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 Alibaba Cloud-Solution Architect (MNC)-Singapore

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Department: Alibaba Group

Degree: Bachelor

Work Experience: 10 year

Location: Singapore 


Job Description

As a key pre-sales technical position in Alibaba Cloud's international business, the Solutions Engineer/Architect needs to have extensive cloud architecture experience, comprehensive IT knowledge, and industry insight, as well as assume a crucial technical role in helping clients succeed in their cloud adoption. 


The responsibilities of a Solutions Engineer/Architect include Identifying cloud adoption opportunities for MNC, Leveraging Alibaba Cloud's product capabilities and services to help clients and partners design and develop feasible end-to-end cloud solutions, including cloud infrastructure and cloud-based applications and services. 

1. Solutions Engineers/Architects need to closely communicate with clients and empower them with technology to build their own applications and services on Alibaba Cloud, ensuring successful cloud adoption for clients. 

2. As a bridge between clients and Alibaba Cloud's product teams, Solutions Engineers/Architects need to fully understand clients' actual needs, drive product implementation on the client side in the form of solutions, and help improve products.

Position Requirement

1. Strong background in computer science, deep understanding of cloud computing, extensive IT experience, and professional knowledge in computing, networking, storage, and enterprise applications. 

2. At least 7 years of relevant work experience dealing with MNCs, 5 years of enterprise IT architecture design experience, with strong customer communication and customer needs identification skills. 

3. Rich pre-sales capabilities, including proposal, design, architecture design and planning, light consulting, and bid support. 

4. Professional cloud architecture design and knowledge system, familiar with mainstream architecture design methodologies, and capable of designing cloud migration solutions for enterprise customers. 

5. Familiar with mainstream cloud-native technology and microservices framework, with certain business system architecture thinking and design experience. Familiar with mainstream big data and database technology, and have practical experience in one or more industries such as the internet, retail, manufacturing, automotive, finance, and health. 

6. Able to withstand high-intensity work pressure, passionate about work, quick learning ability, and possess good business and industry insight. 

7. Good communication skills and teamwork, proficiency in Mandarin is required as the role will need to work with internal and external personnel in China. 


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