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Elon Musk revealed a new Tesla Smartphones, Tesla Model Pi.


Elon Must revealed a new Tesla Phones


While the world is still basking in the euphoria of Elon Musk's electric vehicles, space exploration, and self-driving software, the eccentric CEO and billionaire has shown with his latest announcements that he is truly just getting started. 

Elon Musk, through his company Tesla, is set to release a smartphone called the Tesla Model Pi and this launch has got everyone in the technology game abuzz with excitement. 

Given his track record of incredible inventions from reusable rockets to self-driving tech, the whole world is buzzing to see what special functionalities Elon would put in his Tesla 

  • Model Pi.

What would Elon include in his smartphone to make it stand out from the tough competition, that's currently in that space? 

The Tesla Model Pi has already been predicted to be a real gadget game - changer when it hits the market and researchers have said that it will give other phone competitors a run for their money.  

Just ask Toyota and NASA, they can testify. Although the release date of the Tesla Model Pi is still being kept secret by the company, the features and design of he gadget are already known. 

  • And let's start with the latter, the design. 

It has been announced that the designer of Tesla smartphone is the same designer that has made a lot of Apple's exciting products, Antonio De Rosa of ADR Studios. Antonio will make the Tesla smartphone in honour of Tesla and Starlink SpaceX. 

Many gadget market researchers have noticed that the Tesla Model Pi looks a lot like the iPhone 12, with the biggest similarity being the camera module. Although the Pi is said to come with four cameras, they're positioned in a square frame, just like the iPhone 12. 

However, it definitely stands out from the iPhone 12 and every other smartphone that's out right now, thanks to the back of the phone that shimmers different colours depending on how light hits it. 

You also have a built -in solar panel at the back of the phone that charges the phone when you're using it outside. You can use your phone while walking between classes and juice it up without having to plug it in. 

It gives you a lot more battery on the go while eco -friendly. Now, thisis a mind -blowing invention and a much -needed innovation in the gadget industry. 

And we must commend this because Apple is seemingly moving in the opposite direction with it's inefficient wireless charging technology that consumes a lot more power than regular wired charging. 

One downside to this is that with a built-in solar panel at the back of the phone, you wont be able to use a case. However, we're sure that for all the benefits it comes with, we can all live with this small disadvantage. 

They're just going to have to make the material a lot more durable for when it falls. 

  • Let's talk Cameras!

The Tesla Model Pi is equipped with a night mode camera that captures beautiful shots in the dark. And of course, it's amazing at astrophotography. 

But really, did you expect anything less from the man that sent a literal Tesla to space?A part from night mode and moon gazing, the cameras also come with an Ultra-wide lens and a macro lens for taking really wide shots, and really close-up shots. 

Both of these lenses are pretty standard on most modern flagships so we're not that surprised. Now what is not pretty standard on flagships is an under -the -display front-facing camera. 

Yes a few companies have tried to implement this idea but it's still very rare and more of a gimmick than a real outstanding camera at this point. 

So it was a shock when Tesla revealed this smartphone without any noticeable notch or punchhole for the front-facing camera. 

Many experts believe that the camera will actually be under the display. And this is actually a huge call from Tesla. It'll definitely take a lot of work to make a selfie camera that's hidden under the display but still captures excellent pictures and videos. 

If it's a bad camera, this feature will just end up being a gimmick like all the other under -dispaly selfie cameras in the market right now. 

Elon Musk is a true visionary, no one can deny that. And sometimes the things he does are just out of this world, literally. The Tesla Model Pi takes Internet access and connectivity to a whole new level with its access to Starlink satellite internet. 

  • Star Link Satellite Internet. 

With this, you're no longer stuck with your crappy internet provider. The developers have affirmed that the data download and upload speed will be up to ..

  • 210 Megabits Per Second. 

The amazing outcome of the Starlink satellite access is that the Tesla Model Pi should be able to work on Mars too!Now if the Tesla Model Pi comes out, it wouldn't be the first satellite smartphone as there's already Iridium and Thuraya, but it would be the first satellite phone compatible with starlink.

Starlink is one of Elon's latest technologies, an under- construction globe- spanning communications satellite being developed by SpaceX to deliver high -speed internet to everyone in the world, from big cities to the most remote villages. 

There are currently over 1,600 Starlink satellites in operation. The goal is to get to 40,000 and boom! internet for the entire world. 

Now that's true earthernet! Right now, the monthly subscription for Starlink's internet access is set at $99.00 but purchasing the phone will most likely come with a subsided payment plan for the internet access. 

Another amazing feature of the Tesla Model Pi is that it will be a connected to the brain using the brain-phone interface from Neuralink.

At this point all that's left is for the phone to be a self -driving vehicle too! Because Elon is not holding back with this one! Basically with this Neuralink technology, Tesla Model Pi will be able to read information from the brain directly. 

So you don't have to touch the screen or anything, you just think it and the phone does it! Just think about it! instead of having to speak to your Google Assistant out loud, you can just think of the function you want it to perform, and it'll do it right away. 

Although some people have said that Neuralink isn't anywhere close to releasing consumer -level brain -machine interface products yet, the simple fact that this is even a possibility in our lifetime is exciting on its own!

Another feature of the Tesla Model Pi is the potential to mine Marscoin cryptocurrency. Marscoins launched in 2014 and they are virtual coins designed to be used on Mars. 

It is no news that Elon Musk desires to settle on planet Mars and create a colony there, so he developed the mars coin to be the currency of Mars. 

Included in the Tesla Model Pi is an internal minting application. It is a no-brainer that one feature Elon will add to the Tesla smartphone is its connectivity with the Tesla EV. 

With the Tesla Model Pi, owners of Tesla EVs will be able to drive their cars using their smartphone, just like a video game The Tesla smartphone will include lock and unlock features, remote commands from the phone instead of from inside the car, and you'd be able to monitor all the car's specifications from the battery to the temperature, to lighting. 

This is definitely a strong selling point for phone. Because if you are already using a Tesla EV, it'd just be easier to get a Tesla Model Pi, we know all about gadget ecosystems and how they lure you in. 

As the technology world waits earnestly for the release of the Tesla Model Pi, there are still some unanswered questions such as, how much the phone will cost?

  • Would it have a SIM card? 

What would be the monthly charge for a Starlink subscription? and if one can buy the phone without first buying a Tesla EV? 

We are hopeful that with the release of the smartphone all these questions will be answered. 

Tesla Model Pi is sure to be a competition to Apple, Samsung, and other phone manufacturers because it offers something completely new to the market, a market that has has been lacking excitement for quite some time now. 

And with that, we've come to the end of this Post. Thank you!

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