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Top 10 best new war games of 2023, War Video games.


Top 10 new war games


Video games are built on conflict. Whether it's obstacles' enemies, and whatever else, there's always something to overcome. 

And the biggest possible instance of that is war. Hi folks, Falcon, and today on Gameranx, the war games of 2023 to look out for starting off at number 



A world war I first person shooter taking place on alpine peaks and idyllic towns in Northern Italy. While the game doesn't exclusively take place in mountains, the mountain idea adds a lot of different tactical considerations and makes a fairly unique sounding game. 


As you know, we've II games, but in terms of footage this one actually kind of succeeds in at least looking like something a little bit different.. For one, it's very colourful and as well as including some great recreations of Italian towns. 

It's part of a series of World war I games from developer M2H that pops you in different locations that require different approaches. 

'''Isonzo'' Is coming to the playstation, the Xboxs and PC, summer 2022. 



A world war III battle simulator from Eugen Systems in which the Cold War turns hot in 1989. Obviously an alternate history game. 

Which is currently in early access and has a ton of praise coming from its small, but fairly dedicated user base. It's definitely one to look out for because it has 10v10 matches with what is admittedly not the biggest player base. 

And nobody really seems to complain about it for good reason, too. It doesn't take long to get into a match, it's paced really well, it doesn't force you to micromanage in a way that you get bored and all of the action is absolute beautiful. 

Like this is really an incredible looking game on top of being one that is organised to play really well. The full version of warno'' is supposedly coming later this year to the PC. 



A highly stylised 4X realtime strategy that is getting a lot of praise for being like, the most faithful, Dune'' attempt at a video game. 

I've see people call it kind of like Civilisation'' in real time, and also obviously sci-fi fantasy. The goal is to win control over everything and that's done by either diplomacy or a military campaign, it's really up to you. 

You pick one of the four factions, which if you're familiar with Dune'' you will immediately be familiar with. And there's not a whole lot in the way of narrative currently, it's in early access and they're focusing on the stuff that is basically important, 

The ga,eplay and the resource management, of course, which they get very correct. It has a lot of potential and as they've been slowly dropping little narrative elements in, it starts to feel a little bit more like a lived in universe. 

Like I said Dune spice wars'' is in early access. You can play it right now on PC and it continues to be expanded upon all the time. 



The follow up to the highly acclaimed original game. Now what they're boasting about in the new version of the game is their new advanced artificial intelligence which will apparently be a lot more difficult and dynamic, as well as the cinematic presentation they'll be showing. 

You'll obviously be commanding your army from the normal types of perspectives, but you'll see the action play out in very cinematic camera angels and with very good visuals if the trailer is anything to go by. 

Of course the developers emphasis is on historical accuracy and a lot of different game modes. So men of war 2'' should be a rich experience with a lot of content. 

We'll be seeing the game on PC sometime this year. 



A very recent release that takes a wide open battlefield approach to 1944 france in which you'll be sniping your way through the Nazi occupied countryside. 

This one was incredibly well received pretty much across the board by both critics and fans alike. This is  a game that's not just about sniping it's also about stealth and really insane takedowns. 

Really, it's a series that has sort of set itself apart from basically everything else not just in its vey deliberate style of lay but also in the fact that it revels in success.. The slow motion death cam is totally insane. 

It looks like something kind of ''Mortal Kombat''. It's one that is absolutely worth your time. ''SNIPER ELITE V'' is out on the playstation, the Xboxs, and PC right now, so go play it. 



Where you play as a field medic on the pacific front where you have to make a Bunch of choices as to what to do, who to save, who to save, how to do where to do it to attempt to save lives on the battlefield while also doing everything you can to preserve your own, remembering that it is a war zone and that all of your actions will change the outcome of the battle. 

It's definitely unique take on a war game because you don't see a whole lot of on combat oriented war games for obvious reasons but it's a pretty solid looking game built on top of that concept. 

''Medic Pacific War'' Is coming to PC sometime this year. 



An RTS which introduces a new feature to the series called tactical pause in which you'll pause the battle, issue a bunch of commands, and they'll be performed in a queue when the game is resumed. 

This being a real time strategy game, that adds another layer as well as an improved destruction system that takes where they were last game and makes it more granular. 

So individual tiles, bricks, pieces of buildings will be just sort of coming apart. The game's orienting itself towards the mediterranean it's also got ahuge vehicle roster from tanks to recon vehicles that you can go out on the battlefield and repair and steal vehicles that the enemy has abandoned on the warfield. 

It Is an impressive looking game from developer Relic Entertainment, which will be landing on the PC sometime later this year. 



A tactical role playing game. ''Expeditions'' takes a different approach to war games in tha5 it's an RPG where you have to Scout various sectors of a region, find and recover resources, and then invade military strong points. 

It does have a couple of different types of battles, there's story battles and legionary battles. The story battles obviously advance the plot which takes place during the later ears of the Roman Republic and involves caesar, Cicero, Cato, all of those. 

From what I've played of this one it's a lot of fun, and the story , while it takes a little while to get going, is actually worthwhile and it does a good job in keeping itself flexible. 

So if you have a different style of play, that is possible to play out. 

 EXPEDITION ROME is  out  on Microsoft Windows. It's definitely a good one. 



A frankly surprising game if I told you a good looking RTS featuring anthropomorphic rats, mice, lizards, and roaches was on its way, I might sound like I am talking about something totally off the wall, but that's exactly what this looks like. 

It features all of that and manages to have a lot of novel and frankly cool looking mechanics like world destruction and a lot of customisation of technique and units, as well as just a fairy unique setting for a war game. 

You don't usually see stuff like this its control scheme and its camera are some of the more interesting and maybe novel elements of it it's something that looks different and it makes total sense why fr their trailer they didn't do something story oriented but rather showed gameplay, it's because it's intriguing. 



This is the sequel in this new rebooted timeline and it's pretty exciting. We just got new gameplay footage of it, and it is a really tense atmosphere mission on a cargo ship in the middle of a storm to prevent the launch of a missile. 

Just to be frankly, this is an incredible looking game. I know we've all seen a million ''call of duty'' games at this point, but just to be frank, this one has done great job utilising the boat in a storm gimmick. 

Honestly it reminded me of Metal Gear Solid 2'' without really being anything like it. The fact that they've managed to create such a great thick narrative atmosphere without really having a narrative other man, hey there's a missile, we gotta stop it, 

Bodes very well for the immersion factor of the game. Honestly next year they seemingly don't have a Call of Duty' game coming out. 

So I think they're really wanting to leave this one. its shows that it's supposed to be a big release. And it's not easy to generate excitement at least for me, in a ''Call of Duty game but this trailer really did a good job of doing just that. 

Call of Duty, modern Warfare 2'' is coming to PC' the xboxs, the playstation and it's coming on October 27th we've got a couple of bonus games for you.



The version 40k of Vermnintide That does orient itself a little bit more towards shooting given ''Vermintide'' is such a melee oriented game. 

It's not a shooter, but it does up that area a lot. That's coming to xbox series and PC on September 13th. 

Which is a kind of combination field hospital simulator as well as an isometric real time strategy survival game. That coming in quarter four of this year. 

I mean, it's a war among the stars, obviously, but it's also a humorous take on these games that unfortunately has to include the ninth movie. 

A really time tactics game set in Germany in 1989, followed by ''Starship troopers Terran command'' an RTS, and Diplomacy is Not an option'' also a streamy game. 

That's all for Today.  

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