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How to get Snapchat Password if you forgot it, Simple steps by step.


How to get Snapchat Password

How To Get Your Snapchat Password If You Forgot It!

How to see your snapchat password while logged in!.

I'm back everyone you may have forgotten your snapchat password and its totally. 

There are a few ways to recover it now the first thing if you forget it and actually want to go ahead and just kind of recover it which you can always do is.. 

You click log in you can click on forgot your password and all its going to do is it's going to go ahead and you know you can access it via phone number or via email and they will go ahead and send you a new prompt. 

So that's that if you don't even remember the password and you have an android or another device that you can't really do anything else on or if the next method I'm not going to show you just is applicable. 

Then this is really the only other option option you have now let's say you have your iPhone that you typically use on an everyday basis and you want to go ahead. 

And see if you can see that original password on your iPhone we'll to do this which you can do and you may be able to do this on android 2 if you have some sort of password manager. 

You want to go ahead and make your way over to your settings application or your password manager on android you want to scroll down until you find a little option that says passwords. 

So here's that little prompt all you have to do is go and click on passwords and you'll come here now it'll go ahead and show you a couple of different things and down here if you click on autofill passwords it could tell you a couple of different options. 

That are via online methods however you want to look right here there should be a bunch of different applications that are there,. 

If you have your specific passcode you know passwords little option. Enable on my device I don't even think I had to enable anything probably it came by default and that was pretty much. 

It all I had to do is on your personal phone scroll down click on the passcode and then you'll be able to see the passcode that way now if you're using a friend's phone it's not going to work.

Because you're going to have type in the passcode or Face ID so there's really I mean there's really no way to circumvent that but if your you know personal phone is having this issue. 

Then all you have to do is scroll down find that specific account click on it on it. And you should be able to see the password right there so that's pretty much the process to do that.

If guys have any other questions or anything let me know in the comment section below. 

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