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iPhone 14 Pro vs Google Pixel 6 Pro Review, Camera, RA, Storage


Review, iPhone 14 Pro vs Google Pixel 6 Pro


iPhone 14 pro review take one welcome to my review on the Google pixel 6 pro and the iPhone 14 pro. 

I had the iPhone for seven years I used the iPhone from 2010 to 2017 2017 I switched to the google pixel the first year the pixel came out I used it.

So I have experience with the iPhone and the pixel seven years each this Post I'm gonna be recording right now is the iPhone 14 pro the second half will be recorded with the google 6 pro. 

Now the reason why I went to the pixel is because of google phi Google phi is something that is pretty awesome.

But they kicked me off in April so I can't use google fight internationally so what better reason I went back to the iPhone which is available with google phi anyways so I'm going to talk about my experience  using two phones and we're gonna have a winner at the end. 

Google Pixel 6 Pro, 

  • A battery that charges 7 hours in 15 minutes 
  • The highest rated smartphone camera ever

It started off strong it had a Bunch of a fan fair 2017 great phone, great phone it started off strong and then the first years of improvement it kept improving, I was stocked because it was also kind of unique In the cool thing it had a good camera.

The highest rated smartphone camera ever

And then 2019 we're at 20 less improvement less improvement and especially the customer support so imagine this back in 2017 2018 imagine going on your phone having a problem going on your  phone talking with the customer support specialist on the phone. 

And getting your problem solved right then and there it was actually incredible and then that went away they outsourced their service and it was just a waste of time all of these tittle annoying things made me come back to the iPhone which I just picked up today. 

So we're going to compare I'm going to talk about my experience of the google pixel then I'm going to go into the iPhone tell you a little bit of pros and cons let me know if to like I said today I purchased it let me know if you want me to come back in a week and talk about more about my experience after coming back to the iPhone for a week or two. 

Now look I just want to be honest I'm not a phone guy I'm not a tech guy I'm not going to talk about the technical specifications the processor this and that I'm about is it usable is it fun to use are they improving the usability, I'm not about the you know there's only so many years they can improve the camera buying 69. 

And when things don't work can I figure it out or do I have to take a master classic order to figure it out. 

So the pixel 6 it has a lot of these like really small issues that add up to something that's kind of not enjoyable to use, first problem they don't have facial recognition they took that away a few years ago really annoying all right. 

But they have fingertip recognition but it doesn't really work so well 60 of the time I'm doing it twice and then it's swiping up and saying we don't recognise, enter your  phone annoying it's only cell phone, that I cracked I don't wear a case I don't have a case and I just don't drop my phone. 

But camera notch here its so big and unruly that I swear I would put it down on the edge and it would just find the edge and crawl to it and fall over I swear I put it on the edge I look back and I hear a few times until it finally cracks that's a bummer in the past if I wanted to turn off notifications which I do productivity hack turn off all phone notifications I've done this for years. 

I highly recommend it in past if I wanted to do that one click google Pixel, now if I want to do that it's like three clicks and it doesn't even work so well all the time I'm constantly seeing notifications and in order to turn off the individual application notifications it used to be one click. 

Now it's two clicks the connection between the google play store and the apps it's not wrong for example blinkist I just re - downloaded the other day and tried to connect my existing subscription in the google play store to the application and it didn't recognise it. 

So what did I have to do well I had to take a master class to figure that out 30 minutes for all my language learners out there if you're changing your phone language it doesn't work, so well I'm I speak English Spanish, and Portuguese I switch between the two quite often and sometimes some apps some apps are changing or some app aren't. 

I'm not sure what's going on there but it's a little bit annoying some other annoying things but I want to just tap the screen to get the time It doesn't work, I'm tapping it it's not working that's annoying also on the google phones the androids you can actually swipe down to see or swipe up to see all of the apps and the top five apps are recommended apps. 

But if you don't want to have certain apps recommended that you use often you can say so but it doesn't work they're still up there at the top left corner where the first one you would know so another annoying thing. 

Best Thing About The Google Pixel 6. 

Now the coolest thing about the pixel is that it is unique and expensive looking it looks nice so when I travel oftentimes people would be people would see this and they'd say like oh it looks nice but I've never seen it before what is it I'd say it's google I point to this and they'd always be like whoa that's cool and that made me feel cool. 

And I appreciated that one cool thing though I will say about the google pixel that I just figured out today with my friends who had the iPhone is the google pixel has built in the google lens, my friend wanted to know what this flower was and we didn't know and I took a picture of it and it said what the flower was. 

Now luckily for iPhone users you just go to the store and download the google lens I'm not sure about the functionality between the two but I'm sure they're similar now we are recording with the google six pro. 

Apple iPhone 14 Pro. 

Is the iPhone that I just purchased now look the pixel had potential like I said had potential but we all know the iPhone is just a better phone the apple system is better even using the pixel for the past few years I just had to be honest and people ask me is it good phones like it's a good phone. 

But honestly your apple iPhone is better it is it's just better so I'm looking forward to using the this iPhone and seeing how it compared the last seven years I'm hoping it is a pleasure to use. 

Now physically a pixel looks nice but the iPhone looks nicer a big thing is Instagram and everyone knows instagram works better on the iPhone the videos are better the video posts are better the android power users they say well it's so customisable it's cool. 

And let me tell you after using the android for seven years the custom customisability of it. 

Is not a strong suit all that means is more things break you have to figure it out there's more apps on the iPhone and when apps come out they come out first on the iPhone videos are better on the iPhones. 

Like I said I don't know about the tech specs but just visually my friend has an iPhone I've got the google pixel and the iPhone looks nicer especially on instagram and especially when you want to pan the video like this on the google pixel it looks a little bit wobbly it doesn't look like real life.

I noticed that on the iPhone when you pan like it this it looks really smooth. 

So in conclusion iPhone is the winner I agree based on my seven years using iPhone and pixel. 

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