Top 10 best online games you should play in 2023.


Top 10 best online games you should play in 2023


Hey guys Chaltrends here! I hope you're doing great and if you're looking for some good online games to lay with your friends with voice chat on or with randoms that you muted because you're sick of hearing them trying to eat their mics. 

Then you've come to the right place because today I'm gonna show you the best online games of 2021 and 2021 and without further Ado we're starting off strong because the first game I'm gonna show you is


Which is a 5v5 team based game that came out a few weeks ago it looks great it's extremely well optimised and it's pretty fun to play even if you suck at aiming because it's got plenty of Heroes that are divided in three cases tank damage and support. 

So you could basically pick a medic keep helping a good player and get them easy assists and the game has cross-play support.  

But overwatch 2 is so similar to the first one it feels more like an update than an actual sequel I mean that's why there released it for free. 

Now let's move on to a game that's not free but its definitely worth playing because at number 

Overwatch 2 game


An asymmetrical 4v1 game where you can either play as a new ghostbuster recruit which as you can see is in first person view or you could play as the Ghost and halt the building from a third person perspective you can terrorise civilians hunt objects. 

And even possess them and that's sick watch out not to get spotted by the Ghostbusters though because they have a ghosts meter and they can also place the trap and use their proton pack to capture you Ghostbusters spirits unleashed support cross play the graphics are good and you can definitely play it with bots. 

If you want to but they're really dumb so it's far from being as exciting as playing it with real people plus I think the game needs some more content. 

Ghostbusters, Spirit unleashed game


Chivalry 2, is exactly what you need it's extremely fun to play and easy to get into the graphics are just okay which is a shame because it could have looked breathtaking by the way if the first person view isn't your thing you can also play the game in third person. 

So you can obviously choose a melee class if you're a real man and you want to have some sick close range combat or you could play as an Archer and get some easy kills while hiding like a little. 

Now for those of you who are into this stuff there is also mordha which is already available on PC and coming to console soon. 

But if you're not really into this medieval and you want something more modern then you should check out. 

Chivalry 2 game


Instead see what I did there no but in all seriousness even though I'm usually more of battlefield guy because I love destructible environments I have to say Modern warfare 2 is extremely enjoyable to play especially if you like emptying clips into other than its cinematic action-packed campaign. 

It's goy tons of game modes ranging from ground war and prisoner rescue to the more classic team deathmatch and it's even got the third person view mode. 

Now for those of you who don't like first person shooters if you're still on the fence though or even worse if you're a broke as then just get war zone too spiking of free to play games the fifth game I want to show you is. 

Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2 game


Aka Super Mash Bros but without the Nintendo characters you can have some 1v1 2v2 or 3v3 for all action with randoms or even better with friends personally I played the game with randoms, first and then I teamed up with my friend and as you can see we beat the out of people and since we're talking about co-op at 



I don't know if you heard of it but it's been in early access for a couple of years now it's finally getting a full release and that's why it's on my list because python mutated dinos with friends is fun. 

But the early access version is so bare bones it gets old real quick luckily the full realest adds a new biome new missions and new dinosaurs. 

So if you you're on PC or Xbox you might want to check out second extinction but if you're not into killing dinos and you'd rather fight demons then 7th game on my list might be for you. 

Second Extinction game


Could have been an awesome single player horror game but instead they made the 4v1 online game where you can play as a survivor without the three friends and work together or you could play as the candarian demon said some traps scare the out of the survivors possess them. 

And even turn them against each other needless to say play evil dead with the right people and you'll have a blast so if you're looking for something that's somehow similar to dead by daylight or Friday the 13th then go ahead and give evil dead a shot. 

Now the next game on my list is the must-have aliens fire team elite, 

Evil dead game


So the real game I'm gonna show you is nark blade pint which is a 60 player PVP battle Royale game with martial arts melee and ranged weapons it's unique and it's got plenty of fish issues. 

So I'm not sure it's actually worth 20 bucks because in my opinion it should be free to play like most battle Royale games but hey I got it through game pass. 

So I can't complain plus the game is far from being perfect but the jiggle physics are dope anyways let's take a look at the night game on my list. 

Naraka BLADEPOINT game

9. FIFA 23. 

This one is for those of you who like sports games I picked Fifa 23 but in your case it could be NBA madden or whatever and no you're not looking at FIFA 22 or FIFA 21 come on guys cant's you see that the grass is different no seriously it's basically the same game with updated Roasters well at least this one's got tons of content. 

But you really have to watch out because ultimate team is so addictive you'll spend your weekends breaking controllers last. 

FIFA 23 game


But not least battlefield 2042 came out in a rough shape it had horrible performance laggy servers and an incredible amount of bugs. 

But several updates later and more specifically since the season 1 update dropped it got so much better the new maps are great although sadly this battlefield really doesn't focus on destruction like the previous ones did plus it has operators instead of the old class system. 

But it's still fun to play and you can get I for sure cheap now so if you like what you see and you have a chance to grab a copy for 30 bucks or less go for it and that's gonna be it for the best online games you should play right now. 

Battlefield 2042 game

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