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Hey what's up guys will here for gsm arena if you like to play heavy games on the go your average smartphone might not quite fit the bill that's why we've made  a list with some of 2023's best phones for gaming. 

Let's get started; 

1.Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 

We'll begin not with a dedicated gaming device but a top flagship apple's iPhone 13 pro max, with a new iPhone you get a very powerful chipset apple's a 15 bionic and on top of that there's access to apple's extensive game ecosystem and benefits like early releases and exclusive iOS titles. 

The 13 Pro Max has a 120hz ole screen to enjoy your content on it's great as long as you don't mind a notch cutout the battery life here is much better than on the lower tier models.

And the great stereo speakers make for an immersive experience too of course you get plenty of other standout features as well like great camera quality you probably wouldn't get the iPhone 13 pro max just for the sake of playing games but his gaming capabilities are worth keeping in mind if you're thinking about getting an iPhone.

2. Xiaomi's Poco F4 GT.

Now we'll move on to the actual gaming phones devices built from the ground up with the gaming experience in mind starting with xiaomi's poco f4 gt the poco gt series takes the flagship killing poco brand into dedicated gaming territory probably the most standout.

Gaming related feature is the retractable hardware triggers you don't see these everyday they're click and responsive and can give you an advantage in certain genres like racing games or shooters another interesting features is that. 

There's a stereo setup with four speakers rather than two and they sound great, you also get a nice ambled display with a 120hz refresh rate and responsive 480hz touch sampling rate battery life on the f4 gt is just mediocre luckily it has incredibly fats charging and can go from zero full in just 20 minutes. 

The phone also has flagship grade silicon a snapdragon 8 gen 1. peak performance is excellent here. But even though there is a passive cooling system we experience thermal throttling a Long the lines of other current flagships a cooling fan would help things out. 

But that's missing there you also don't get extra gaming related software options on top of what you already find on other xiaomi phones. 

But still with its attractive price the poco f14 gt is a great deal for gamers. 

3. Black Shark 5 Pro. 

Just like the poco f4 you get pop out physical shoulder triggers here but the black shark 5 pro brings more in-depth software features related to gaming again you get solid gaming performance with the snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipset. 

Sustain performance is good too better than the poco but the phone gets extremely hot to the touch there's no cooling fan here either on the front is an old display and what's neat about this one is the extra fats 144 hz refresh rate there's also a pair of excellent sounding stereo speakers and nice haptic feedback even in game. 

Just like the poco f4 gt battery life is hardly great but the phone makes up for it with super fast charging in the end the black shark is very similar to the poco. 

But it has the edge when it comes to the thermals and the screen refresh rate. 

4. Nubia Red magic 7S Pro, 

This phone is a bit more recent than the xiaomi's 

featuring the new snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 chipset for better performance you do get a pair of shoulder triggers, 

But rather then being retractable and click these are flat and pressure sensitive on top of that the red magic 7s Pro has a built -in cooling fan as you might expect the thermal management here is better than the previous devices on the list.

And sustained performance is great there's also really good battery life as well as fast charging you get a bunch of gaming features and customisation options too.

There are stereo speakers for your audio and the old display is play and furious with a 165 hertz refresh rate and 720 hertz touch sampling rate unfortunately the support for high frame rate gaming isn't really there and not many titles can go above 60 fps. 

Also we weren't impressed with the max brightness of this screen it's not enough for good legibility outdoors the cameras are nothing special either they're the same as on the previous generation and feel a touch outdated. 

So while the red magic 7s has some great features to offer like that cooling fan it's not all upside here.

5. Asus's ROG Phone 6 Pro

 The final phone on our list is probably the most obvious it's Asus's dog phone 6 pro the rog phones have always arguably been the top dog of the gaming phone scene and their newest release the 6 pro continues that tradition the phones design is quite unique. 

And you also get ip rated splash proofing for the first time on an org phone it's not a cheap device but you get the who;e package including excellent battery life fast charging and a bright flagship grade ambled display it has a 165hz refresh rate and 720hz touch sampling. 

There's also a display on the back which can play back custom text or graphics  while you're gaming there's full support for high frame rate gaming. 

Plus the dog phone has a pair of front -facing speakers each with its own driver and they sound great and even come with game specific functionality. 

The dog phone 6 pro has a pair of ultrasonic shoulder triggers which which are quite versatile you don't get a built in fan there. 

But Asus offers an active cooling fan that you can attach to the back it's very effective and although performance is excellent already thanks to the latest snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 the active cooling unlocks the full potential. 

The problem is the fan doesnt come included you have to buy it separately on top of an already expletive device the gaming related tweaks and options on the dog phone 6 pro are some of the most in depth around you can even dice. 

So deep into the hardware settings that you potentially break than being just an afterthought the cameras here are pretty decent. 

The dog phone 6 pro is excellent all around but you do have to pay a flagship prize if you do have the money to spend yet again Asus has come out with a mobile gaming powerhouse. 

So there you have it guys if you're looking for something a little extra to spice up your smartphone gaming experience. 

I hope this list has you pointed in the right direction,

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