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How to play vaynelike a challenger, Simple guide.


How to play vayne


Hello fellow misfortunate this tis how to play vain like a challenger vayne is a very interesting champion because unlike most others. She doesn't rely on getting fed early on in order to dominate the late game merely staying alive. 


And getting lane experience and some minion gold is more than enough to carry because you simply have so much damage in your abilities regardless our challenger player is taking full advantage of leona's engages. 

And you shouldn't be afraid to do that either as long as your enemies are locked down and have no opportunity to retaliate even weak liners like Vayne can take a free follow-up like this however there is a reason your lining with vain is not exactly the strongest. 

And you should definitely keep in mind vein's range is only average and her abilities are entirely all in focused and your most important damage spell won't do all that much without any attack speed items vain typically gets bullied quite hard in lane as she has nothing with which she could match poke spells, coming from the opposing ads or their support. 

So what do you do then well you take as much farm as you realistically can while avoiding the enemy and only participate in actual pop situations when they allow you to play to your champions strengths. 

Amumu got caught trying toward the river and Wayne and leona were able to go all in before aphelia's even had the chance to help his Aly especially with press the attack vein's best keystone in my opinion your early game burst damage is way higher than most enemies would expect from a late game champion like this. 

I've just told you that your objective with vale in the early game is merely to survive but picking up first blood will go a long way because well spoiler or challenger players teammates will be pretty much useless in this match when it comes to actual dealing damage however keep in mind that getting random early kills like that might be a nice bonus. 

But it is absolutely not necessary for your overall game plan when you play vane realistically speaking the enemy will occasionally manage to punish you when you go for your minion kills and going for all in plays with low heath will be quite risky for you with vain in the early game it is better to earn the sight of caution.

And you also better expect to get bullied by everyone a; five enemies will try to delay your godlike late game as much as possible after level 6 though the entire dynamic of your lane changes as one has the biggest level 6 power spike out of all 80 carries. 


Just one opening is all our challenger player needs to take full advantage of this crazy skirmishing tool if you made it this far into your vain game then you've already survived the worst part from you better get ready to pop off. 

But before you can do that we also have to talk about vane's item build of course our challenger player typically goes for a full grit build with shield bow and rage blade in this game specifically they also bought wit's end because the enemies have picked cassiopeia and rye for their solo liners however beyond its magic resist component wit's end, is an amazingly strong 80 carry item in general right now. 

And even more so when your champion synergies with on hit play styles to begin with in my opinion you can buy this item on vain every game but just keep in mind that our challenge player here typically goes without it. 

So how do you play team fights in the mid game well pretty much like this yes all you have to do is to play front to back attacking only the closest targets and allowing your allies to peel for you it doesn't exactly matter who this closest target is since not even the biggest tanks can withstand your damage. 

So staying as safe as possible is your number one priority anyway despite getting some nice pixie and there blue team is actually at a huge disadvantage. 

Now the biggest indicator of this is their mid lane tower difference when you lose your mid lane tower and the enemy gets to keep theirs the enemy automatically gets full control over dragon rift herald and later baron the reason for this is that the minions are constantly on your side of the map granting the enemy free vision while their mid lane tower also prevents you from invading their jungle, 

In a rather desperate attempt to draw a level with the enemy bane's jungle even feeds them a free kill brute forcing your way through  game in this fashion simply doesn't work you have to first win a team fight and then take the objective afterwards while your opponents are still dead. 

And can not contest you for it especially when playing vain being proactive only works if you you can force an enemy into a 1 vs 1 situation while you absolutely know for sure that there are no other enemies nearby that could come to their help for the most part you should stick to a reactive play style and simply follow up with your enormous dps, when one of your teammates catches an opponent with their crowd control or even vice versa then you have full permission to go wild take note. 

How even despite the fact our vein stayed in the back only attacking the closest target the enemies still tried hardest to focus her down you are simply that big of a threat and this is where you 100 have to rely on shield bow. 

And your defensive positioning vayne deals a lot of damage but a dead vein deals zero damage in that team fight vain was able to collect some valuable shutdown gold but blue team also got severely weakened after taking so much damage yourself you are not in a position to greet for objectives. 

But instead are forced to retreat and click the subscribe button anyway would you like to have a guess how vain ended up in the following checkmate situation, if your guess involved the mid lane tower different then you are correct it is really that bad and more often than not will you end up overextended without knowing simply because the enemy will have so much map pressure, 


And free vision control in this game the weight of the entire team Is on vane's shoulders and her being dead straight up gives red team a free baron the situation is getting much worse because of that since instead of potentially breaking even in terms of mid lane towers red team is likely to put their barren minions to use and push for blue teams' inhibition's our challenge vane player, however is having none of that just a beautiful imumu ends up failing his bandage toss. 

But even if he didn't vane was prepared to flash it anyway the reason that play worked out this time is that vain saw all of her opponents on the map and therefore knew that none of them could have sneaked behind her and yes they finally took down that mid lane tower by accelerating her late game power spikes like this while at the same time, getting rid of the opposing baron buffs vane was able to instantly make up for her mistake. 

And she can now meet the enemy on ten ground again and this time it is the enemies ad carry who ends up overextended take good note of how vane instantly switches targets are as amumu approaches her instead of tunnel visioning on the low health office this is exactly the concept you need to keep in mind if you too want to get these amazing team fights always attacks the closest target. 

And only the closest target no matter what now that vain has taken down all five enemies her team if free to destroy the opposing towers uncontestedly the enemies do start to respawn soon after, but since they died one by one by they also respawn one by one. 

Due to their delayed respawn timers the enemy couldn't ground which means vane can take them down again and ultimately destroy the nexus now playing the lane phase with vain is especially difficult bit if you want it easier for yourself you can refresh your general ads landing skills. 

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