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Top 10 most protected presidents in Africa, African presidents with maximum security.

Most protected presidents in Africa


Every country around the world has maximum security put in place to ensure their presidents go about their duties with a peace of mind most African president don't have the beefiest security in the game but for the 10 African presidents on to this list they are the continent's most protected president. 

Top 10 most protected presidents in Africa tell us which motorcade you think is the most impressive lets begin 


Is now officially the president of guinea as a military officer himself he understands a thing or two about security and so he doesn't give room to any funny business the president of Guinness motorcade is quite the beefy one not luxury wise. 

But combat wise he travels in humbles by land and choppers by air he is shrouded in countless bodyguards who don't blame for the safety. 


The president of Kenya his excellency pro Kenyatta can't be left out of this list if we mention in Africa's most protect president his presidential car is an armoured land cruiser and his convoy is made up more than 10 high-speed Motorcyles several high-speed Toyota suns a Mercedes- Benz x -class and range overswhever he steps out in public on special occasions that warrant him to take on or station duties his entourage of bodyguards s made up of more than 10. 


The president of the republic of Cameron Paul Bia has been ruling the country for a good 37 years it is no surprise his motorcade looks like this he rises in an armoured range of a sentinel which caused over half a milli on special occasions he writes in armoured limousine Paul bs motorcade is one of the toughest in Africa his convoy comprised of high-speed land cruisers and Mercedes bears out in public his car is heavily guarded by a group of specially trained bodyguards who run on foot at both sides of his car in some occasions. 

He is led by a fleet of horses do you think this is an overkill leave us a comment down there. 


The current president of Rwanda Paul Kagame is one of the most outspoken presidents in Africa due to his take on controversial issues Paul Kagame had to level up his security placing him among one of Africa's most protected presidents his presidential car. 

Is an ammo range of a sentinel which caused more than half a million the features of this suv makes it quite impossible to put a direct hate on the president his motorcade is made out of several security motorcycles high-speed Mercedess- Benz land cruisers escalades and many bodyguards flanking both sides of his car. 


The president of Egypt is one of Africa's most heavily guarded leadres he was signed into office in 2014 and has since ruled the country Assam literary man himself he leaves no room for errors when it comes to his security his presidential car is a Mercedes s-class with a special black . 

Number plate and the fact that his country has one of the best military forces in Africa is enough to guarantee him utmost protection when ,in public he is accompanied ,by more than 10 bodyguards his presidential motorcade always comprises of high-speed motorbike land cruisers and a couple of armoured Mercedes Benz Syrah ramaphosa sire Rama fora the fifth. 


And current president if South Africa is on our list as one of Africa's most heavily protected presidents unlike other presidential motorcades president ramaphosa prefers crossovers to sir-down or suns he uses custom-made bmws with several display riders and heavily armed president guards. 


Being  the president of the continent's most populous nation Nigeria president Bihari safety is the country topmost priority his presidential convoy comprised of presidential motorcade. 

Which is one of the largest and most impressive inafrica president buhari's security is almost impossible to penetrate his motorcade always comprises of his-speed police motorcycles several presidential guards which he takes with him when he goes on official assignment. 

Both in and out of the country. 


He became the third president of Zimbabwe in November 2017. as a result of Zimbabwe's political and civilian race in recent years the need for the president  to be heavily guarded became the topmost priority of Zimbabwe a heavy. 

Security surround the president especially when he is on official assignment both in and out of the country his presidential motorcade also comprised of high-speed police motorcycles while the president himself most of the time rise in armoured limousine flying by many armed bodyguards. 


The king of Morocco Kim mohammed ascended the throne in July 1999 Muhammad's richest president in Africa therefore getting extra security cost him little to nothing while in Morocco the king's presidential car is an armoured Merced his motorcade normally comprised of several Mercedes Benz and range rovers when he goes off-road king mohammed also ammo BMW communication humbles and several high-speed motorcycles. 


Watara has been a president of Africa since 2010 he currently ranks as one of Africa's most protected president ottar can be supported with heavily;y armed security guards each time he goes on officially serving both in and out of the country his sky is also accompliunied by heavily unpresidential guards who follow his vehicle on foot until he gets out f reach of the public water has one of the most impressive presidential 

Model case as his camera comprises of high-speed motorcycles and several armoured lancruzers which follows him wherever he goes now which president do you think has the most impressive security on the list leave us a comment down there. 

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