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How to fix WhatsApp not working, not opening and unfortunately stop problem, Step by step with photos.


How to fix WhatsApp not working problem

How to fix WhatsApp not working, not opening and unfortunately stop problem. 

  In this post I will show how you can fix WhatsApp not working or any problem. So read this post till the end. 

First of all we will see why your WhatsApp is not working. The first step is go to play store search WhatsApp and check whether there is any update available. If there is any update available then update it after that check whether your WhatsApp is working or not. 

How to update WhatsApp

Now the second step is go to mobile settings scroll down and go to app management. Search WhatsApp application then force stop it and after  that go to storage usage and clear cache. 

1, Open setting scroll down to app management 

How to open settings in Android phone
2, Search for WhatsApp in App management 
Open app info in phone
3, Force stop your WhatsApp 

How to force stop WhatsApp in your phone
4, Open WhatsApp storage 

How to open WhatsApp storage in your phone
5, Clear Cache in WhatsApp storage

How to clear WhatsApp cache

After clearing cache go back and check whether your WhatsApp is working or not. If it didn't work the n you will have to do third step before that I will suggest yo to do backup. I will show you the steps and when you do that you will be logged out. 

1, Open WhatsApp and click the  three dot at the top right corner 

Open WhatsApp settings
2, Open chat 

How to open chat in WhatsApp settings

3, Open WhatsApp chat backup 

How to open WhatsApp chat backup

4, Click Google account 

How to open Google account in WhatsApp
5, Select Google account for WhatsApp chat backup 

How to select google account for WhatsApp backup

6, Allow WhatsApp to access you Google account 

How to allow WhatsApp to access you Google account

So before doing that do backup in WhatsApp then clear data. Now go to data usages and status Go to network permission then select WIFI and mobile data.

Network permission in Android phone

Now go to permission and then allow all the permissions, you can even turn off location and now go back. Now select system application or all application and search system launcher click on it.

How to open WhatsApp permission

Allow all WhatsApp permission 

How to allow all WhatsApp permission


Go to storage usage and clear data then go back and restart your phone once open your WhatsApp Application backup you chat and then it will work smoothly


How to clear WhatsApp data

by any chance if you are still getting problem then click on software update if its available the  you will have to update software 

Sometimes when there is any updates its not compatible to our WhatsApp and that's why we get problem if there is update option available then update it and your problem will be fixed.

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