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How does FUT Champs work in FIFA 23, FUT Champs reward well explained.


Fut Champs and rewards in FIFA 23


Today I'm going to be explaining everything you need to know about foot Champs from how to get in the rewards some tips to get better and just overall what foot champs is obviously, 

It's a mode that has changed a lot and if you haven't played FIFA recently you probably don't know how this foot champ system works so first things first there is a foot champs playoffs and then the foot champs finals the foot champs finals are what everyone remembers as weekend League while the foot champs playoffs are actually played in the midweek every single week. 

So in order to get into the foot champs playoffs you need to actually play division rivals in order to get qualification points so you can see this when you highlight foot champions on the main menu as you can see I have 293 pout of 1250. 

And as you get higher in the divisions and division Rivals you actually earn more points you know towards your qualification points it's easier each match you can get more points for every game that you play ETC. 

So division Rivals is very important something you want to play in the lea up but once you do get your 1250 you'll be able to actually qualify for foot champions playoffs with qualification points you can enter up to seven times in one season which is I believe the max. 

I believe there's actually less weekend leagues than that but if you don't make the playoffs you can actually play all your Rivals games or if you lose in the playoffs you could play all your Rivals games again and re-enter regardless what you're going to need to do is win at least four games out of ten. 

And you'll be able to get this rank where you actually get some pretty decent rewards you get two rare gold packs small prime gold players pack and you get to qualify for the foot Champs final if you get I believe this is the five win mark maybe six you get two Mega packs of rare gold. 

And if you continue to play on I mean you can look at the rewards yourself but if you go and play on to this point I mean you already know what the rewards are most most people don't do that but essentially you're just playing through um and you need to get at leats four wins and then you qualify for the weekend league in the foot champs. 

Final you have 20 matches and all you need to do is win about six of them to really get a good reward so you get four points for every win you get one point for every loss it's really simple and it's realy honestly the mode in my opinion has better rewards. 

Now than it used to so if you finish with nothing you lose every single game you finish with four points you get at least one player pick a rare mix players pack and then you get more of the qualification points. 

So you would have to play division Rivals that week in order to re-qualify but automatically getting one red pick from a team of the week you know pick is really nice. 

And this one you can literally lose all 12 games if you lose 12 gams can get this one these rewards literally you should get no matter what you could literally go into all 20 games and quit out and get all this stuff and as you can see you get a player pick some packs coins nothing crazy. 

If you win just one game you go one in 19 you will be able to get this reward right there and this one is pretty good you get two player picks a mega pack a 45k pack and two Jumbo Premium Gold packs you get 750 qualification points. 

And 10 000 coins this is really good rewards considering that you literally don't even have to play too well and obviously they get you know up I can't remember the record on this one but still if you win a few games I think six wins is all you need for this one, 

What is it six times four is twenty so in know four wins for this one so four wins you get two player picks one of four choice you get a 50k pack and a 100k pack I might be wrong on the win counts you know wait no five five wins six, you need five or six wins for this one. 

You literally can have a losing record and you get some really good rewards and then in this one as you start getting this one might be eight wins ten wins you get a team of the week pack rare players pack 100K pack the rewards just get better and better and as you can see if you get even higher you get more picks better packs even better good picks more packs. 

And it just goes on from there so that's how foot Champs works and obviously once the week is done you have to actually go and play the qualifiers again in order to play for the next week in league it's not just once you get to a certain point you just automatically re-qualify you will have to play those playoffs every single time. 

Now a few tips from me anyways I think the best time to qualify is usually about a Monday or Tuesday that tends to be the easiest time to do so at least in the past usually on Thursdays you get a lot of people trying to. 

You'll play all kinds of different players on you know different skill bases if you play right away there's a lot of pros and really good players who will qualify on the weekend once they're done with their you know foot Champs finals games. 

So you know might have some difficulty playing those guys right away rewards they come out literals as soon as you finish foot Champs which is really nice and yeah guys that that's foot Champs kind of summed up for you guys that don't know. 

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