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Top 10 richest youtuber in the world, YouTube success stories.


Richest yputuber


Lots of people dream of starting a Youtube channel in the hopes of becoming the next David Dobrik or Mr Beast, and it's pretty easy to understand why! these famous you tubers are rolling in money. but just how rich can our favourite e-celebs get off their videos and ever expanding sub counts? the real numbers are sure to shock you, that's why we're about to unload the biggest, richest and most famous Youtube success stories the world has ever seen. 

And you won't believe how much these you tubers are actually making! ready to take a look? let's get it on!

1. MrBeast

Arguably being the investor of the now massively successful genre of videos where a you tubers gives away or spends a ridiculous amount of money to some group of people at just 22 years old, it isn't a great stretch of the imagination to state that MrBeast is one of the most influential figures in the history of this platform. 

Of course, you can't be giving away millions without first having and making millions, and that's what we're all here to hear. Just how much cold hard cash is MrBeast pulling in? 

Well that number's hard to lock down because MrBeast has one of the most successful merchants empires in youtube history, with a recent video of his showing that he sold more than 67,000 limited edition shirts & hoodies within a 24 hour sale. 

At the lowest price, over $2,000,000 made in a day, and the hoodies cost double that amount! with all his insane spending, or giving away $1M CASH every time he throws a competition, we know he's pulling in some undeniably monstrous dough. Still, let's look at numbers from nothing but his YouTube views, because even that fraction of his income is enough to blow your mind. 

In an average year, the main MRBEAST Channel makes $13,860,000, and honestly that's still a pretty conservative estimate. That's more than $ 160 every single minute, talk about making money from your dream!

PewDiePie the undeniable king of gamers and youtube, Felix  Kjellburg is by leaps and bounds the most subscribed to YOUTUBER on the planet. with the incredibly long lasting dynasty PewDiePie's built, it's no surprise that being the only person to ever gain more than 100M subscribers is a very lucrative spot to be in. 

Aside from his personal brand, and his ever-changing high-quality merch line ups Felix drops a different video every single day, usually pulling in between 6 and 10 million views. 

Numbers like that are what let him own homes in both England and Japan, and keep updating his closet full of designer clothes. So what kind of numbers does a channel getting billions of views a year generate? well conservative estimates place PewDiePie's annual ad revenue above $ 12.2M per year! while he isn't quite the type to flex, in a 2019 video where he analysed websites guessing his net worth he claimed that the numbers were. 

Still in the face of his incredible success, Felix remains a humble and relatable guy, and that's exactly what keeps us all coming back for more. 


One of the most famous vlogers in the history of youtube, Slovakian born David debris has done incredibly well for himself at the young age of 24. With multiple channels each boasting tend=s of millions of subscribers, it isn't hard to understand how David keeps surprising his friends with Teslas and Lamborghinis, on top of keeping a $120,000 model X and a $240K Ferrari for his own enjoyment. 

I mean you've gotta have an appropriate couple of luxury vehicles when you're living it up in a $9.5M mansion in the heart of Losangeles.  But how does g=David debris get it all done? 

Well, with an average of nearly 4 million views on his channel per day, it's estimated that Dobrik pulling in around $6.6 million a year from ad sense alone. 

Of course, with status that high, sponsorships and merchandise sales make up a much larger chunk of his true income, so his channel's revenue is probably just going into a hefty retirement account for when his Tesla Model X can drive itself to a mansion on Mars, which I'm sure David will happily be blogging about along the way. 


Dude perfect initially a team of 5 friends with a passion for combining sports and physics, Duude perfect has gone on to become one of the biggest names in modern entertainment. Sitting on a truly unimaginable 53 million plus subscribers, along with multiple network TV shows and several other side projects, after becoming the symbol of trick shots and sports world records the internet is so infatuated with, Dude perfect's audience correctly outnumbers that of the NBA MLB, and NFL combined. 

So with an audience the size of several nations, it's not hard to imagine that their income flows from a huge number of sources, making it hard to track as a whole. BuT JUST Taking a look at some of the ways the Dude perfect team has expended their business, it's clear o see that 53 million subs rakes in some series cash flow. 

With their average 8M daily views the Dude perfect Chanel nets at least $14.22M a year, which means each of the 5 founding members is netting the evarega American salary just about every week. 

Who knows what they'll be putting that money towards next, but if their past is any indicators, we can be confident they'll keep shooting for the moon and beyond. 


Minecraft is one of the biggest games on the planet, being the most watched game on youtube in 2019 and being sold to Microsoft for $2.5B now the question is, who's getting all those sweet, sweet views that put Minecraft at the top of the Youtube most watched list? 

Well, chief among the thousands of Minecraft lets players is DanTDM, the UK based YouTube who set the Guinness record for most views on a dedicated Minecraft channel, with 7.9B at the time of the record, which has since been absolutely smashed, currently standing at over 17B at the time of this  recording. 

