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Samsung Galaxy s22 vs Google Pixel 6 Pro, Camera test similarities and differences.


Google Pixel 6 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy s22 ultra


Let's start with front -facing cameras both are capable of shooting 4k however Samsung can do 60 frames per second so this is stabilization. 

To be honest Guys these two phones are one of my favourite Flagship devices in 2022. Which one is going to be better in terms of camera performance let's find out I'm gonna snap some selfies and you're gonna tell me which one is actually better. 

Pixel is limited with some additional features such as dual mode video or portrait video mode which I'm actually using now on Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra 

But I just switched to full HD to give that 60 frames per second on Pixel 6 pro but which one do you prefer so far. 

Ultra wide angle 4k 30 frames per second on both however again Samsung can shoot 60 frames per second on ultra -hour angle which isn't available in pixel. 

These are the colours this is stabilisation Let me do a little running okay let's switch to main sensor brilliant because you can actually switch between the lenses during recording which is very useful and again let's check on stabilisation. 

Times three on Samsung pixel that's pretty big difference isn't it and stabilisation surprisingly is better on pixel. 

Now times 10 here on Samsung and there's only times four available on pixel and stabilisation again pixels doing a better job and now this is a bit further so that might not be fair but I'm going to take more pictures now. 

So this is maximum zoom times 20. You can see the difference look at the color difference the sky is blue on Samsung bar yeah the pixel is a bit grey which quality is actually better I don't know it's really hard for me to tell on the tiny screens. 

But that's pretty impressive and back to all to our angle what a like on Samsung you've  got those additional features such as dual mode video or pro video mode which isn't available on Pixel however I'm using one of stable modes. 

And that's about it there are a few different options for some action cinematic shots Etc. 

Selfie camera night 4k again and now I'm actually checking the microphone, so which one do you think is better Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra all the sound coming from pixel 6 pro. 

But I'm gonna take a couple of pictures and then we'll have a look at some video footage just very quickly you'll be switching between the lenses. 

Samsung's a lot brighter times three and then times two on the pixel I mean the times 10 is just insane on the pixel, sorry on Samsung times 10 now. 

But I'm gonna have a look at some night photography. 

Video mode on s22 Ultra sadly again it's not available on Pixel ball, guys this Samsung can shoot 120 FPS at 24 frames per seconds too and also 8k which isn't available on pixel. 

Now what I'm impressed about pixel then it's the color accuracy the colours are very natural the stabilisation is also better on pixel on the other side, I love the features on the Galaxy there's way more features for photography  and the video as you can see however night photography is a lot better.

In my opinion especially Ultra warango on pixel and you know what the night photography was it called astrophotography it's just insane I have never seen anything like this on the phone before absolutely incredible. 

But what is your opinion guys which one would you pick you see I love value for money and generally speaking I think 300 pounds more for s22 isn't just not worth it. 

Yes you've got the S pen which is quite useful if you wanna  use it as a shutter button but generally speaking when I looked on the duo mark to check which one they prefer and actually pixel 6 pro was scored higher and you know what I would pick pixel because it's 300 pounds cheaper and I think for that money just there's no doubt 

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