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Google pixel 7 vs Google Pixel 7 Pro, Ultimate android phone for Professional with epic features, You really need this


Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Google Pixel 7


Before we get into today's episode a quick shout to the brand new color way for later case called midnight if you're unfamiliar with later case. 

This is the thinnest case you're going to put on your smartphone very important, this is what black used to look like of course this is the bread and butter and will remain a later case classic forever, but the full -on- blacked -out look midnight crimson coffee willy-doo blue these will remain available for a variety of devices as you can see there click the link in the description to see if it's available for your smartphone midnight edition. 

All right so it's no secret that I've been a fan of pixel devices for a while I've used every single one that's ever come out and if you look very closely you can see jack vacationing right over there. 

There he is with his towel sunscreen they remain one of my favourite devices out there I like to experience the vanilla android thing I love what they do with the cameras and camera software some of the latest stuff with the tensor chip live transcribing and the pace and speed of it it's all very exciting. 

And I am excited for the next version of the pixel 7 pixel 7 pro which believe it or not I have some early versions of them inside this nondescript box right here we're going to cash a glimpse a glance at the upcoming pixel the brand new pixel. 

Now these are not retail versions in here in fact what you're going to find out in a moment is that the software is a little bit strange or non-existent.

But what we will be doing in this Post is a comparison of the hardware to the current generation of flagship devices from google to pixel 6 and 6 pro we already know a lot about the 7 and 7 pro because google has told us quite a bit and the release date is approaching.

So yeah definitely not retail as far as release on this device early October is the rumour  look at this seven on this side and seven pro over there not your typical google badge on there early developer versions of the devices they are sticking as you can tell to this visor-like design language with this shelf up top obviously on the pro model.

You can see the extra camera unit which looks to be one of those periscope style zoom lenses so a triple camera setup on the pro model versus the dual camera setup on the regular pixel seven these feel quite premium very glass very smooth uh the last version did as well. 

Let me just grab that for a refresher yes similarities certainly the visor here is just glass over black whereas there we have a slightly more reflective mirror-like finish on this gun metal color might be a little bit fatter ever so slightly this model has 12 gigs of ram 256 storage obviously the latest tensor chip is going to be in both of these devices as well. 

Non-pro model eight gigs of Samsung ram and 128 gigs of storage neither of them bootable at the moment pro model has a polished edge as you can see compared to the matte aluminium finish on the non-pro variant this color from the edge carries over into the visor section wireless charging will be supported on both these devices unlike the budget model pixel 6a which for me that's the biggest drawback maybe that and the     60 hertz display.

These will solve both of those problems having the wireless charging and then having the sign refresh display as well we have symmetrical front-facing situation with the camera in the centre slightly smaller hole punch on the pro model compared to the non-pro how slim the bezel is and you can see there's a slight advantage to the model you've never heard this before. 

So now I have all the devices booted up fo a bezel comparison pixel six versus seven wow okay so this one is pretty significant the old model is quite a bit taller certainly the forehead here is bigger than it is on the new model seven the display itself. 

Is also a little bit taller on the pixel six compared to seven so that's interesting find number one and then if we go over to the pro model this one the dimension is almost identical however you have slimmer bezels on the sides or is it just more curved it looks like you have slimmer bezels on the sides of the old model. 

But it could just be that it has a more aggressive curve around the edge than the new model and then when you look at the new model you have a little bit less of a chin and a very similar forehead but overall ia s lot closer than it is on the seven versus six. 

Let's get to the bottom of it by pulling out the calliper, first things first thickness what kind of battery capacity we might have in the upcoming device and often thickness can act as some kind of an indicator here's our thickness of pixel six pro nine millimeter. 

Roughly speaking nine millimeters versus less it got a bit thinner by the looks of it of course this doesn't include camera section which may have gotten fatter. 

Let's do that 11.5  those ones are almost identical at 11.5 if you measure the entirety of the band yeah it looks like it got ever so slightly thinner. 

So that was a bit deceiving and I do think that it has to do with this curvature around the front edge where the bezel is I think it's slightly less aggressive on the new model. 

Seventy 75.89 point six eight it's a little bit wider the new one is a little bit wider let's pull over the bigger difference which exists on the seven you can you can see just looking at it seventy four nine not so much more narrow with the seven they've gone gone for a more portable phone a more pocketable a more one-handed.

Type of phone and they've given a bigger variation so if you wanted a smaller phone the 7 is going to offer up something that's different enough whereas in the last generation. 

They seemed very similar like you hold them it's almost not enough of a gap between the pro and non-pro where if were looking for a smaller phone this is still a pretty large phone it's definitely slightly more comfortable to hold the seven compared to the six. 

What about weight now the important thing about this test is we are dealing with very close to final hardware pixel 6,  206 grams can you see that 205 pixel 7 195 save yourself about 10 grams, pixel 6 pro 208grams versus 209 gram. 

One extra gram big battery quite possibly all right so obviously I can't boot these up there's no android 13 going on I can't test the cameras and such these are early samples obviously. 

But we're not gonna have to wait too long for these devices to hit the market as mentioned the current rumour is the very beginning of October. 

But hopefully this Post gave you a little bit of insight into what to expect and at least illustrated a couple of differences from a physical perspective. 

We can kind of discover that there's a slightly different approach taking place and google is aiming to create a little bit more difference between the pro model and non-pro model outside of just having a slightly higher spec and obviously adding that extra camera making the pro bigger than the non-pro bigger distance than there was on the previous model styling still in the same neighbourhood. 

Let me know which one you would be more interested in would it be the pixel 7 or 7 pro you want that extra camera do you want the bigger size or do you prefer something slightly more pocketable. 

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