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Top 10 best places to visit in 2024, Travel ideas.

Top 10 places to visit in 2023


What's up guys welcome to Chaltrends. And as the world is opening up I think we're all excited to travel to some new destinations in the upcoming year, 

So here's my top 10 places to visit in 2024, If you didn't get travel much this last year I hope in 2023 you can safely travel to some new destinations in our beautiful world let's start this Post off. 


In the country of Nepal now nicknamed the roof of the world Nepal is home to eight mountains that are over 8 000 meters high including the world's tallest peak Mount Everest if you do visit Nepal you're probably flying to the Capital City of Kathmandu. 

It's a bustling city place surrounded by the Himalayan mountains famous for its temples and monasteries, now one thing I want to do someday is hike to Everest base camp. 


You can start by flying into the sketchy lulls airport and then take about two weeks to make the round trip journey base camp is up at an elevation of 17 600 feet so it's freaking up there now another magical place in Nepal is called macula baroon it's located in eastern Nepal and it's the world's only protected area with an elevation more than 8 000 meters. 

It's a place where you'll find tropical rainforest to some of the world's highest peaks it's also home to animal species such as the snow leopard and red pandas I mean DePaul s such an incredible country and I hope you all can visit while we're still in Asia we're gonna head over to JAPAN. 


Also known as the land of the. rising sun I have to visit most this year from the snow-covered island of Sapporo to the Japanese alps this island country has so much to offer when you get to Japan you gotta visit Tokyo. 


It's the largest city in the world with a population over 37 million now from Tokyo you can venture about an hour and a half outside the city to visit Mount Fuji this active volcano is the tallest peak in Japan with a height of 12 388 feet. 

It's a perfect cone shape and acts as a sacred symbol for the country. 


Now a great place to view Mount Fuji is from lake kawaguchi you can get a wonderful view of the volcano from there and just an overall beautiful area nearby is the Cerrito pagoda which offers one of the most insane views of this sick volcano. 

6. Saudi Arabia ( RIYADH, ALULA)

Now afterwards we're gonna head over to Saudi Arabia located in the Middle East Saudi Arabia was a rather mysterious country until opened its borders to tourists in 2019 the largest and capital city of Saudi Arabia is riyadh it's a major financial hub and full of fascinating skyscrapers. 

Now one of the most interesting places in Saudi is called ALULA 

It's located in the northwestern part of the country and it's home. to some fascinating rock formations in ancient tombs the area was founded back in the 6th century and just full of so much history. 

Now one of my favourite tombs is called KASAR-AL-FARID or the lonely castle it was carved out of a random rock nearly 2000 years ago and it's believed to be unfinished adding to its mystery after Saudi Arabia we're going to visit South Africa. 

7. South Africa. (Cape Town, DRAKENSBERG)

Now I've been obsessed with Africa lately I think South Africa s one of the best places to visit on the continent, Now South Africa has the incredible coastline of Cape Town to areas where you can see some of Africa's wildlife one area in particular that I find fascinating is called DRAKENSBERG. 

It's the set of mountains on the South Africa Lesotho border and it's home to some insane scenery one of the craziest places is the gala falls with a height of 3000, feet it's the second tallest waterfall in the world the area that it's located in is called the amphitheater and just this bowl of massive cliffs that descends down to the gorge below, I mean what a wild place another destination to visit in Africa is the island of rayon yon. 


Now located in the Indian Ocean Reynolds's is a French territory with some of the most incredible terrain it's a volcanic island and it totally reminds me of Hawaii now one of the most striking features of the island is the volcano called piton de la fronts it's currently one of the most active volcanoes in the world with it's most recent eruption in December of 2020. 

Another one of my favourite places on the island is the cirque de Marat it's this lush amphitheater that was formed from a collapsed volcano the ridges are just insane there region is full of waterfalls and one of my fears is the cascade blanche which descends over 500 meters. 

9. New Zealand

Now after we're gonna head over to the country of New Zealand this last year is hoping it would open its words fro travel but I'm very hopeful for 2022, 

I think it willl be opened in April of this upcoming year now New Zealand is a land full of mountains like Switzerland fjords like norway and landscapes straight out of lower the rings. 

