History of great Mike Tyson, Hiw strong was iron Mike Tyson.


History of Mike Tyson


Iron mike Tyson perhaps the most fearsome boxer in the history of the sport we all know about his punch power but how strong was he when it comes to gym lifts do we really know and was lifting weights a part of his training regime or did his muscular physique come from other forms of training and just genetics we see a photo here of mike at the table with his trainer customato when he was aged just 14. 

Tyson had an incredible physique from a very young age of course he was training an extraordinary amount for somebody so young it's very rare that we see any footage at all of mike lifting weights in a gym such as this. 

But we regularly saw him doing other forms of exercises that would definitely help build muscle mike got even more muscular and to look at more strong as his career went on making him an incredibly intimidating fighter one exercise he was particularly known for was his  neck exercises which created a huge net which enabled him a punch resistance that many other fighters  did not have it was terrifying that was the most terrifying looking. 


4:00AM       STRETCHING 
                    10 BOX JUMPS
                    10 SPRINTS.

4:30 AM       3 MILE JOG
                     1 MILE WALK 

6:00 AM       BED



Tyson ever he just looked like he was made out of steel just a tank of a man Tyson's training regime was absolutely relentless as you can see here getting up to at 4am to do stretching box jumps and sprints followed by a three-mile jog and a one -mile walk before breakfast early afternoon after lunch he would skip shadow box speed ball bag work sparring. 


2:00PM.  LUNCH
              (STEAK & PASTA OR CHICKEN & RICE)

                 SHADOW BOXING
                 SPEED BALL 
                 MITT & BAG WORK 


And hit the exercise bike for one hour later in the afternoon he would do 200 sit-ups 40 dips 50 press -ups another 40 dips and 50 barbell shrugs with 30 kilograms of weigh followed by 10 minutes of neck training he would then have his evening meal followed by 45 minutes on the exercise bike study boxing.


7:00PM.      DINNER 
                    (STEAK & PASTA OR CHICKEN & RICE) 

8:30PM.         EXERCISE BIKE (30-45 MINUTES)

 9:30PM          TV & STUDY 

10:00PM          BED 

And finally go to bed but where did lifting weights come into mike's training  regime if at all did he do any specific weightlifting or strength training. 

Clearly this negative mindset that mike had led to him becoming this huge intimidating figure.

So what of the gym this is some of the only footage I can find of mike actually lifting weights here on the leg press and also doing some strict presses mike was sent to jail for a while and it's thought there that he was unable to train boxing. 

And instead lifted weights very often and certainly his physique why else there and when he came out looked to resemble somebody who had done a lot of weight lifting inside here we see the rare footage of mike squatting and doing pull downs but not with any great weight much more consistent with the usual boxers training of volume work it would seem as though that he genetically was able to build  a lot of muscle. 

And all the training that he did enabled him to hold that physique rather than directly doing a lot of weight lifting or strength training other than when he was inside of prison Tyson was clearly strong. 

But that isn't what led to him being a great boxer there's so many other factors such as speed endurance timing and conditioning that come into play if we look at the Morden day successful boxes such as Tyson fury Anthony Joshua and Alexander Uzbek they all have very different body types muscularity. 

And strength aren't the primary factors in determining a great boxer might look to be stronger than some of today's top boxes such as usyk and fury and perhaps he was but it would appear that came not from any direct strength training. 

But rather genetics and as a result of his incredibly strict and relentless training regime which he did from such a young age which would lead to mike Tyson becoming one of the all-time great heavyweights. 

And having a physique and personality which would appear stronger than his opponent which all led to him being an intimidating ferocious and awesome fighter. 

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