The most amazing zoos in the world, Lots of animals.


Most amazing zoos in the world


The most amazing zoos in the world there are lots of animals and its almost impossible to know them all I bet you haven't seen a third of the entire animal kingdom in your local zoo. 

Want to meet the coolest and most diverse zoos see them for yourself. 


Welcome to South America this wonderful zoo is located in the city of buenos Aires Argentina and has 37 acres fo forest area and attractions here you can experience the zoo why let me tel you first.. 

This is the place where you can find animals from across the world such as tigers lions cougars camels elephants monkeys bears and more. 

You can also find also many incredible birds like macaws it's open seven days a week form nine until dark, however what's pretty unique about this zoo is that you can enter he cage of fierce animals like tigers cougars or even lions imagine getting in and petting it as it were a kitten cool don't you think. 

Lujan zoo


With an area of 69 acres this is the only zoo in Singapore as well as a great attraction for its over 300 species 16 ,of which are endangered it's one of the most incredible around and stands out for it's white tigers and rhinos if you wish you can have breakfast with oranguktans. 

But only until 9am because orangupvtans wait for no one you'll also see how elephants get baths and even some animals that roam free In this park Ethiopia the great savannah, and the tundra are some amazing environments you'll also see in this place you can walk  take the tram go with the guide or just your camera and you'll still enjoy it. 

Singapore zoo

3. San Diego ZOO

Is located between the borders of two major countries and cultures it's a warm city in Southern California and one of its biggest attractions is none other than its zoo this is one of the most significant zoos in the ,United States and the world and one of the few that hues a giant panda probably the favourite animal of many around the planet it carries an open zoo concept. 

Where no animals are caged and perfectly recreated their habitats with 4 million annual visits it's the visited zoo in the u's you can go by for bus and even cable car imagine seeing all the animals you could think of are you coming to the San Diego zoo. 

San Diego Zoo


There's also a massive and diverse zoo in Central Europe zuberlin is one of the biggest in Germany and holds the world's largest collection of species in a zoo you can even see pandas here their habitats are recreated to perfection. 

It's a pretty popular place I Berlin and the most visited zoo in Europe with 2.6 million annual visits it's always open and waiting for you to come and be amazed for its over twenty thousand animals and one thousand three hundred species. 

Zoo Berlin

5. ZOO New York. 

The city that never sleeps even in the concrete jungle of new York you can find a few blocks of pure nature this is one of the largest zoos In the u.s as it offers 265 acres of natural areas delimited by the box river it annually welcome around 2.    15 million visitors, 

Its noted for its large animal variety over 6 000 animals of nearly 650 species from across the globe you'll have a great time all the attractions inside the zoo and have many things to do within the facility fly around the animal kingdom without leaving the city. 

Zoo New York


Is one of the coolest in the world is it due to the pandas well is it's amazing to see this bear-eating bamboo and know that they're like gods with vip service with an area of 219 acres. 

It's one of the world's oldest zoos and a research center for wildlife it houses more than 14 000 animals over 950 species with 6 million annual visitors it's one of the most visited zoos worldwide it specialises in rare endemic animals of china such as the panda the golden snub-nosed monkey the south china tiger. 

The white -lipped deer and the Chinese goat salamander. 

Beijing zoo


This magnificent and huge zoo and aquarium is located in the cold state of Nebraska in the center of the u.s it's now as an animal conservation and research centre it features the largest cat complex in North America and the world's biggest indoor swamp it also displays several jungles deserts. 

And indoor exhibits that perfectly recreate all animal habitats imagine a zoo in an enclosed area and with an enclosed area and with an aquarium with most of the ocean wildlife on the planet Nebraska will definitely surprise you. 

Omaha Henry DOORLY ZOO


You're now in Africa the wildest continent this place is known as the pretorial zoo since it's located in this city it has an area of 210 acres becoming one of the largest in the world plus it has great reviews there are over 9 000 animal and 700 special within its facilities you can find the most symbolic animals of Africa. 

But also pandas kangaroos and more nothing like being in a modern city full of animal. 

Pretorial zoo


Welcome to Australia you gotta meet the koalas and kangaroos no meter what in the taranga zoo you'll see these animal and many other iconic species of the extraordinary fauna iconic species of the extraordinary fauna found on this large island you can come across many shows exhibits. 

And awareness talks about animal protection Australia is famous for its fascinating wildlife as well as dangerous snakes spiders and crocodiles in Taronga you'll see over 4 000 animals of 340 species. 

And if you wish you can even stay overnight in a special tour how unique and cool safari park in rancagua, now back to South America but o the other side of the contenent this time your in Chile this zoo is located in the town of renkagua,. 

And it was the project of a local animal lover with 49 acres it's the first safari park in Chile and its divided into four sections big cats, herbivores jurassic and expedition you can enjoy incredible family activities like kayak canopy quad bikes games and virtual simulators it's a unique experience for a safari-style zoo of over 300 animals and 95 species 

Taronga zoo Sydney


Imagine being 16.4 feet underwater in a clear cage with lots of saltwater crocodiles terrifying isn't it this  attraction only for brave souls is found in Darwin Australia the cage is designed for one or two people and lets you have a face-to face experience with these dangerous reptiles. 

Do you feel like going to one of these places like me of any of them Is near your house then go ahead and connect with nature.   


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