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How to get paid to click on websites, Simple ways to make money online.


Paid to Click website


Just click there  where it says visit wait fora couple of seconds and you will get paid two dollars. 

Now just repeat and enjoy your profits I started using this site a week ago and these are my earnings and I will reveal my total earnings from  this side and the end of this Post. 

So stay tuned until the end;

Now the first step to make money online with this method is.

1. To come over to the secret site I will reveal the name of this website in a minute but this is a platform that will allow you to click on websites and earn points but this is not the only website that we will be using. 

If you actually want to cash out your money for real cash then you need to stick around until the end of this Post. 

So I can show you the platforms you need to combine to actually make money and to with draw it now the first thing I want you to do is 

  • To sign up for absolutely free account on the site so just click on that green sign button on top right corner. 
  • And the next page create a unique username fill in your email ID, 
  • Create password and just check on this box and click sign up 

Once you log into your account your dashboard will look like this is your username that you created and you can see your points whether on the top. 

2. So for step two all you need to do is to hover your mouse there on the earn points section and then you want to click where it says website hits because that's exactly where we can go to click on websites and get paid for doing that.

But you need to stick around with me so I can show you how you can actually exchange those points for real money because as you can see there is no with drawl button to be seen on this website. 

So you need to do something to exchange those points for real money and don't worry you will not have to sell anything and it's going to be very easy. 

So once you click on website hits you will see all these website which we can visit button right there that's going to open up another website for us and we just need to wait for like 20 seconds, now and once the countdown hits zero I will be able to close this page and the points will be added to my account. 

So you can see we got 34 points and as you can see it was 60 points before but now it's 94 points so all you need to do is just repeat the process to collect as many points as you can because the more points you have the more money you are going to be able to withdraw. 

Now the name of this website is you like where you can click on websites and earn points and before we move further as prior response on this post of one Video per day.

3. Now when you know how to click on websites and earn points let me show you how you can exchange those points for a real money so you need to come over to and you want to sign up for absolutely free account on this website. 

And once you log into your account it's gonna look something like this now you just need to click on offer tools from left hand side and select my offers from there that's going to open up many different offers on the CPA marketplace. 

And if you don't know already CPA  stands for a cost per action which means that we just need to refer someone to a URL link where they need to maybe sign up to something for absolutely free they don't need to spend any money at all they just need to become qualified leads by probably  entering their email address in their name.

Which is a lot easier than selling anything now we just need to grab a referral link from anyone out of different offers available there that are paying different prices, so just by referring someone to this offer you're gonna make two dollars per person. 

So you have many different offers available but one that I found was like this one over there I will go with this one just as an example this offer is paying me two dollars and five cents per lead, per person that I refer to this website and they have a chance when they sign up to some giveaway. 

So they don't need to spend any money but they have a chance to win 750 gift card for absolutely free which is a no-brainer all you need to do is to grab your referral link so click on copy link button and your link will be copied now whenever you send people to this link if they sign up for absolutely free they have a chance to win a 750 gift card and you're getting paid two dollars per person which is really awesome for people you're gonna make twenty dollars. 

And if you send 100 per people to this link you're gonna make 200 and so on. 

4. Once you grab your referral link for the offer you will just need to make it short and sweet so copy that long URL from CPA grip and go to

I would have to paste my long URL there and I will click shorten right there as you can see I don't even have to sign up and this is my new URL that looks short and nice and pretty much takes people to the same page but now it just looks more appealing. 

Now just copy your shortened link. 

5. Come over to

And I want you to sign up to Twitter and create a new account if you don't have an account already it's absolutely free to sign up on Twitter and don't worry you don't need any followers or likes Etc. 

This can be literally your first day on Twitter and you're still gonna be able to do this because we will be just using this platform to cash out our money from you like all you need to do is just post something like this. 

As you can see this is what I have posted on my account so just click tweet right there and start writing something like new giveaway and some images and prizes depending on the offer you chose from the I'm gonna say 750 gift card for you and then enter there for free and just paste your short and bitty URL or your shortened link basically referral link from CPA grip right there. 

And then just click on tweet right there you just need to set up this process once to keep on making money with this and to keep on withdrawing money from this method. 

Now just simply click on your Tweet and from next page you need to copy your Tweet ID of your new giveaway tweet which you can find in the back of your page URL right there just copy this tweet ID from there this you URL will take people to your giveaway Tweet where they can see new giveaway 750 gift card. 

And they can enter for free and once they click on that link if they sign up for absolutely free you're gonna get paid two dollars and five cents in this case now just need a lot of people going over to this tweet so they can actually click on your referral link and they can participate in the giveaway and you can keep making money like I do with this and for doing that. 

6. To go back to you like and depending on how many points you have you can exchange them for Twitter. 

You can get twitter followers tweets likes or retweets from those points and that's exactly how you can withdraw your money. 

So just hover your mouse over ad sites right there then from twitter options available click on retweets option and on next page you need to copy your Tweet ID from Twitter and paste that ID in this box on you like 

And then just click on add tweet and as you can see you have successfully added this tweet to get retweeted now just click on manage Twitter suites and on the bottom of next page just select this drop down arrow and select the amount of points you want to give for each retweet you can choose anywhere between three points to 30 points. 

But I recommend you to choose between 6 to 10 points only let's say we select seven points as soon as you select the points it will start your retweet campaign and in just a matter of minutes you will start to receive many retweets depending on the amount of points you have on your account. 

And if you want to stop this campaign then just select off option from there and it will stop your campaign so that's how we can exchange the points for real money now other members of you like will retweet our Twitter post the post will reach more and more people on Twitter snd whenever they will click on our URL link in the tweet and sign up.

We will get paid two dollars per sign up so your one-click on website is equal to two dollars now to show you my earnings till now using this method I used CPA lead for this method. 

So let me log into my account and as you see these are my earnings from this method and I have earned over 700 till now that's it for today. 

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