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How to take Screenshot on iPhone 13's, iphone 13, iPhone 13 Min, iPhone 13 Pro, Including Back Tap.


How to take Screenshot on iPhone 13


I'm going to show you two of the easiest way to take a screenshot on any of your iPhone 13s okay so first way here is 

1. Press the volume up button and the power button just press both buttons,

Really quick and let go it's going to take a screenshot volume up power ready quick let go now you don't want to press and hold both buttons if you press and hold it's going to bring up the power menu. 

So again volume up power just press them both same time let go quickly there's a screenshot okay take note that all your screenshots will get saved automatically direct to your photos app. 

If you tap on photos right there and just make sure you tap on album down and then go ahead and scroll down and you should see a folder called screenshots right there.

Okay so you can tap on that and you can see all your screenshots on now another way to take a screenshot is if you enable the back tab. 

So right now I have it on enabled back tap or double tap so if I double tap the back of the phone like this it's going to take a screenshot okay I'll tap it back again ready set go. 

Okay so how you have to enable that so to enable the back tap simply go to your setting and then from the settings, we want to go to accessibility so scroll all the way up until you see accessibility right there it says touch okay  go ahead and tap on Touch.

Now scroll all the way up so you get the very bottom where it says back tap let's tap on that right there now you can see double tap I have screenshot you can also make triple tap screenshot. 

2. Double tap Screenshot and Triple tap Screenshot 

So if I tap double tap you just gotta look for a screenshot okay of course you can do other functions of on here as well. 

And for triple tap two you can do the screenshot it's a preference so for example I have double tap on screen on screenshot right now so if I double tap double tap. 

There we go it takes a screenshot and I have a triple tap for a Camera so if I triple tap it it's going to bring up the camera okay now if you want to triple tap right there. 

And then just go to screenshot right there and then let's go back and now you can see double tap screenshot and triple  tap screenshot 

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