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How to see iCloud photos on iPhone, iCloud settings.


iCloud photos on iPhone


In this Post let's talk about iCloud and how you can see all of the iCloud photos that you have on your iPhone because it's a little bit more complicated and I would say unnecessarily complicated from apple. 

But this is what we have so if you go to the settings and click on your name then you will see the iCloud section so you can click on it. 


And you can see what each section takes up so in my case you can see the photos are taking up a huge chunk of my iCloud storage and yes so I have plenty of photos um backed up or uploaded to my iCloud account. 

But how exactly can I see which photos in my photo gallery are in iCloud well if you click on the photos right here. 


It's going to give you some options including the iCloud photos which pretty much means that it will automatically upload and sync all of the photos across all devices with iCloud I have it disabled but still have some photos which are on the iCloud if I would turn it on it would tell me that I need a lot more storage in my iCloud because I have about a 150 gigabytes worth of photos on my iPhone and there is no space for it to be uploaded. 

But for me the question is how exactly I can see and access those photos that are on the iCloud because if I go to my photos app I can see like a thousand of photos. 


But I have no idea about that I would personally imagine like if you click on photo you to get like more information about it to see if it's on your phone or where exactly it is like right now you get the name you can see uh the date and at the time of the photo you can see which lens was used and which iPhone was used to take the photo you can see the location.


And the things but you cannot see where the photo is storage you can not even see like any section in the photos app like if you go to the albums you can see that there are like shared albums the people and places you can see media types utilise and some other things. 

But no iCloud section but there is only one way how you can access it, so the only option is to use the web browser which is kind of lame I get it but as of right now this is the only thing I know about. 

So it doesn't matter if you use your iPhone or your web browser on a computer or anywhere else you go and log in with your Apple ID and with the password so after that you're going to be greeted with your name and your photo. 

And there is there are a couple of section like mails calendar and stuff but there is also the photo section and if you click on it you only access the photos that are in the iCloud it doesn't have to do anything with the other devices or anything like that here you can only see the iCloud photos. 

And you are pretty much free to do about them like you can see which photos are which photos are stored in the Cloud in the backup.  


And you can do whatever you want with them like you can delete all of them you can decide what you want to do with them at all because if we come back to the iPhone and to the settings you can see that the iCloud storage is full in my case full five gigabytes are filled. 

But the question is what exactly am I supposed to do with it like how exactly can I manage and delete stuff so clicking on manage storage pretty much only gives me the options to see and upgrade to more storage and clicking on photos can and only allows me to delete every single photo on my iCloud which for some reason is supposed to be a good idea. 

I just want to know which photos are there and I want to manage them one by one I want to see exactly what's going on in there I don't want to keep all of them or delete all of them and this is not the answer to my question. 

So in either case I just have to use my laptop or my phone to log into and see the photos that there that's like the only option so like I say this would be pretty much it for this Post I don't  think that there is anything else to say about it like it's kind of I mean if you think about it it's not realy difficult to get there. 

But it would be a lot easier if apple simply gave us some option to see which photos are in iCloud right on the iPhone and right on any device and like iCloud synchronisation of the photos is great like I snap a photo on my iPad. 

And it just shows up on any device which has iCloud photos enabled and uses my Apple ID everything automatically I get it it works and it's fine but how can I clean this mean that's the whole point of this Post. You have to use your web browser. 

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