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How to plan party


Hey guys welcome back to Chaltrends News.

I hope you're all doing well, today's Post is going to be another in my diy party series and the last one I did of these was 25 different party ideas. 


Let's go ahead and get started the first step is to pick a theme or an  occasion for your party so a lot of the times it's probably  going to be a birthday but there's other themes out there such as like bay showers, or housewarming parties or just a random party. 


Pretty obvious you're gonna wanna have a date set in stone that way you know it's coming up and your friends know it's coming up a lot of the time it's good to have this., well in advice so people can book it off if they work or you know don't plan it, in the middle of the day if you go to school kind of thing, so yeah picking a date and a time is also really important. 


So I like to do this personally on facebook because I find that most of my friends check it often it's easy to get information out if anything changes and it's just a good like little system to use of course can totally pass out handmade invitations which I think is so much more fun. 

And personal but you can totally do it on facebook but creating a guest list and guest list and knowing how many people you're gonna have showing up to your party is really important too. 


So I'm a very visual person so I like to write everything  down I have a section for food I have a section for decor I have a section of gusts list I have like just this overall random master plan of everything and that you can update and change as you go I think this is really nice, if you're a visual person too. 


And it's also nice to check things off as you get them another thing I do so often when I'm party planning or planning a idly party is to go on Pinterest and look for inspiration because Pinterest is filled with inspiration and it's a really great source to get some ideas especially if you're doing like a baby shower or if you have a very specific theme in mind. This is a really great place to go to get some ideas and to figure out how you want to go about your party moving on to the next two steps. 

The first one is to 

6. DIY 

Diy what you can so if you're having  A very elaborate party and it has like vey specific decorations and stuff or you know that type of thing you're obviously going to want to diy some things to make it more cost efficient and it's also a little bit more fun. 

And personal that way but obviously there are those things that you are going to need to pick up probably from the dollar store because they have a lot of good party planning stuff. 


So I recommend getting those well in advice you kind of know the color theme that you're going to go with and also just because on the day of you're not going to be wanting to go to the dollar store and pick up like plates and cups and stuff. 


So make sure you get those ahead of time this is totally optional but the next thing I like to do is a couple days before is just to send out a reminder to see if anyone has any last minute changes to their attendance, basically this is just good if you have forgetful friends, now moving on to the day before your party I definitely recommend cleaning the space and having everything tidy. 


And organised that way you don't have to do it the day of especially if you're having like birthday party in your house and you're gonna have people over cleaning it and vacuuming and everything the day before is going to save you a lot of time 

10. FOOD.

And a lot of headache this is also a great time to prepare any food that's not going to go bad or things you don't need to make the day of whether that be like a cake or cupcakes those totally last till the next day and stuff if you refrigerate them so making those a day ahead will save you a lot of time and moving on to the actual day of course you're going to want to set up all the party decor. 


And set out any food that's not going to go and bad and if you do required any cooking for some of your food maybe start doing that about an hour before guests arrive you can kind of time it out depending on what type of party you're having. 

But if you are serving food then just kind of time it out accordingly so you do have food available as soon as your guests arrive now I'm going to move on to a couple of my random tips. 

This Post is kind of all over the place  but these are  few things that I wanted to just quickly mention if you are planning a birthday party or a party of any type in the near future I definitely recommend browsing your dollar store because they have a lot of different options. 

And definitely check out the other sections of the dollar store because there might be something that sparks an interest or a idea in your head that you can use for decor and it's going to be a lot cheaper than going to somewhere like party city or something and you can totally get stuff at the dollar store for really inexpensive also too if you don't want to serve dinner at your party definitely make it after 7 pm. 

Because that way your guests are kind of like expected to have already eaten so you don't need to serve as much food that's kind of another little tip and the last little tip I have is like a hostess tip. 

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