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10 places you should never search on google earth, Scary and mysterious places on google earth.


Places not to search on Google


Google Earth allows you to explore the entire world but there are some places you should never search welcome back Chaltrends here. 

You're about to see some of the most scary and mysterious places on google earth but I have to warn you many of these places have incredibly dark backstories. 


Let's head over to Norman's Cay in the Bahamas there is something very mysterious hiding in these waters can't see it what about now. As you can see there is a plane in water you may wonder what happened to this crashed plane. 

And why has it never been recovered well this plane was actually owned by one of the most evil men to ever live I am talking about Pablo Escobar. 

Pablo escobar is the most famous drug lord and narco-terrorist of all time he was the founder and sole leader of the Medellin cartel of Colombia he is responsible for taking over 4 000 lives but how did his plane up here well Pablo escobar had many planes going from the use to Colombia. 

On the way the planes would use Norman's K as a refuelling point but this plane did not make it to Norman's k before it could refuel the crew dumped all of their illegal cargo into the sea this was. 

So the plane would run on less fuel but this wasn't enough and the plane still crashed into the sea taking the life of the pilot and co-pilot everyone was way too scared to touch this plane. 

And even the local government did not want to go near it because of how feared Pablo escobar was so that's why to this day Pablo's plane remains rotting away and dissolving underwater.

2. William Mold 

Now let's take a trip to Florida use take a look at this  neighbourhood it looks pretty normal right well that's what everyone thought for 20 years until one man who was browsing google earth noticed. 

Something strange if you zoom in you can make out a shape in this lake and this shape is actually a car the car belonged to a man named William mood when he was 40 he went for a drive one night and never returned home it was a mystery because him and his car were never found his family lost hope. 

But they never forgot about William but after 20 years someone noticed the car on google maps the google earth user contacted authorities and they pulled the car out of the lake inside, they found body and it was later confirmed to be William found 22 years after he went missing. 

It's believed William accidentally drove off the road and into this lake it's very sad he passed away but this family were gratefully to finally have an answer as to what happened to him after all these years.

Now they can finally have closure and know that William did not run away and abandon them moving on let's take a look at this scary discovery made in Antarctica. 


In 2020 a google earth user spotted something strange in Antarctica as you can see it appears there is a body that's been left in the snow there are many research stations in Antarctica, and it's believed one of these scientists may have ventured out and got lost in the snow it's a very creepy and mysterious find. 

But because this place is so remote no one is able to go out and check maybe at some point in the future we will have more answers about this mysterious figure. 

But for now who this figure is remains google earth mystery but I think an even more mysterious place on google earth is found in aragua island. 


Is a tiny island in TANZANIA if you go there on Google earth there isn't much to see but there is a photo sphere if you click on this you see something incredibly scary there appears to be a dark and dingy room all over the walls. 

There are red splatters and Witten on the the door it says you trusted the wrong guy it also says you're too late turn back now there also appear to be a figure holding some kind of weapon you may br asking what's going on, the room does seem to be real but clearly things have been added. 

For example the man appears to be computer generated and some of the graphics also look fake but either way this location raises many questions where is this actual room wo created this image.

And why did they put it on argue island it's safe to say this place is incredibly creepy and mysterious some have even compared it to the back rooms but right now this find remains a google earth mystery. 

Now let's move on to a scary google earth location which is not mysterious at all in fact we almost know too much about this place if you go to this neighborhood on google maps it looks pretty normal. 

Expect for this place you may wonder why one house on this street is blurred out why would google maps censor this house well this house on this street is blurred out why would google maps censor this house.

 Well this house was one of the worst crime scenes in America the hose is 2207 Seymour avenue in Cleveland Ohio it belonged to a man named Ariel Castro he is one of the most evil criminals to ever live he kidnapped. 

And imprisoned three women at this house he kept them captive in the basement for over 10 years but eventually one of these women escaped and they were freed of course after Ariel was arrested and imprisoned the house was abandoned. 

But because the house is so creepy many people began breaking in they had a morbid curiosity about how the inside of this evil house looked so that's why google maps decided to blur out the house they hoped that by censoring this house less people would go and break in I'm not sure why anyone would want to go to this terrifying house and I can see why google maps chose to censor this house. 


Now let's head over to the island of Fiji do you notice anything strange off the coast of this tropical island if not then how about now as you can see a plane has crashed ff the coast of this island oil has leaked out of the plane into the sea and this bright light is the plane reflecting in the water. 

It's scary to think who could have been on this plane I did some research but it seems he reason this plane crashed is unknown, now let's look at a very mysterious place found underwater. 


This location is found of the coast of the Bahamas you may be wondering what these mysterious squares are in the water but here's where things get even more weird you can actually go into street view. 

Underwater many believed that this was some kind of lost city found underwater and there were even some people online speculating this may be the lost city of ant antis. 

But I have an explanation for this mystery it turns out these mysterious underwater structures are actually a coral nursery fragments of coral are placed on metal coral trees they then grow large and healthy enough to become coral reefs this is a project being done by people restoring the coral reefs of the Bahamas various other coral nurseries have been found on google earth. 

And many people wrongly believe they're Atlantis or some kind of lost city Atlantis may be real but it certainly is not here. 


Now going back on land let's look at this very small town in the Czech  republic this place looks like a ghost town but what if I told you it literally is if you enter google street view mode on this church. 

You can see it's filled with ghosts the church is called COSTEL SAVER HOJIRI and all around the abandoned church are status of ghosts some believe these statues may have been grave markers. 

But it's very eerie how they appear to be sitting on the pews as if they're people of course many say this church is haunted it was created in 1352 and is no longer used it's safe to say this is one very terrifying sight to see moving on let's look at this very scary sight in to see moving on. 


In this antarctic ocean there is a very mysterious dark blob but if you zoom into this blob you see what appears to be a kraken krakens are said to be gigantic octopuses and it does appear that this could be what we're looking at right now the creature does appear to be an octopus and it's clearly massive in size it also seems to have a big white eye and is making humongous waves. 

In the water this area of the oceans is very unexplored and researchers say we don't really know what lives in the Antarctica waters so perhaps krakens or something similar are a real phenomena. 


Also in antarctic waters appears to be real megalodon shark at leats that's what many people are calling it located in this dark patch of water seems to be a massive ocean creature some have said this could be whale or shark. 

But others say it's far too big to be any kind of modern creature and that's why some speculate this could be a real life megalodon still alive today.


Finally let's head over to see one more very scary google earth mystery this looks like a very ordinary cut-de-sac until you enter google street view mode then if you approach the house at the end of this road you see a very ominous dark figure on this unbolt house. 

There are many theories as to who this could be strange dark figures have been reported all over Texas before and many say that google maps caught a motorman-like creature on camera. 

But right now this remains a total mystery and we don't really know what is  this. 

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