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How to change fonts style in iPhone, New and Simple way.


Change fonts style on iPhone


Hey what's up guys welcome back to another Post. In this Post I'm gonna show you how to change phone style on iPhone iPad IOS 15. 

So let's get started without wasting time, 

1. Tap on Setting And Scroll Down tap on Journal,

So guys scroll down and type on font so as you can see here no phone installed you can download apps that install phone from the App Store. 

So you have to have an open App Store so as you can see tap on search and tap fonts for iPhone  tap it and scroll down. 

So you can see from installing my phone so before so you have to tap on open and tap on get start, so you have tap on go to settings and tap on allow tracking, 

Now so you have to apply keyboard and tap keep font allow google's turn on so allow full access to Yellowstone on and back home screen and again open any app and try to send message and tap keyboard. 

You have tap on fonts so as you can see is phone style so you change this font any. 

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