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Top 10 best PC game Downloads website, Name and link for site.


Top 10 site for free game download


There are many place online to download video games for your PC some of which even include games that are free or well below market pricing coming up I'll share with you 10 of the best websites to download your favourite PC games to your computer. 

A few f these sites even include dedicated apps to make it easier to access their game store and your collection. 

Let's get started; 


  • Lord Gaben, Emptier Of Wallets

Let's get the behemoth out of the way first steamed by a wide margin with more than 50 000 games in their store is the most popular platform to buy and play video games on your PC. 

One downside is their customer service is hit ;or miss but has improved quite a bit over the last few yeas if you're looking to save money keep an eye out for their weekly weekend and seasonal seales with hefty discounts along with a decent amount of free to play games in their store when you install the steam app to your computer. 

Their games library does a great job of keeping your games collection organised with all your games easily accessible along the left pane. 


  •  Not The Hero As Claimed 

Epic the creators of fortnight in 2018 as an attempt to compete with steam launched their own storefront called the epic game store while the selection is limited they do have exclusive games not found elsewhere each and every week since their launch. 

You'll find free game giveaways that are yours to keep once downloaded along with a healthy selection of free to play games including rocket league and the aforementioned fortntine. 

One way that epic taken on steam is by offering game developers a larger cut of the sales steam takes anywhere from a 20 to 30 percent cut while epic only takes a 12 cut of the sales the epic game store is not without controversy. 

And has many detractors 10 cent a Chinese -owned company now has a 40 stake in epic games even though there is no real evidence many people do fear that epic will harvest the data for the Chinese government. 

So this is a concern for you might want to avoid using the epic game store. 

3. GOG 

  •  Frees Us From Drm. 

Is gog which is the acronym for good old games the storefront was created by the folks at CD project group makers of the witchier series and cyberpunk 2077 their platform is 100 dam free which means that no activation or online connection is required to play. 

While they don't have most of the newer titles they do have a good selection of indie games and all classics having one of the best refund policies of any game store. 

You can get a refund up to 30 days after purchase even if you downloaded launched and played the game another service similar to steam with the downloadable PC app.


  • For Those Who Love Loot Boxes 

Is origin if you're looking for popular titles from electronic arts like made Fifa mass effect battlefield and many others. 

This is the place to get those games if you're concerned about drm, do not buy any ea titles from steam or any other service offering their games for example when playing an ea game purchased on steam. 

You'll get both the DRM from steam and origin at the same time if you're a fan of games made by ea they offer a subscription service similar to xbox game pass called ea play with plans that start at around five dollars per month.

Not only do you get access to a large collection of games and members only content you also get 10 discount on games purchased on origin the humble store is a great site known 


  • Makes People Think They Are Philanthropist

The humble store is a great site known for their limited time humble bundles that give you the opportunity to buy a ton of free games for one low price with a portion of the proceeds going to charity for example with this bundle 20 unlocks more than 20 games. 

And in some cases with other bundles paying more than the bundles price unlocks additional games as you can see most of the games are from and indie developer with some titles mixed in if bundles are not your thing you can also find steep discounts on individual games new and old in their store upon purchasing any game on humble You'll be given a key to active on either steam or the epic game store.


  • There Are So Many Bugs In This Soup.

which is the newly rebranded name for you play is owned by Ubisoft some of their best known franchise include assassin's creed far cry and the numerous games in their tom Clancy series in their store you'll find the occasional deal and just like ea mentioned earlier. 

It's best purchase Ubisoft games directly instead of from steam or any other platform to avoid having more than one DRM. Running at the same time they also have their very own game pass like service called Ubisoft plus with access to more than 100 games for around 15 per month while not being the best subscription plan available. 

It might be worth checking out for you if you're not caught up yet with their catalog battle.


  • Winter Is Coming. Get Ready To Battle

Net is another great platform for  gaming from blizzard entertainment a subsidiary of Activision blizzard with apps for both windows and Mac OS while ignoring linux users exist you'll find popular game series from both blizzard and Activision including world of warcraft overwatch diablo. 

And call of duty some of which are free to play or include a trial version to try them out first while steam may have the most well-known platform to buy PC games. is actually older having been released in 1996. The steam platform didn't invade our lives for many years later its initial release was in 2003. 


  • Watch Out For The Little Green Man.

Is a site many of you have never heard of but globally is ranked on PC as the second largest distributor of digital games only second to steam it's also one of the best sites to get high quality games at a discount. 

They've been around since 2010 and their must-platform catalog includes more than 6 500 games from indie to developers both new and old they'r an authorised dealer for selling digital keys for more than     600 publishers including Activision. 

2K Bethesda square nix and many others if you're a true PC gamer always on the hunt for a great deal you should have the site bookmarked you'll also find pricing in their  hot deals section to be quite a bit lower than steam and its other competitors. 

If you've grown tired of the mainstream games from the moist well-known publishers 


  • Games Without Cash Grabbing Dlc might be the place for you this is a must -go-to site for indie games from independent developers some of which are free or at a very low cost. 

They have nearly double the amount of games than in the steam store with around 100 000 titles to choose from most of which are obscure and a hell of a lot of fun to play if you're a window 10 user you have a couple places to buy games on your PC from Microsoft. 


  • When Out of ideas they buy Bethesda

One of which is built into the operating system and is an absolute disgrace the Microsoft store app is a compete monstrosity. 

It's poorly laid out and confusing to the average user shame on you Microsoft on the flip side Microsoft has xbox app for windows 


That you can download from the craptastic Microsoft store this app has a far superior interface that makes it easier to find high quality games with less clutter than actually searching for games in the Microsoft store as a PC gamer xbox game pass for PC. 

Is the best of any subscription service and can be accessed through the XBOX app the cost is just one dollar for the first month and ten dollars per month thereafter by far it's the best deal in PC gaming right now. 

Not only do you get every game in the halo series you also get games from the gears franchise flight simulator Forza horizon 4 and motorsport 7. And with the recent acquisition of Bethesda games from the doom fallout and elder scrolls franchise are also included. 

Like I said XBOX game passage is 10 dollars per month right now after the first month as most of you know we don't accept sponsorships and we're totally unbiased This is honestly a great freaking deal. 

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