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Top 10 young billionaires in the world, Young and Rich

Young Billionaires


They're young they're rich and they're ready to take on the world. And today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 young billionaires before we begin we publish new content every day. 

So be sure to subscribe and follow our blog for this list we're looking at men and women who became billionaires whey they were still quite young the focus is less on their current age and more on when they joined the exclusive bee club please note that we've tried to make these figures as accurate as possible. 

But can only report on the estimated numbers that have made publicly available. 


You might not recognise his name but you've definitely heard of his company lekars ik along with Brian cheeky and Joe Gebbia two other members of the billionaire boys club founded the hospitality service airbnb in 2008 since then the company has made tremendous strides helping people from around the world find places to stay for relatively low costs well chars expert as airbnb chief technology. 

Officer a hole that's made insanely wealth until 2017 when he became chief strategy officer the Boston native has a net worth of 3.8billion dollars as of september 2017 with that kind of money the chars ik can sleep in pretty much any bed he wants though he surprisingly calls. 

San Fransisco home.


This wealthy Norwegian can thank her family for the majority of her net worth but she's Cleary got the business smarts to maintain it in 2014 Karolin hagen Chios became chairman of kana a holding company headquartered in Oslo Norway the company was created by her father stein Erik hagen as a way of managing funds for the family numerous business ventures Katrina a long with her two siblings each owned 30% of kana enough to make them all quite rich in fact Catalina hagen Chios. 

Is worth 2.8 billion dollars and is still in her early 30s not too shabby. 


Since 1968 enterprise products has been one of americas leading oil and gas companies a member of the Fortune 500 its yearly revenue is consistently in the tens of billions why are we telling you this because in 2010 the company's co-founder dan Duncan passed away and he left a hefty portion of the wealth accrued from enterprise product decades of success to his son Scott the younger Duncan was only around 27 years old when he inherited 3.1 billion dollars from his father.

Since then he's continued to add to his his bank account and through a number of savvy investments is now worth well savvy investments is now worth well over five million dollars. 


Founded in 1839 be brown meddigan is a German medical company that operates in over 50 countries around the world the company is worth billions employed thousands and continues to be owned n part by its foundeders the brown family before even turning 30 years old did victor brown amp to own just under 10 percent of the company enough to make him worth between one point two and one point four billion dollars the mid 2012's.  

Adorn keep an incredibly low profile online perhaps preferring the company of is siblings who each received similar percentages of began Michigan


Knowing that you're the heir to a world-renowned fashion company must make falling asleep that much easier TOM person is a Swedish businessman whose grandfather just so happens to have founded  a little clothing retail company called H&M Gosselin studied at the Met film school in London and works in the film production business Nelson's father serves as H,M chairman and as of 2017 is the richest man in Sweden with a net worth of about 20 billion dollars however his son is no slouch and at age 32 he was worth a very cool 2.2 billion dollars. 


On at 36 years of age in 2017 crayon is worth almost twenty billion dollars making her the richest woman in Asia she's currently the majority shareholders of country  green holdings a property development company in China the company and by extension yang creon. 

Dereves its weather from beoungf one of the largest real estate nice in the world prions studied at Ohio state university before returning to her homeland where her father yang quozhog transferred his shares in the company over to her turning her into a billionaire overnight as vice chairman of the board's Governanvce committee. 

She's proven very deserving reportedly raising four hundred and ten million dollars for the company by selling new shares. 

4. JULIO MARIO Santo Domingo, III. 

Domingo the third besides having arguably the coolest name on the list this young billionaires also happens to have one of the coolest professions Julia Mario Santo Domingo the third is a New York city DJ a job he must be pretty good at because he's worth two point four billion dollars. 

He's also the heir to massive Colombian beer fortune the America can thank his grandfather for his own beer company to SABMiller in exchange for 15% of the purchasing company shares Julio inherited a portion of those shares when he was in his mid 20s after his grandfather died in 2011. 

So yeah now he's billionaire DJ is there anything cooler.


Assuming you weren't born under a rock chances are you've heard of snapschat the social media app quickly became the biggest thing since sliced bread when it was released in 2011 it was founded by Evan spiel and Bobby Murphy with help from reggie Brown they were attending University since then both Spiegel and wealthy with net worths of three and four billion dollars each under Spiegel's direction the company has transitioned from an app to a multinational technology company. 

All four Spiegel reached his 30s this means there will likely be plenty more to come from the self- made billionaire. 


Of all the companies in the world that someone could be an heir to Walmart is probably right up there with the most trust fund babies Lukas has mostly avoided the spotlight the unassuming heir wild an enormous amount of power when it comes to the company his family founded despite being in his early 30s in 2007 with continued voting rights being passed down to him after his father's death though his exact worth is hard to pin down it's been estimated at anywhere. 

Between eleven and twenty five billion dollars. 


Is the enigmatic and brilliant co-founded of the generation defining social media company facebook Zuckerberg along with Eduardo severing who is no longer part of the company but is still worth over nine billion dollars launched facebook in 2004 two quick critical and commercial into one of the most ubiquitous companies in the world posting over 2 billion active users. 

Because of the incredible success that his brainchild has achieved Zuckerberg billionaires in the world at juts 33 years of age he is also one of the richestwith a net worth of more than 67 billion dollars in 2017 do you agree with our picks . 

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