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How to set up and use Apple pay on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch.


How to use Apple Pay


Today I'm gonna show you how to setup and use apple pink on your iPhone iPad Apple Watch. 

What is Apple Pay? 

Is basically a digital wallet on your iPhone and other apple devices it lets you buy things in stores and apps and online you can also use it to send and receive money via iMessage, essentially when you're at a store or restaurant you tap your iPhone or Apple Watch at the register to pay despite what it might look like my credit card number is actually not stored on my phone or on apple servers instead Apple Pay uses. 

The specific device number of my phone and a unique transaction code to protect my information I love it protection also it's fast like Usain Bolt fast in the Us Apple Pay is faster to use than a physical card Apple Pay has been around since 2014. 

And yet a lot of people haven't set it up or kris don't use it and that's why I'm here to help. 

So grab your iPhone and by the way the same process works on your iPad and let's get started. 


Go to settings then wallet and Apple Pay then tap add card and follow the steps to add in the card number then you type in the credit card security code and select next it terms and conditions page will pop up tap agree once you've read it wink wink. 


This can take a minute or an hour or who knows how long my bank sent me a special code I had an intern on my iPhone to verify their credit card and that was it. 

Side note you might be asked to use the credit card you already have on file with iTunes in the App Store if so just enter the card security code hate to use Apple Pay look for the Apple Pay logo or for the wireless payment symbol which kind of looks like someone's taken a triscuit in stabbing a sideways Wi-Fi, hotspot either way when prompted hold your iPhone over the terminal. 

And your card pops up on the screen you'll be prompted to verify using Face ID or Touch ID if you have an Apple Watch you can use it with apple pay to set it up open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. 

Then tap and wallet and Apple Pay from here you can select the card or cards you want to use as well as some other settings which we'll go over in a moment now if you have a Mac with Touch ID you can also use Apple Pay. 

Not that way but you can use it for online purchases and lien on all of apple pays encryption power and privacy around what you buy who bought some furnaces on Etsy certainly not me no I realy didn't you're not gonna to set up go to system preferences then wallet and Apple pay the process is very similar to what we did for the iPhone. 

3. Apple Cash

And iPad now that you have all of your cards added to your I devices let's tweak some settings to make them easier to use and the wallet and Apple Pay menu under settings the first thing you'll see is Apple Cash in the United States apple cash lets you send and receive money with friends and family. 

Using Apple Pay on your iPhone iPad or Apple Watch look out bin mode so if your producer bought you a kombucha and money where's my boots money Patric I can send them Apple Cash a message and pay him back. 

4. Defaults. 

This is some good boots I also recommend taking a moment to review some defaults here's where you can set the default card that pops up when you use Apple Pay also you can set defaults for shipping addresses email and phone numbers which are used for online and in-app purchases you can also add your transit pass to Apple Pay. 

This features has only rolled out to a few cities but there'll be more on the horizon well it's not supported but I'm just imagining how awesome it'll be to hop on the subway with just my Apple Watch I mean i'de be wearing clothes too from the same setting screen you can add additional cards as well as trigger. 

Apple Pay to open up by double tapping the sleep/wake button or the home button on order iPhones last a couple quick housekeeping tips and if there's one thing we like on how to do it all its housekeeping. 

So first is if you want to use Apple Pay across all your devices you have to add your credit card to each device individual also if you have a newer iPhone you can add up to 12 cards if you have an older one you can only add eight. 

If you have any tips for using Apple Pay throw them in comments also if there any how-to topics you'd like to see us cover throw those in the comments. 

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