Now New Zealand is made up of over 700 islands but the two major ones are the sorth and the south islands if you're down for some adventure and crazy landscapes I'd say the South Island is where it's at it's home to the southern alps where mount cook, is located it's the tallest mountain in New Zealand and it stands at over 12 218 feet high another incredible spot. 


Is the Milford sound described as the eighth wonder of the world the Milford sound is a fjord that was carved out by glaciers during the ice age it's one of the wettest places in the world and the whole area is full of rainforests and magical waterfalls after. 

We're going to Italy to visit the MAFI COAST I have to say this is one of the most beautiful places not just in Italy but all of Europe the mafia coast is located in southern Italy about a three hours drive from Rome, this summer and it was a surreal experience. 

Now one of the most well-known towns on the Amalfi coast is Positano and when you see this place in real life you won't believe it it's hard to beat the backdrop of the mountains filled with colourful villas against the Mediterranean Sea filled with boast, and yachts if you can handle the skinny roads I definitely recommend just driving along the whole entire coastline. 


And seeing all the beautiful towns one notable place on the coast is the city of attain it's one of the best preserved medieval towns on the Amalfi coast one of my personal favourite places on the mafia coast is FIORDS DI FERRIORE, 

This is easily one of the most scenic beaches I've ever been to it's located in this little fjord complemented with an incredible arch bridge and it's a paradise for cliff jumping there's so many places you can jump from the best time to visit the mafi coast will be around may or early fall you'll be able to miss the summer crowds while still enjoying the warm mediterranean weather. 

While you're on the Amalfi coast you might as well venture off to the island of capri just as short but right away as one of Italy's most beutiful islands after Italy we're gonna head up to the Swiss alps. 

Now I have to say the swisssaps are one of my all-time favourite regions in the world they're just something magical about the massive mountains incredible landscapes and history that exists. 


There I think Switzerland is the most well-run country and you know what I mean when you visit. I mean everything is just perfect now one of my favourite places in the Swiss alps is Zermatt it's this enchanting village that is overlooked by the daunting matterhorn.

Mountain Zermatt is just a great place to walk around and explore and it's also ideal for so many incredible hikes you can take up the gornergrat railway to get some incredible view of the matterhorn and surrounding mountain. 

Now another one of my favourite places in he Swiss south is Grindelwald it's this idyllic village that is dwarfed over by the massive mount tiger and when you visit the Swiss alps it's just hard to believe these places actually exist after Switzerland.,


We're going to visit the country of now this is another destination I really wanted to visit in 2024 but sadly it was close for most of the year but thankfully it is opening up his borders now Norway is easily one of the most beautiful countries in the world it's home to incredible fjords. 

And jacket mountains one of my favourite regions is northern Norway it's home to the impressive lofted island are located in the arctic circle they stay relatively warm and almost feel like a tropical island with its pristine beaches in clear water While you're there you can play soccer on the field in kenning's bar or drive down to the fishing village of thine.


Now another one of my favourite places is Senja it's located in north ll futon and it's home to one of the most impressive sea mountains, I've ever seen if you come in the fall after September you might get lucky and see the aurora borealis after we're gonna head over to Portugal's archipelago of the Azores. 


Now located in the middle of the Atlantic like none other they remind me of a hybrid of New Zealand and hawali with it's rolling pastures and green scenery I mean basically a real life tele tubby land.

Now the largest island on the Azores is sal Miguel one of the most stunning places on the island is the ALGAE DA SIRES. 

Now it's a twin lake situated in the crater of a volcano now just above it is the Santiago lake that's also incredible. 


Now another peculiar place on the Azores is the islet of villa franca it's this tiny triangle -shaped island with almost a perfect circle in the middle you can take a turbo out there or if you're brave enough you can kayak to this crater island. 

And swim that little circle anyways the Azores sure are a little piece of heaven in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean well that is it for my 2023 travel guide. 

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