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Make money searching google, more than thousands dollars, how to make money online, sure and legit.

How to make money online


Hey guys welcome today I'm going to show you a great opportunity to make money online by using google. 

Let's get started; 

Now I'll explain each and every step I want you to follow along with me so that right after this Post ends you will be ready to go out there and earn some real money so pay close attention and follow the steps keep in mind this is going to be really easy tutorial since we will be using only like three websites. 

1. The first one is going to be

I'm going to show you the second and third ones in a minute this is the website we'll be using if we combine it with google and another website that nobody is taking advantage of it will blow your mind how much you can make online. 

Search MindSumo on Google 

But you must keep watching because if you just go over straight to and you try to figure out on your own and you will not know what to do because the sign up process has gone through some changes and also I'm going to show you the website that makes everything possible at the end, 

I can assure you that this is a legitimate website because it has worked with some of the most well-known names in the industry including Pepsi nestle Spotify Microsoft and much more. 

Now pay attention because I'm about to show you exactly how much money you could make with this website just by looking at this  list right here, there so many opportunities to earn thousands of dollars if we keep scrolling down there are endless opportunities where you can use this trick and make thousands of dollars over and over again. 

Take a look at how much money is there to be made one simple search can be eight hundred dollars one thousand six hundred dollars one thousand six hundred dollars again one thousand dollars and so on.

How to make money with Mindjumbo

And so forth there's a lot of money to be made all you need is a simple google tool and a website which I'm going to show you at the end now you just need to sign up to on the home page of this website I want you to click on this button over there I'm a problem solver. 

And now log in or sign up click on this and a pop-up window will appear where you can sign up for a free account click on and don't have an account yet and then enter your first name last name, location, email address and password. 

Then choose your birth date and your gender now for the following skill categories I strongly advise you to select above average on these three scales for the next part just answer why are you interested in using mine sumo. 

Here you can write something like I'm a good problem solver and I want to have my voice on products and technologies. 

Now for next question just type in the industries you're interested in and for the reference named email address you can put someone who can approve that you're a problem solver if you don't know someone who can approve you can use another email address that you have and make sure you read the terms and conditions and privacy policy. 

And certify that you don't use any plagiarised content click on I'm not a robot and then click on the sign up button once you're done you can log into your account and right away you can see that there are a ton of different projects and challenges that you can join and through those you can make a lot of money online you can see there the many different categories. 

That they offer there you see computer science food science business and even engineering and much more now choose the category you're interested in I'm interested in the computer science category.

So I select that one once you choose the preferred category the website will filter out the content and show you all the projects and challenges related to that specific category these projects and challenges will pay you the most money for example this project right here will pay you 16 00 and all you have to do is go ahead and click on that link and you'll be taken to a page where they'll ask you a question and you can simply write an answer submit and you'll get paid for doing. 

So if you don't know the answer in the question or have difficulty providing winning worthy answers don't worry I will show you a simple but effective method that will help you answer the question.

And make a sufficient amount of money online we can see that there are a lot of submissions and that people are getting paid for submitting an answer on this website and you can do the same thing to find the answer. 

Go to mindsumo copy the question go to google paste the keyword and search it now google will help us find the answer to the question now you should spend a bit more time to find the comprehensive answers it will increase the chance of you being one of the winners. 

Once you find the answers don't submit them to mindsumo right away copy the content you find from searching on google go to this website

How to make money online simple and legit

 and paste your answers which you got from googling it changes them to a completely unique content that nobody claims you haven't written you can also try the different modes they offer which gives you more flexibility over your content it can also increase and decrease the number of synonym words before submitting the answers to mindsumo. 

We need one more tool go to google and search for google docs and click on the first result it will then take you to this page where you can start a blank document and start typing your answers or paste the content that we find from the search result on google and chance it to our own unique using the robot tool. 

The key point is to copy the question from mine sumo and change the title of the google doc to mind summa challenge and paste the question. 

Now adjust the content title and proof read the rest of the text once you've finished your answer go ahead and click on the file then download select path document as your download type click on this link to get downloaded to your computer. 

Once that is complete we can see how professional everything looks and how well suited it is to be submitted to the mind suavities challenge that is all there is to it this is how you can begin earning money online by utilising this new google trick for 

Keep in mind that there are a variety of different challenges and projects that you can join. that's it for today 

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