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Comparison Google Pixel 6 Pro vs iPhone 14 Pro Max, Camera test, Speed Tes, Displays and Speakers.

iPhone 14 Pro vs Google Pixel 6 Pro

 iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Google Pixel 6 Pro


What's up guys today we will be comparing the Pixel 6 Pro to the iPhone 14 pro,

I was really curious more about the image quality so will show you guys these side by side stills you guys know I'm a big fan of Google image processing uh so let's go ahead and get started.

The price on the pixel 6 pro has come down a lot you can find it for around 650 bucks which is really awesome the 14 pro will cost you thousand bucks and if you want the pro max, because you might just want the bigger size it's going to cost you an extra 100 bucks on top of that. 

So both of these phones have some really nice unique Designs especially the pixel Google has done a great job making this phone extremely distinct. 

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So when you see this camera module set up you pretty much know it's going to be a pixel phone they're both premium Glass and Metal designs they both have ip68 dust and water resistant rating. 

I do like the matte finish on the iPhone it doesn't pick up fingerprints and stuff like that you can kind of see a little bit of fingerprints on the pixel. 

But as far as the build quality these are two very nice feeling phones in the hand alright, so let's go ahead and talk about the display it's ltpo AMOLED it's 120 hertz HDR 10 plus it's at 1440p resolution display and it is 512 for the PPI with the 14 pro it's a 6.1 inch display like I said if you get the Pro Max you will also get a 6.7 inch display it's also ltpo Super Retina xdr OLED 120 hertz HDR 10 it can get a peak brightness up to 2000 which makes the one of the brightest phones. 

That you can get which is really nice I still do prefer the traditional punch hole design on the pixel as opposed to Apple's pill shape cut out which is a big improvement from the you know Notch that we had for so long but I actually do like the flat display on the iPhone as well. 

I also do really love the curb display display so a lot of people they it's either one or the other I actually do like both of them. 

I really don't mind I think the curved design makes the phone look a little bit more premium uh to me but it really just comes down to personal preference but for me I do really like the pixels display I like the smaller Notch and I like that it has a 2k resolution as well too let's talk about the speed on both of these phones i'm actually really impressed with Android 13. 

I just updated to it and it is just buttery smooth stock Android has always been just super smooth as far as like animations and stuff goes it just has a really smooth experience the way that they do the animations and everything. 

So that's one thing that I really love I think I even think it's smoother that IOS honestly it just feels extremely like buttery smooth. 

So let's go ahead and talk about the Chios so we have the Google tensor chip 12gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage with the iPhone we have the iOS 16 a16 chip and then we also have 128 gigs and six gigs of RAM. 

< p>So if I pull up the geek bench scores you can kind of see what you are working with. And you can see those scores there the iPhone will beat the pixel in terms of single and multiple-core. 

Now when it comes to just real world use they both pretty much feel on par with each other we're going to launch YouTube pretty much the same super smooth scrolling on both have more of a fast scroll on the pixel more of slower smooth scroll on the iPhone though. 

Let's go ahead and try Subway surf iPhone pixel so you guys can see not too um you know not too much of a difference I'm here let's try a heavier game, Pub G. 

All right guys you can see we're in Pub G and the gaming experience is going to be pretty good on Max settings on the iPhone is HDR extreme uh it runs very good able to hold 60 frames there probably will be an update that will give it the 90 frames option again like on the 13 Pro on

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