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How to download Among US mod, Among US hack.

How to download Among US Mod


Hello everyone in today's Post I will show how you can download the newest among a smart menu for free to open the mod money you just have to click on this icon on the left side of your screen. 

You can use that mod to for example unlock every skin pattern hat, you can also use it to see who is the impostor and who is the cremate you can also change your speed as you can see it really has a lot of features. 

Let's join on random lobby just just to see how it works, okay may be let's find a different club due to some players do and just like that I can see that the white player is the imposter. 

Now I will show you how you can download this mod on your phone or tablet for free, now I will uninstall this mod version to make some free space for the newest one that I'm going to download right now. 

1. Open any browser, for example google chrome or Firefox. 

And go to the website mod for now click on among us, now scroll down a little and click orange download button to download this mod I need to complete two free offers.

Now I will show you how to do it in about two to three minutes, Let's select the first offer and see what are the instructions as you can see I have to download and install this app and then open it for about 30 seconds that's easy click on tap to install and then open the google play store. 

Click on install or dongle and wait for the app to be downloaded and then installed, now let's click on play I will speed up this part of this Post because my phone is really slow and I don't want waste your time. 

Now the app is running I just have to keep it open for 30 seconds I usually keep it open for 30-50 seconds just in case okay that's enough I can close this up and go back to the browser whoops I accidentally started the app again. 

Sort of your software is completed now let's do the last one as you can see the instructions are the same I just need to download install and then open this up for 30 seconds, 

After downloading the among us mod you can keep these apps or delete them it's totally up to you. 

Now let's start it and keep it open for about 40-50 seconds, okay after 40 seconds I can close this game and go back to the browser. 

Now the downloading process should start in just a few seconds. Here it is 

I really hope this tutorial will help some of you if you have any questions you can  leave a comment and as always. 

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