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How to block someone on Snapchat, Step by step.


Block people on Snapchat

How To Block Someone On Snapchat!

Welcome back every one I'll go ahead and show you exactly how to block somebody on snapchat. 

Now the process to do this is really easy. The first thing you want to do is go ahead and go onto your snapchat account just like that. 

Once you're on that page you want to go ahead and find the specific person that you're trying to block now as you can see a ton of people stop chatting on this account. 

Now that we're back onto this panel all you want to do is go ahead and swipe left and you'll come into this specific page like I said before now you want to find the specific person that you're trying to block 

Now as you can see I have team snapchat and honestly I hate getting snapchats from them because I always think it's someone trying to hit me up or something. 

And I always feel bad that is team snapchat because my phone is so dry so what you have to do is you have to hold this down so you just basically want to hold down that person's name just like this just like I did it. 

You want to hold that down you'll see a couple different options you'll see add friend more send username to then you'll see their username right there. 

You can also view their profile to see who else it is but you want to go ahead and click more which is right  there and that little pop-up will come up and you have to do is click that black button. 

Now if they're constantly harassing you don't want anything  to do with them I'd recommended clicking that report button that probably the best way to go. 

But you want to go ahead and click block you want to click block again and as you can see they will go ahead and be removed from there. 

And they won't even be able to hit you up nothing will happen and you will pretty much not able to get snapchats from them anymore. 

And they are now permanently blocked from your account and that's really pretty much. 

If guys have any questions or anything let me know in the comment section below. 

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