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Most Amazing fact in the world, The facts that you need to know.

Most amazing facts in the world


There are so many mysteries in the world that are still left unsolved but there is also countless facts the world that we live in so this is the top most amazing facts about pretty much.

Everything and hopefully it will have the opportunity to teach you guysa thing or two or maybe even ten things so starting off this list in at number 10. 

10.A strawberry is not a berry but a Banana is a Berry. 

Are you ready to have your minds blown well most of us define berries as small edible fruit the official definition of a berry is a fleshy fruit produced from a single ovary. 

So according to this definition blueberries and even tomatoes can be considered a part of the berry family however strawberries are known as accessory fruits where their seeds to derive from the pistil of the flower moving. 

9. Babies Can Only See in Black And White When They're Born. 

Nerve cells in the retina and brain that control vision are not fully developed also their eyes don't have the ability to focus on near objects as their color vision developed babies will see red first and then will see the full spectrum of colours by the time they reach about three months old. 

8. The Average Chocolate Bar Contains 8 Insect Pieces. 

Disgusting fact according to ABC News the average chocolate bar contains eight insect pieces and they say that people who are experiencing an allergic reaction aren't reacting to the coca they're reacting to the ground -up inserts that are presented inside of the chocolate ill since it's almost impossible to make foods completely.

Insect free the US Food and Drug Administration have food defect levels which state the maximum allowable number of contaminants like insect fragments or rad hairs that are allowed in a product for it to be legally sold in the US and have no effect on consumers that is crazy. 

7. There Are More Stars In The Sky Than Grains Of Sand In The World. 

Deserts and beaches astronomers have predicted that there are over a hundred billion galaxies in our universe which means there are in our universe and they've got to predict they're approximately five sextillion grains of sand on earth. 

Humans shed 40 pounds of skin in their lifetime completely replacing their outer skin every month and fact makes its way onto this list and at. 

6. Human Shed 40 Pounds Of Skin. 

According to the recent research humans shed their epidermis at the rate of 0.001 so zero point zero three ounces of skin flakes every hour this equals to about zero point five  to one point six pounds per year of skin flakes but where do all these skin flakes go the dusk I collect on your tables TV windowsills. 

You know some picture frames is mostly made from dead human skin cells doesn't that fact just make you want to like get up right now stop watching this video and go vacuum your entire house we'll just vacuum after watching. 

This is like a Tv commercial because it doesn't even stop there it gets grosser your house is filled with trillions of microscopic life-forms called dust mites that eat your old skin now we know. 

5. Mosquitoes Have Killed More Humans Than All Wars In History. 

Combined according to the world health organisation I million people die Each year from mosquito -borne disease the majority of these deaths are due to malaria on the other hand wars have killed about a hundred million people tens of millions more people are killed. 

And debilitated by a host of other mosquito-borne disease including yellow fever and encephalitis moving into. 

4. You're Twice As Likely To Get Killed By Vending Machine Than A Shark.  

By a vending machine are twice as much as your chance of being bitten by a shark the annual risk United States of dying from a shark attack is roughly 1 in 250 million however the annual risk of dying from a vending machine just tipping over and killing you is roughly one in a hundred and twelve million as a matter of fact your chances of being attacked by a shark are just one in eleven point five million. 

What's even more bizarre is there's about 65 shark attacks worldwide each year within a handful being fatal whereas falling coconuts caused 150 humans deaths each year on average. 

3. On Jupiter And Saturn It Rains Diamonds. 

Oh my God imagine we can go there and like gather all the diamonds would be rich scientists have discovered new atmospheric data that indicates that lightning storms veterans methane into chunks of graphite. 

And then diamond hailsstone eventually melt into liquid sea and the planets hot corpse the biggest diamonds are estimate to be about a centimetre in size which is big enough to put a ring on it. 

2.  For Every Human There is on Earth there is 1.6 million Ants. 

This is a really impressive numbers a little bit scary because they can just take over the world ants have a distinction of having one of the most advanced societies in the world their social organisation is what allows colonies of tiny ants to accomplish tremendous feats such as building an elaborate and complex and cities and this allows their queen to breed and grow larvae. 

Another shocking fact that some of you might not already know is that ants actually practice slavery they can raid neighbouring colonies and steal eggs and larvae. 

And then they're either eaten or put to work now in no. 

1. France Was Still Executing People By Gillotine Till 1977. 

Capital punishment was practice in France from the Middle Ages until 1977 the last person to be executed by guillotine in France was put to death in September of 1977 the guillotine is a machine with a heavy blade that was used for beheading people the death penalty. 

Was abolished by French law in 1981 and now it is also forbidden by the French Constitution.

Well there you guys have it that's crazy top ten list. 

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