Top 5 food that can help lower cholesterol.


How to lower body cholesterol


Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States it claims the lives of 600,000 Americans every year nearly 25 percent of the deaths in the country overall.

So over the next few days  we're going to share foods that will help you with your heart health and this morning five foods that are going to lower your cholesterol. 

When you think of the numbers which are pretty shocking more 70 million American adults have too much of that bad kind of cholesterol in them right? if you can imagine 

Cholesterol is a waxy like substance and it's produced by our liver and really we need some cholesterol some is good and what if our bodes to thrive but when we eat a junky a diet that is super high in saturated fat trans fat. 

And sugar right it then prompts our liver to make way too much cholesterol and then let me show you what happens then so then that cholesterol travels throughout the body it goes throughout the body it picks up all sorts of inflammatory substances. 

And it dumps itself into the artery walls as plaque so look at all this plaque yellow buildup if you have an artery that looks like this throughout your body or artery is plural that looks like this you are at high risk for heart attack and stroke. 

Let's move on to some foods that are going to help us so this is the good news there's a lot of foods that can help you lower your numbers we're gonna go through five of them apples are up. 


Are a nutritious a nutrition powerhouse when it comes to lowering your cholesterol because they contain a carbohydrate called pectin and the pectin is hidden and buried with within the skin other fruits like bananas and melons they have kept them within their skin too. 

But we don't eat the skin and that's why apples have an advantage and this pectin latches onto cholesterol and helps to flush it out of your day so important do not peel your apples before you eat them and look at this for Super Bowl. 

What do you think Apple nachos we got some baked apples as well the guys are saying no but it may say delicious right another suit good food at lentils. 


  • Contain Fiber, Protein & Healthy Replacement For Fatty Meat

So lentils definitely deserve some love they've got two reasons why they to lower cholesterol, 

- They are brimming with fibre one cup of cooked lentils has 16 grams of fibre Jota that's minute same amount. 

- Fiber helps to Mal absorbs and push 

Let's roll out the other thing to think about is because it's so rich in protein when you serve up lentils like a lentil soup where these are lentil sloppy joes you're displacing a fatty beef at that meal that has a lot of saturated fat. 

So this is a win-win for your arteries love my guacamole love avocados but everyone says they're high in a lot of things that maybe aren't great for you but it's the good kind of fat. 


  • Contain Fiber & Heart -Healthy Fat, Lowers bad cholesterol & Raises good cholesterol

So their caloric so you have to watch the amount but these things not only do they taste good they have medicinal effects and they can lower cholesterol. 

- It's the fiber thing again bt they also have monounsaturated heart-healthy fat one particular called beta sit testosterone and than helps to increase the good cholesterol And to lower the bad cholesterol. 

So I love these avocado to shrink and look how cute your toes tons of talking for the last two but so great because it has a fermented soluble. 


Contain soluble tuber to help minimise cholesterol Absorption. 

Fiber called beta gluten and that also helps to form a gel like a cholesterol magnet and flushes it out of your system you can end both taste this this is a smoothie raw oats I put right in it's on the website isn't that delicious things like bananas too there's banana in it there's strawberries in it. 

You can also make oat flour by just pulsing oats this is an overnight chocolate banana finally Chia seeds.


Contain soluble fiber & Omega 3 fats to improve cholesterol levels 

Must be is everywhere you trichina sprinkles literally they increase the health quotient of anything that you put them on. 

And they don't have a taste so people can't not like them so you can put them in a smoothie if you want or this is a lemon vinaigrette and the cool thing about chia seeds again it has that soluble fibre. 

But they also have omega-3 fats which not only drive down cholesterol but triglycerides as well all good advice it's gonna be a good series choice 

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