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How to take Screenshot on iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max Tips,.


How to take Screenshot on iPhone 11

iPhone 11/11 Pro Max: How to take a Screenshot + Tips 

Hey what's going on guys so you have a iPhone 11 gonna show you the easiest way to take a screenshot I'm also gonna show you how to take a screenshot of a entire webpage or part of a webpage. 

So the easiest way to take a screenshot 90% of you guys will be doing it this way it's a two key combination it's the power button and the volume up button. 

So you just want to go ahead and press and hold these two buttons just pressing really fast at the same time like that I didn't say press and hold because if you press and hold the power off menu will pop up also every screenshot that you take like this will automatically  save into your photos gallery. 

And you can go ahead and swipe that away if you wish I'll take another screenshot here we can go ahead top this and you can go ahead and you can edit it. 

You can go ahead and crop it you can click on the plus sign and we can add text signature magnifier as well. 

So I'll go ahead and save that right there save it to photos and now if I simply go ahead and look in my photos gallery and you can just tap on albums like that and then all the screenshots I just took it's going to be under recent but also there's another folder that was created called screenshot. 

So if I tap on screenshots you can see all the screenshots that I've taken and this was my last screenshot right there. Now I'm going to show you guys how to take a screenshot of an entire webpage. 

Okay So for example if we go ahead and open up a web page and you want to go ahead and take a screenshot of this entire webpage or a part of it just with a one screen shot what we got to do is go ahead take a screenshot right now volume up power. 

Now we're going to tap on this now we have another option because we were able to scroll down you have  full page. 

So I can tap on full page like that and now if I didn't want to do the entire page you can always tap on crop and then you can go ahead and crop to like however much you want and then we can click on done and now from here I mean you can still edit too. 

You can go ahead and write down oops you can go ahead and write whatever you wish and we can go ahead and click on done. 

Now take note it says save PDF to files okay so I'm going to go ahead and tap on say PDF to files this is not going to save into my photos gallery not sure why I flow I made it confusing anyways and then you can save it to your iCloud Drive into the folders. 

I'm going to save mine directly to my iPhone and then you can rename this green shot whatever you wish as well I'm gonna click on save and now the thing is it's not going to show up in your photos you got to go into your files app. 

So cup tap on files and that last one should be the first top one left, it was called screenshot and you can see this article I just took a screenshot so pretty simple. 


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