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Top 10 dangerous cities in the world's, Beautiful but unpredictable.


Top 10 most dangerous cities in the world


The 10 most dangerous cities in the world beautiful and unpredictable this is Latin America with many gorgeous cities nature has taught us that everything exotic. 

Might be very dangerous check for yourself how terrible these cities can be number 10 is 


South America start up this top Venezuela is a very particular country with hills plains and glorious beaches ciudad Bolivia with a population of 560 thousand inhabitants approximately, is one of the most populated cities in the country and one of the most advanced on the amazonian side. 

However as a consequence of the current left wing and military government this city has lost much of its former glory due to the severe economic crisis delinquency rules this country and along with ex-appropriations have scared entrepreneurs away triggering unemployment and discomfort. 

If this was translated into figures it would be 264 HOMICIDES approximately in 2018 and a violence rate of 69.09 murders per 100 000 inhabitants alarming figures aren't they. 


Foraleza is one of the richest and nicest in Brazil the metropolitan area receives 4 million inhabitants approximately the great culture ideal weather a productive economy and diversity attract a bunch of tourists. 

However it's also one of the most dangerous cities with the crime just around the corner armed robbery is something common with tourists it is distinctive of this city that during the day it is peachy tropical and beautiful with charismatic and likeable residents. 

However the story is different at night in 2018 there were 2724 MURDERS and a rate of 69.15 deaths per 100 000 inhabitants it's a little frightening isn't it. 

If you're a tourist like me take a taxi if you don't have local friends and enjoy your trip 


This amazing city is the capital of the state rio grande donorte it is recognised for its magnificent dunes incredible beaches and tropical weather the whole year sounds like paradise right and actually it is just it's not one of the safety places to visit. 

Why this tropical latin destination has turned into one of the bloodiest cities in Brazil over the last years holding a high rate 74 MURDERS per 100 000 inhabitants and many of those murders were  caused by DRUG ISSUES settling of scores or shutting a snitch's mouth. 

Many of these murders take place in public spaces but people wash their hands when it's concerned to testify or be witnesses for fear of being victims in the future, something unbelievable and unprecedented. 

But Real the police are not okay with their working conditions and the prison system is inadequate making  natal the perfect paradise to have vacations mixed with adrenaline would you dare to. 


The 21st century socialism has deeply affected the economy of this South American country a shortage of food and essentials has made the streets start burning it is located on the banks of the oriental river ciudad Guyana has recently formed a part of the lists due to its danger. 

It has an alarming murder rate nothing but 78.30 people per 100 000 inhabitants in 2018 a lot of deaths were caused by the law enforcement agency. 

At accomplishing its job of bubbling criminals besides traitors are always victim of potential looting and must stay alert to possible criminals despite the crisis ciudad Guyana is one of the most interesting cities in the Venezuelan amazon forest. 

This city is near the Managua and guri hydroelectric dam which make it a key city to the country. 


Now let's move on to North America specifically Mexico in Iroquois city which is located in the north central part of the country, many traders closed their stories due to the wave of insecurity lashing the place just in 2018 there were 473 MURDERS committed in the city. 

It has a murder rate of 81.44 deaths per 1000 inhabitants unbelievable the crucial element that triggers this violence is the gasoline on the black market that was stolen from the metic state -owned petroleum company such an easy money attracts a mass of criminals. 

The over 500 000 inhabitants of this small city are very terrified of going to the police and report the payments demanded by delinquents to protect them likewise the local department is not efficient. 

So people have set up self-defence committees to confront the cartels that devastate this not-so-smal Mexican city, which has so much to offer and not only alarming figures of violence and death. 


See you dad Juarez Mexico I'm sure you must have heard about this city at least once however its wonderful landscapes or the population is not exactly the reason why this city is popular what draws attention to it is that it's located just some meters away from the United States. 

And the city of El Paso is just crossing the bravo river making this city a multicultural and important place to international trade. 

But it's a place ruled by crime and public spaces are considered high risk it holds such a high murder rate that reaches the unbelievable NUMBER OF 85.5 DEATHS PER 100 000  inhabitants this is a very difficult situation even the police are afraid of acting upon every action the police take it is kept down by the criminal groups and vice versa. 

It is a combat arena despite corruption and drug cartels war locals war locals feel less afraid of it and are getting used to it. 


It's Mexico again this is ciudad Victoria considered the most violent town of TAMAULIPAS authorities are responsible for hiding many of these violence numbers and blame the press for bad marketing of the city as it's in the fourth place. 

Although local government have tried to clean delinquency kidnapping and murders there's not so much improvement and people have gotten used to leaving their homes without knowing if they're going to come back in ciudad Victoria there are 86.01 MURDERS PER 100 000 inhabitants that sounds disturbing. 

Be really careful if you have to get through that part of Mexico make sure you go fast. 


For a few years now the capital of Venezuela is full of violence the political and economic crisis of this country has buried residents into poverty and scarcity. 

Therefore it holds a high crime rate Caracas population is the most affected with a murder rate of 99.98 per 100 000 inhabitants and just in 2018 2980 homicides were recorded due to these numbers the BELLO MONTE more has collapsed killing extortion and trafficking of drugs are an everyday reality reality. 

It's totally normal to have been robbed at least once in Caracas beyond imagination isn't business is closed down people can't find jobs and the crime rate rises at night residents just stay at home like it was a curfew public places theatres restaurants and cafes open late at night. 

Only have sporadic customers and they're empty another calamity that happens in this city is the impunity since it's just a system only applies to 2 out of 100 delinquents and the death toll is inefficient what chaos. 


Sun beach and sand this city worldwide recognised for its beaches and natural beauty has become the heart of Crimean death situated on the west coast of Guerrero. 

One of the most violent and impoverished states of Mexico Acapulco is still one of the most popular trustiest destinations despite its high murder rate of 110 .5 for each 100  000 inhabitants in 2017 according to official reports 2868 MURDERS were recorded in 2018 2248 people died through violence. 

There was such a crime level that in September 2018 Mexican national and federal authorities took charge of the whole Acapulco force. 

This was done following suspicions that criminal groups had infiltrated the city's local security forces in addition the prosecutor's office of Guerrero had been investigating for months the high policecharges as potential responsible for homicide altogether. 

This is the result of the disintegration of several cartels that are now groups fighting each other to dominate the territory most of them are in the trafficking of drugs towards the United States supplied by the trafficking of firearms form that country. 


This border city south of San Diego has got stuck on a wave of murders while the drug traffickers struggle to dominate the territory the murder rate in Tijuana has steadyily increased over the past five years in 2018  rate of 138 homicides was recorder per 100 000 inhabitants with a total of 2 640 MURDERS.

The same year in the first three months of 2018 450 violent deaths had been recorded victims include pregnant women and children murders between January and October 2018 left an average of 6.8 daily death it's known that 80 of the se terrible deaths are linked to drug trafficking and only 20 of those responsible for these cases received a sentence. 

You saw them would you be able to walk their streets.

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