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10 Most dangerous prisons in the. Worst and deadliest prisons in the world.


10 Most dangerous prisons in the world


If you've watched the shawshank redemption you probably have a halfway decent idea about what really goes down in prison. 

There's usually an entire social hierarchy within every facility and the ones at the bottom get the short end of the straw so to speak there's murder rape and attacks on prisoners as well as the guards. 

And corrupt compliance ensures the process goes unchecked here are normal prisons however and then there are incarceration facilities that resemble the most bleak and despairing hell holes you can imagine. 

Here are the top 10 most dangerous prisons in the world 


10 Most dangerous prisons in the. Worst and deadliest prisons in the world.

Bang kwang  Central Prison in Bangkok Thailand has been jokingly referred to as the Bangkok Hilton the prison was built between 1927 and 1931 for inmates sentenced to 25 years to life as well as those who received the death penalty.

According to prison history it's one of the world's most notorious prisons, inmates used to be forced to wear leg irons for their first three months inside which inhibited mobility and was extremely uncomfortable. 

Those who were sentenced to death were required to wear leg irons for the life of their imprisonment until their execution the use of shackles was discontinued in 2013. 

But it's reported that some high-profile and violent prisoners are still kept in leg irons, the prisons has a class system so prisons receive food based on how high or low they fall on the hierarchy while they all receive a bowl of rice and vegetables each day. 

Inmates who want more must have the means to purchase it as a result the wealthier inmates live much better than their poor prisoners.


10 Most dangerous prisons in the. Worst and deadliest prisons in the world.

Home to the most brutal criminals in Russia including serial killers, terrorists, rapists, cannibals and pedophile. 

Black dolphin prison is a Russian correctional facility, guards move inmates between buildings by bending them over grabbing their handcuffed hands behind their back. 

And having them blindfolded so they cannot device escape plans or attack prison staff inmates are only allowed 90 minutes of exercise a day apart from that they are not allowed to lay down or even sit on their bunks for 16 hours of wake time. 


10 Most dangerous prisons in the. Worst and deadliest prisons in the world.

Has been widely criticised for detaining individuals without trial and the routine infliction of torture on inmates, there have been several reports of suicides and suicide attempts at Guantanamo bay.

Detainees have protested against indefinite detention by going on hunger strikes But were force-fed via nasal and rectal feeding which is  another violation of human rights.  


10 Most dangerous prisons in the. Worst and deadliest prisons in the world.

Prison has exclusively housed members of the Mara Salvatrucha gang more commonly known as MS-13. The prison is one off the most violent in the country without a doubt with the governing body being the inmates themselves who are cold-blooded individuals that even the prison staff dare not mess with.

The inmates run their own bakeries and health care centres they're heavily tattooed with gang signs and are constantly involved fights which result in many of the less fortunate being beaten to death. 


10 Most dangerous prisons in the. Worst and deadliest prisons in the world.

Prisonwas built in 1856 and is located in Maracaibo in the state of Zulia in Venezuela over 100 people were killed in a 1994 melee (confused fight) between prisoner gangs that led to a giant fire,  according to Spunk library the facility  was constructed to hold up 800 people but at one point it housed somewhere between 2 500 and 3 000 people according to estimates from the national guard. 

And ministry of justice prisoners are often held in the facility for long periods without conviction while inmates are supposed to go on trial within eight months of arrest some spend years behind bars before getting their day in court. 


10 Most dangerous prisons in the. Worst and deadliest prisons in the world.

La modelo is based in Bogota Colombia the prison consists of two wings the north wing that holds the left-wing rebels, and the south wing hold the right-wing gorvenment supporter the space between the wings is the battle groping where the killings take place in march of 2020. 

A riot broke out within the prison due to fear of the Covid 19 pandemic being spread that riot caused 23 deaths and 83 injuries. 


10 Most dangerous prisons in the. Worst and deadliest prisons in the world.

Carandiru penitentiary is know for its human rights violations it was built in 1890 and became so overcrowded in the 20th century that the prisons created their own rules and took over command from the small number of guards who were employed there.

According to prison history at one point the facility held 8 000 inmates who were often malnourished and received insufficient medical care many had transmittable diseases that spread through the prison population a 1992 prison riot resulted in 111 deaths military police intervened and killed the inmates even those who surrendered. 


10 Most dangerous prisons in the. Worst and deadliest prisons in the world.

In 2015 Italian photographers Valerie Bispuri was granted permission to visit pavilion 5 of mendoza prison in Argentina and document what  he saw behind bars, authorities allowed him to go inside inly after he signed paperwork clearing them of all responsibility for his safety according to the guardian pavilion 5 was known for housing the country's mots dangerous criminals. 

Infact the inmates were so dangerous that guards would leave meals in specific spots far away from the prisoners to protect themselvess the conditions at the facility were so inhumane that the inmates left bisguri alone wanting him to publish photographs. 

That showed the world how awful it was the photographer's risk paid off pavilion 5 was shut down not long after the images were shared publicly. 

2. CAMP 22, North Korea. 

10 Most dangerous prisons in the. Worst and deadliest prisons in the world.

Is known for its prison camps which hold hundreds of thousand of inmates the sites have been likened to nazi concentrate camps according to insider, Only a few escapees and former guards have been able to reveal information about the condition inside.

Camp 22 is one of the biggest and most terrifying in the country according to free Korea and satellite photograph has given other countries some insight into this forced labor camp human rights researcher 'David Hawks talked with survivors

And former guards who explained that a person entering the detention centre would likely be dead or disabled within three months according to former prisoners life is so brutal that 20 to 25 percent of inmates die annually., 


10 Most dangerous prisons in the world, Worst and deadliest prison in the world.

Is one of he deadliest prisons on earth while it was built to accommodate 600 inmates it house as Many as six thousand to seven thousand according to Z news it's so overcrowded that people are forced to stand most of the time because there's no space to sit or lie down 

The conditions are so bad that inmates often get involved in fights to the death even worse there are also reports of prisoners eating the bodies of the dead to stay alive reportedly as many as eight prisoners die each day at the facility, many also have to deal with gangrene (a bacterial infection that causes the death of tissue)

And that can lead the loss of toes and other appendages, the inmates must also deal with feces on the floor and the facility smells so bad you can smell it form a half mile away according to some news. 

One In eight inmates held in gitarama die from disease or violence. 

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