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Top 10 games with the most realistic graphics, Best high end graphics game.

 Top 10 games with the most realistic graphics, Best high end graphics game.

Best high end graphics game.


Hey today we're going to have some fun and talk about 10 of our favourite video game levels and area with almost realistic graphics whether it's through brute force graphical power or a combination of great art visual design just these places and spots really blew us away. 

There are so many more out there though so we'd love to see and hear yours in the comments let's get started.


Top 10 games with the most realistic graphics, Best high end graphics game.

And talk about the opening level of battlefield 1. this prologue level is nothing short of jaw - dropping and I think it might be one of the best things dice and battlefield have ever done from a single -player storytelling perspective they keep it super simple but they give you the real feeling the exhaustion the hopelessness. 

Of war and part of that is thanks to the incredible looking environment, we say this looks realistic and gorgeous but we've never seen anything like this the Great War was unprecedented. 

And so is the battle they're showcasing here in terms of just how destoyed and scarred the land is the mud the water the blood the smoke the explosions the sparks the dead trees the blocked out skies everything is working overtime here graphically visually it's absolutely nuts then of course you translate this area similar to the multiplayer map which I believe is called the saint question scar. 

Or technically in French it would be song called teen, but either way a lot of the areas that battlefield 1 tries to replaced and showcase are stunning. 


Top 10 games with the most realistic graphics, Best high end graphics game.

Let's stick with the war shooter stuff with call of duty modern warfare two things we want to highlight first fog of war this is the first mission in the game and right from the start just the way the game handles darkness and foliage. 

It ;looks like a real photogram the level is kind of a good way of flexing and showcasing right off the bat where they're like that's right you're playing in a new call of duty engine baby. 

But the level just kind of amps up and by the warehouse sequence in the end when the action truly ramps up you just get to see how good this game really looks then in a more subdued subtle way a clean house this is the easy modern warfare sequence where you do the house raid in London it looks realistic 

just because it's a very well designed home it feels like a real place where people live thanks to the visual design thanks to the graphics thanks to the way they handle sound and thanks to the way the people in the house animate it is incredibly gory and shocking but part of that is because it looks so real. 

Also the game just does a really good job with the darkness effects and the night vision google effects it really sells it all completely. 


Top 10 games with the most realistic graphics, Best high end graphics game.

There's a lot of areas in the last of us one and two that are worth highlighting in terms of how real they feel and look but for right now let's highlight the abandoned arcade type area from the last of us part two in Seattle. 

This spot is actually reminiscent of a lot of the areas you encounter in the first game just lived in area like with a bar with a stool foosball tables then the arcade area which is riddled with arcade machines air hockey tables the level of detail is really fun to just stop and slowly walk around and check out and appreciate from dirty stuff on the counters to the actual graphics design of all the logos on the arcade machines. 

And the ski ball machines and stuff like that coupled with the rain and the lighting effects coming  from outside I would say the abandoned arcade and really the whole area you explore on your boat. 

That whole sequence all of that is stunning and comes off very real now over. 


Top 10 games with the most realistic graphics, Best high end graphics game.

Now we can spend a whole post writing about the open world New York city and how accurate it is but we're talking about individual levels and sequences so the one we wanted to highlight today is the grand central station mission you play through this mostly this mostly as Mary Jane and it kind of gives you ground level. 

Look at the area from the shiny polished floors to the big columns to the sense of scale to the cloys to the ticket countertrade as someone who lives in new york 

I can tell you this is a really incredible recreation of grand central station it looks great from the outside when you're swinging around as spider -man but when you're on the ground is Mary Jane in the place like you would be as a real person. 

Hot damn does it look good yes it's definitely modified here and there because of the story scenario and marketing stuff like they can't have the apple store in there for copyright reasons or any of the restaurants or anything like that but still they also;utely sell it it's even more fun when you look back at order spider-man game to feature a mission inside grand central station. 

And you really just get to appreciate how far they've come this thing really looks like the real thing not to mention if you're playing the updated version on PS5 with improved lighting And graphical effects chef's kiss. 


Top 10 games with the most realistic graphics, Best high end graphics game.

Let's talk uncharted first we'll briefly highlight uncharted the lost legacy which is still not talked about enough we'll highlight the first opening area this is kind of like the setup into it's called the insurgency and it has you wandering through an Indian market and city area this is probably the most recent example in a long line of areas that uncharted has just really nailed in terms of bustling markets the amount of people going about doing their thing. 

