got your problem fixed. 


I'll show you how to do it take Google Chrome take a new cap there you type as if I am typing c h ro m e chrome then semicolon double hash type flags f I a g s flags again one more hash hit enter you can see a caution message appeared don't worry about it given like careful these experience may by those things don't worry about that to see this on the right side you can see a reset all to default just heat - rays it all to default wait for a couple of moments it will reach every settings to default.

I am NOT resetting it now because I have no problem in this Chrome so please do it and after the completion close Google from taking to reboot your system and checkups your problem is fixed or not after combination of these false solutions till your problem is not fixed now we will move to the final step. 


Install Chrome go to control panel their programs and install a program there you find Google Chrome hit uninstall ok the installation wizard will appear here ok again tick on also delete your browsing data and heat uninstall. 

After uninstalling  go and download the latest version of Google Chrome, ok download the latest version of Google Chrome install it reboot your system and I'm giving you a hundred percent guarantee your problem will be fixed. 

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