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Best iPhone helpful tips and tricks that you should know, Coolest things you can do with iPhone.

Coolest things that you can do with iPhone.


From using your iPhone as a scanner to stacking your favourite Home Screen widgets, here are ten helpful iPhone tips you should know. Did you accidentally enter a wrong digit into the calculator? No problem. 

Just swipe left or right at the top of the screen to erase it. 

1. Swipe to erase a digit in Calculator 

Bonus tip: you can copy numbers by touching and holding the digits and then tapping Copy. 

Swipe to delete in iPhone calculator, iPhone tricks

2. Pin shared content in Messages. 

Starting in iOS 15, when someone sends you things like weblike or Apple News articles in Messages, you can pin the content so it's easier to find when you need it. In messages thread, touch and hold the item you want to pin and then tap pin. 

Pinned content will be elevated in messages search, the details view of a conversation, and apps that support shared with you. 

Pin shared content in Messages, iPhone useful tips

3. Stack widgets on your Home Screen. 

Organise your home screen by stacking your widgets. Touch and hold an empty space on your Home screen to edit it. Then, drag one widget on top of another of the same size. You can add up to ten widgets when creating a stack. Tap Done in the upper - right corner when you're done.  

And the widgets will automatically rotate to show the most relevant information  throughout the day. You can also swipe through them if you want to switch to a different one. 

Stack widgets on your Home Screen, iPhone useful tips

4. Select multiple photos to add to other apps. 

Select multiple photos at the same time and then add them to other apps with this Multi - Touch gesture. Touch and hold a photo until you feel a tap and then drag it away a little while still holding it. With a different finger, tap another photo to add it to the stack. 

You can select as many photos as you like. Once you've selected the photos, switch to the supported app you want to share, while still holding the stack. Drag your finger where you want to add them and lift your finger  to drop them into the app. 

Select multiple photos to add to other apps, useful iPhone tips

5. Save time typing with text replacement. 

If you find yourself typing out the same phrase a lot, create a text replacement to get the message across faster. In settings, tap General. Then tap Keyboard and Tap the Add button in the top - right corner and enter a phrase into the phrase field. 

Then, enter the text replacement you'd like to use into the Shortcut field and tap Save. Now, whenever you type the text replacement, the phrase will appear in the predictive text section of your keyboard. 

Save time typing by using text replacement

Save time typing with text replacement in iPhone

6. Open Camera from the Lock Screen. 

You can quickly swipe to open the Camera without even having to unlock your screen. Just swipe left. Got it!. 

Swipe to open camera in iPhone

7. Scan a document. 

Did you know that you can scan a document with the Notes app on your iPhone? In a note, tap the Camera button and tap Scan Documents. Position the document in the viewfinder and it will scan automatically. Repeat the process with a many pages as you can need to scan. Tap Save when you're done. 

Scan Documents in iPhone

8. Use live Text with Camera. 

Staring in iOS 15, you can Live Text to interact with text using your Camera. Just position the viewfinder over a document and Tap the scan Text button in the bottom - right corner. 

You can now interact with the text that appears.  For example, you can Tap select All, then tap the screen to see the editing options again, and tap Copy. Then, switch over to another app and paste the text that you just copied. 

Use live Text with Camera in iPhone, useful iPhone Tips

9. Jump to your first photo. 

In the photos app, if you're looking for the first photo in an album, library, or search results, you can quickly jump to the beginning of the view by tapping the top edge of your iPhone screen. 

Tap the tap button for the view you're in at the bottom of the screen to jump back recent photo.


10. Search from your Home Screen. 

You can quickly access Search right on your Home Screen, and in iOS 15, your Lock Screen too. Just swipe your finger down from the middle of the Home Screen or Lock Screen and a search field will appear 

Type in what you're looking for to quickly launch an app, find a contact, get web search suggestions, and more. 

Gouda Mac and cheese sounds delicious. With these helpful tips, you're on you're on your way to discovering more of what your iPhone has to offer. 


Useful iPhone tips, search from your Home Screen

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