Very convincing to the amount of detail in the garbage cans the fences the cloth then the detail down to the actual ground floor itself all of it is very impressive on motion and it makes you feel like it's a real lived in place not to mention another thing if we're talking lived in places we gotta give props to uncharted fours chapter four a normal life. 

Nathan drake's house or really Nate and Elena this house just looks like a real believable house it's not often in video games you see a place where people live and you really believe they live here. 

This is this is a regular living room a regular old kitchen it's a little messy the bedrooms are interesting the bathroom is convincing the computers look real on the table it's just tiny little details you wouldn't really think of otherwise that they really nail here. 

And sell yes thanks in part to the graphical engine you know uncharted 4 still really holds up in the graphics department but the graphics and all the detail just make it look so unbelievable. 


Top 10 games with the most realistic graphics, Best high end graphics game.

Let's talk about something more recent call of duty black ops Cold War desperate measures this is the kgs mission this is a pretty massive mission where you go in essential infiltrating the KGB headquarters and the building from the lobby to the hallways everything it just is convincing it feels like a real place down to the polished flors the garbage cans the ashtrays. 

The glass and the windows and the doors it's just really well designed and thanks to the pretty damn good graphics it just looks awesome but it's not until things get dark where you really see just like how graphically insane this area looks when you get down through the security gates and down into the basement down by the furnaces. 

That's where this game looks really stunning and real thanks to the flames from the furnaces gently lighting the place y0u see all these steam pipes cobwebs and just tons of details you would see in big gross industries basement   I know we're just highlighting a basement like it sounds really insignificant But we're appreciating realistic graphics and design here and this is definitely. 


Top 10 games with the most realistic graphics, Best high end graphics game.

Mafia definitive edition another game that on the visual standpoint doesn't get enough love but let's highlight the saint and sinner mission just because it shows you so much and all of it is really detailed. 

And good looking the satan centre mission gives you like the hotel brother area first you get to walk around freely and explore the bar check out all the ladies there's dimly lit corners there's cool classic pool tables. 

The bar looks shiny the foliage in the hotel the plants the floor design the columns everything looks stunning then of course you take to the rooftops and a big action scene and that's where things get even crazier just because you're running from rooftop to rooftop all these rooftops are highly detailed with vents smokestacks crates garbage fire escapes dudes shooting at you debris flying everywhere. 

All while you have this massive city in the background it is pretty damn good looking and again it makes me say like this game gets overlooked a lot but it looks damn good then of course you were taken from there to the church with that whole shootout and the church looks great too. 

The stained glass windows the shine on the floors the quality of the wood all of it the satan centre mission in mafia definitive edition is really just a good showcase of how realistic this game can look. 


Top 10 games with the most realistic graphics, Best high end graphics game.

We have yakuza technically not really like a level but we'll make an exception for this one because it's not really very massive but it is focused they definitely do quality over quantity here the yakuza games have always done that incredibly well and like a dragon is no slouch you have street signs everywhere advertisements bicycles. 

Garbage cans the level of detail the shine on the streets the glow of the neon these games have nailed it for a long time but this new one knocks it out at a freaking park dude especially if you look at it side by side with like. 

The real version of this city and these districts the developers really did a fantastic job here coming down to.. 


Top 10 games with the most realistic graphics, Best high end graphics game.

Level this is a small chuck of a Chinese city just a few blocks and you're doing your hitman thing but it is nothing short of downright jaw dropping I think personally it is the best looking level in the game probably one of the best looking hitman levels ever thanks to all the rain effects the neon. 

The details of the streets the alleys ways the construction scaffolding the civilians milling about doing their thing the dark dank gross interiors this area is firing all cylinders and you believe. 

This is a real place when you walk down those streets when you see people walking around you can see this being a real thing especially if you're playing on PC with all the settings cranked up hitman 3 is really an impressive game when it's running on 11 But regardless of where you play it it's gorgeous. 


Top 10 games with the most realistic graphics, Best high end graphics game.

We have red dead redemption 2 again this isn't an open world video  game so we want to highlight a specific area and we think one of the best showcases of the game's realistic graphics is Main Street sodden, this street is nothing short of jaw dropping whether you play it 

Bright in the sunlight of the day or late at night by lamplight this main strethc of the area shows you the best the game has to offer an incredibly meticulously detailed turn of the century city with streets cars horses people everywhere balconies businesses real interiors dusty streets animal creatures it really. 

Is truly a sight to behold in motion yes the whole game is of course but like the raw focus on the specific area and  the set of missions. 

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