Of course, that number climbs every single day, and will likely only increase as Minecraft is't showing any signs of slowing. But by just how many views is Dan breaking his own world Record on the daily? well on average Dan's channel gains 6.5M views every single day, 

Which makes Dan not just the biggest Minecraft yputubers, but also arguably the richest, making at least $17K a day, or a whopping $6.1M a year, and that's just from the views on his channel. 

Add to that his merch lines, brand deals, and live shows and DanTDM has mined some serious diamonds. Jell a YouTube made famous from his beloved video game let's plays of popular titles like GTA and the smash hit fortnite, jelly excitable, relatable personality and love for gaming rocketed him to be a YouTube phenomenon with almost 20M subscribers and climbing. 

Through his popularity since starting his channel in 2014, Jelly's scored a lucrative sponsorship deal with G-Fuel, the gaming energy drink famously associated with PewDiePie himself, and to be signing the biggest youtuber on the platform, you know this company isn't offering small potatoes to the gamers it signs. 

Of course, sponsorship numbers are kept private, so while we can't know exactly what Jelly is raking in from his entire career, a recent estimate placed his net worth around $25M dollars. 

But with our secret knowledge of the algorithm, let's see just how accurate those numbers really are. With the constant flow of gaming videos on Jelly's channel, he reliably about 10M views a day, which adds up to on the low end, about $18M annually from ads alone. 

Markiplier it's easy to forget how huge Markiplier's influence really is with his relatable and comfy feeling small scale gaming and subreddit reviewing content. 

Nonetheless, mark Fischbach is one of the most influential you tubers, not just in the gmmaiing sphere he came  up through but on the entire platform, and with a nickname like red PewDiePie, you know he's gonna be making some PewDiePie-esque gains. 

Aside from the likely hundreds of thousands of dollars channels as big as mark's are a assumed to earn per sponsored video, markuplier launched a high end clothing company called Cloak alongside fellow gaming yputuber Jacksepticeye, a brand targeted at, you guessed it, gamers with over 51M subscribers between them, 27M of which are on Markiplier's channel, cloak has definitely got a huge amount of gamers copping their products. 

But we're here to see what kind of money a 27M subscriber youtube candles makes, so with an average of 6.4M daily views, a conservative estimate is an annual income of nearly $12M! not bad for only being Red pewdiePie that is. 


James Charles has accomplished more than most people could in multiple lifetimes. Besides shaking the beauty influencer can look like to their core, James has created one of the most massive, influential make-up empires the world over. 

In late 2020, James' new sister merch line was shared on social media by the likes of Kim Kardashian herself, just to give you an idea of how big deal this guy really is. 

Add his nearly 22M subscribers on top of all that, and it's not hard to understand that James is pulling in some big-sister bucks. So a purchase like the $7M 10,000 square foot mansion he moved into in 2020 really doesn't seem like too big a splurge for someone of James' caliber. 

So while estimates rank his current net worth at somewhere around $12M, I'd venture to say that's extremely low. With 4M average daily views, his youtube channel alone is generating at least $7M  annually, and that's not including all his major sponsorships, brand partnerships and successful make-up and march lines. 

Having done so much in such a short time, the sisters are all eager to see where James ever-growing success will take him next. 


Is a Texan born youtuber who at the young age  of 22 has already accomplished more than most people could ever dream of. With  a respectable 8.5M subscribers on his main channel, unspeakable, also known as Nathan gets to make a living uploading playthroughs  of his favourite games with his friends together with him make up collectives ''proper Productions''' and The Squad''. 

And with his rapid rise to fame, of course also came the rapid rise to death that one expects from young YouTube royals with 5 different channels each associated with a different aspect of the unspeakable YouTube empire, such as merch toys and of course, let's plays Nathan's generating a healthy amount of revenue for himself and the squad. 

But just how much does a channel like his main one alone pull in? we'll just looking on the lower end, it's safe to safe that the main unspeakable channel makes well over $13M every single year, or more than 1M a month. 

Add onto that his merch lines, sponsorships and all his another ventures, and you could almost say Nathans true net worth is pretty unspeakable. 

7. SSSniper Wolf. 

One of the most versatile yputubers on the platform, sssniperwolf's channel has managed to survive through years of massive shifts in content. Fro gaming videos to reactions and vlogs, snipers wolf has become the queen of almost every niche found on all of youtube with such a long lasting career and her ever present videos on so many topics attracting such a wide, varied audience, ;Lia is as of late 2020 the most subbed female yputuber in the world, with 22M subscribers at the time of recording. 

With a title like that, along with her kid's choice award for favourite gaming youtuber, Lia's sure to be pulling in the big bucks and we're here yo confirm that aside from her obvious sponsorship deals and merch lines that likely make up a large part of her income, the Sniperwolf channel definitely makes a mind blowing amount of money. 

With her average 15M daily views, Lia's channel makes at least $27M annually. That's enough to buy a James Charles mansion every 3 months, or enough to buy 2 Tesla model 3's every single week. 

I guess looking surprised in every thumbnail really pays off! 

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