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How to identify and fix battery draining issues on Android phones.

How to fix batter drain issues

Identify & Resolve Battery Draining Issues On Android How To}

Hey what's up everybody Today I'm gonna show you how to figure out what's draining the battery on your Android device and give you some solutions on how to fix it. 

All right so I'm going to do this in two stages first I'm going to assume that you're not rooted in which case your options are a bit limited but there are still several ways to identify and resolve battery draining issues then one we've made it through the non root tips I'll go over. Some options for the rooted users out there so first up is. 

Androids battery menu, this is something everybody should be familiar with regardless of your root status depending on your device in your Android version. 

The screen may look a little different and might even be in a different location but for most users start by heading to the main settings menu on your phone or tablet then tap the battery entry and here you'll see a graph that shows your battery discharge rate and beneath that you should see a list of apps in services the entries in this list are ordered by how much battery they've drained if everything is working like it should be screen. 

But lets say that's not the case maybe you have an app listed as your biggest battery drain well if that's what's happening  the easiest way to fix it would be to uninstall the battery draining app that's easy enough just head to the apps menu settings then uninstall the problematic app. 

Battery menu in Android phone, fix battery drain

But if it's a system app you can't normally uninstall those without root well if you have a windows computer I've got an easy - to - follow guide that can help you disable any app without being rooted and but the way all the guides mentioned. 

Here will be linked out at the full tutorial for this one for this one so that also includes any relevant download links for any apps you see here so head over to gadget hackers to get everything you'll need but let's say the pp at the top of your list is one you installed yourself. 

But you can't  live without it consider restricting permissions for this app things like wake lock - in start on boot are two permissions that will kill your battery I've covered an app called you you app purifier that will let you remove permissions for apps yo've installed yourself. 

So that should should be a big help in this regard on a related note one of the biggest battery killers on Android  is the facebook app if you have that installed and its near the top of your battery list I could understand if you don't want to be cut off from the world's biggest social network but that doesn't mean you have to use the official facebook app. 

For one you could just use the mobile site but that's not as fluid of an experience as an app would provide so if you want to use Facebook with an app that doesn't drain your battery as much as the official client you should check out tinfoil for Facebook it provides a nice front end for the web version of Facebook that doesn't hold weight blocks or start on boot so it should save quite a bit of battery life. 

So to review the stock battery menu is the best way to identify battery troubles without being rooted and once you've found any apps that are draining too much. Battery YOU can either uninstall them disable them modify their permissions or replace them with a more battery friendly version.

But for rooted users you have a few more options and some of these don't require that you sacrifice any usability the main point of emphasis if you're rooted should be wait clocks . 

These are requests from apps that  prevent your phone from sleeping so that the app can sync data or post notifications really though wait clocks are a necessary evil but some Apps requests way too many and this of course leads to unnecessary battery training. 

So to figure out which apps are the worst offenders on your device I'd suggest downloading an app called wait clock detector there are similar apps like better battery starts that would work just the same.

This is the best free option in my opinion the developer recommends that you have at least 90 percent battery life remaining before you run clock detector for the first time.

If you're in a pinch though you can simply reboot your phone immediately after installing the app but once you've got it all set up give the up as much time as you can for it to accumulate data eventually you'll start seeing apps pop up in this list and they're ordered by how long they've held weight clocks. 

This will obviously vary from device to device but some of the most common offenders in this list are Google Play services Google search and of course Facebook.

So when you figured out which apps are holding the most weight locks you have a few options first you can always uninstall an app if your rooted something like titanium backup would help with that but if have the expose framework installed. 

There's an awesome exposed module that can help quite a bit without having to remove any apps it's called amplify and it works by limiting the amount of weight locks that an app can set in a given frame so you can continue to use the app like normal. 

But it won't train your battery nearly as much but again I've got all that stuff covered in more detail at the full tutorial, so be sure to check that out in the end I hope this video helps learn a little bit about what's been draining the battery on your Android device. 

And maybe even helps you solve some of your biggest issue so we'll see you again next time folks but until then happy gadget hacking. 

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