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Top 10 best anime to watch, Anime Series in 2023

Best anime to watch


Hey are you ready to expand your anime backlog I'm sure after this Post you'll start watching the first episode of a couple of these series this is the top 10 best anime to watch in 2023. 


Based on the manga written and illustrated by tatsuki Fujimoto chainsaw man mixes all the elements that horror and superhero fans could wish for it's dark star where denji a young man of very limited means must pay his late father's debt to the Yakuza however the gangsters betray him and kill him anyway Isn't it sad. 

But don't worry because there are demons in this world and he makes a deal with his dog demon poochita to revive him weird right.

The point is that denji becomes a chainsaw-wielding demon who will now fight evil in a rather bloody adventure the first trailer came out in 2021 and the series will premiere sometime in 2022 however from the quality of the story portrayed in the manga. 

I can assure you without spoiler that it's a dark adventure no fan of this genre should miss. 


If you like sports drams dance dance dancer is definitely for you it tells the story of jun pei euro a young man who didn't find ballet interesting at all however he finds himself fascinated by this dance style after seeing a man perform it after his father passed away some time later he decided to give up ballet to be more masculine. 

And took up feet tune do the martial art created by bruce lee everything will change when a new student named miyako goad arrives at June school and reveals that her mother is in charge of a ballet school. 

The young man's interest in dance will be rekindled after all ballet has no gender and is full of new challenges that a new and motivated June pay will have to face. 

This series is the adaptation of the manga illustrated and written by George sakura which was just released in April and already has excellent reviews ready to jump into this story. 


If you were a power rangers fan as a kid this anime if for you red gelato leader of the gelato five falls madly in love with the reaper princess one of the leaders of Gekko an evil organisation that seeks to end the world and guess what it's a requited love. 

Now these two lovebirds will have to keep their relationship a secret so that neither side finds out as expected this will lead to complications during battles and just hilarious situations. 

It's based on the mange of the same name written by hires nada and illustrated by takahiro wakamatsu the anime adaptation has been licensed by crunchy roll and we can see that the designs are simply excellent will love prevail in this fight between good and evil. 

Well you'll have to find out because there are no spoilers in this Video. 


This time it's an original story created by Netflix and by original I mean there's no vampire in the garden manga interesting right also it's been produced by with studio the same ones that made attack on titan and and directed by Hiroyuki tanaka who was also responsible for helping ultimate. 

Let everything you've just heard serve as a reference to give you an idea of how well-made this anime is the story is set in a world where humanity has been defeated by vampires long ago. 

However mom a young human survivor and final the vampire queen decide to embark on an adventure to find a legendary place called eden where it's said that humans and vampires could live in peace vampire in the garden is a deep story full of tense moment's. 

You can't miss out on it. 


This anime has the craziest premise I've ever heard of Lucius is an architect from the Roman Empire who ran out of ideas but was magically transported to a bath house in modern Japan, where he'll discover a whole repertoire of new artefacts and designs to inspire his creations. 

The funniest thing is that he goes back to his time to imitate what he's learned in the present day and things start to get a little weird it may sound irreverent. 

But believe me when I tell you this anime is a gem of humour and wit because there's nothing funnier that watching an old architect imagining how appliances work it's based on the manga of the same name created by Mari Yamasaki.

And you know what it's not the first time it's been adapted into series as in 2012 they made an anime for fuji tv however given its popularity Netflix decided to adapt it again to give a new style to this cool And crazy adventure. 


If the upcoming Qatar 2022 World Cup has you looking forward to it you could warm up for the match with aoashi the best soccer anise of the moment it's based on the manga written and illustrated by yugo Kobayashi and comes to anime format through crunchyroll. 

It tells the story of ashito aowi a highshooler with a remarkable talent in soccer but he hides it for reasons you'll find out if you watch the anime after some events he meets tatsuya fukuda coach of the Tokyo youth team who encourages him to try out for the team. 

And become a professional however like any sports story it's be expected that he'll meet rivals and new obstacles will appear on his way to the finish line this anime has production ig among its producers wo are responsible for kuroko's basketball. 

So we can be sure it has very good quality animation I don't know about you but the premise reminds me a bit of captain tubas don't you think.   


It's mystery time this anime is about finding out who stole the school trip funds katagiri yuichi sets out to travel with his class so he had to do some part-time jobs to  raise money. 

But after collecting the funds it disappears everything seems to indicate that one of his friends stole it however soon after he and his friends are kidnapped, when they wake up they're in strange room with a a character that looks like something out of a cartoon. 

And what's worse this whole kidnapping seems to be a game where they must discover the thief which could break YUICHI'S heart who values his friends above

All else this story is an adaptation of the manga conceptualised by mikoto Yamaguchi and written and illustrated by Yuki sat its intriguing premise caused it to be adapted into anime for the first time in 2017. 

However this new 2022adaption looks even better will you be able to discover the thief before it's too late


Can you imagine what the world would be like if everything  had rusted away well that's how rust easter biscottis begins now two young people will embark on a journey to find a legendary fungus that eats rust with which they could give this world a new opportunity however society is so devastated that pzeopledon't believe that someone actually has good intentions. 

So our protagonists will encounter more than one obstacle in their adventure it's based on the manga written by shiny kobold kapok illustrated by akagashi and the name adaptation has been licensed by crushyroll. 

The manga quickly became a fan favourite and the anime has been very well received so far ready to embark on this post-apocalyptic adventure. 


This anime is peculiar while we might think it's the classic school rom-com this time it's about extremely intelligent students who try to suppress their feelings based on logic and since their pride is as great as their intellect the protagonists resist.

The idea of being the first to confess so they'll do everything they can to make the other confess this series is full of humour awkward situations and quite twisted plans although a bit exaggerated as well it's based on the manga written and illustrated by aka akasala. 

And both the paper version and the animation have had an excellent reception from the community and critics crunchy roll the streaming service that distributes it even considers it the best comedy of the moment the war of love has already begun. 

  • Bonus 

before showing you the best anime of the season there two series worth mentioning as they came very close to making it to this top sprigging its plot revolves around mysterious message plates left by an ancient civilisation that humans are now trying to decipher. 

  • My dress up Darling. 

An anti-social doll maker becomes a cosplay costume designer after making a new friend interesting isn't it now it's time to meet the best anime of 2022. 

So far  


What would be better that a spy trying to pretend he has a normal family well that his daughter has psychic powers and his wife is secretly an assassin of course they're not a real family.

It's all a pantomime so that twilight an elite spy can infiltrate the inner circle of a politician who seems to be up to no good but among so many shootings fights and murders the three allies gradually discover the value of family licensed by crunchyroll this anime is being a hit all over the world. 

It's manga written and illustrated by tatsuya end sold over 800 000 copies in 2019 and was ranked the 17th best manga in 2020 beating even dragon ball super tamagotchi's can you believe it. 

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