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How to temporary deactivate Instagram account, Take a short break on Instagram, Step by step with photos.


Deactivate Instagram account


In this Post we will learn how to deactivate Instagram account temporarily so let's again 

So the process is same for Android  as well as iOS devices so you don't need to worry if you are on Android so first make sure that you are connected with the internet and once you are connected with the internet simply go and open your Instagram app so here we go. 

So once you are here simply go to instagram browser enter you login details and tap on your profile icon at the right bottom corner once you are profile appears simply tap on these three lines at the right top corner now tap on settings in settings you need to tap on health now tap on Help Center and wait for this page to load.

Deactivate Instagram account

So once you are there tap on managing your account and you need to temporarily disable your account so if you tap on delete your account there will be an option to temporarily. 

Deactivate Instagram account

Temporarily deactivate your Instagram account so tap on delete your account tap on this and once you are in that you can not see an option of temporarily disabled so this is temporarily deactivate the activation page of Instagram account. 

Deactivate Instagram account

So once you are there you can see temporarily disable your account and here you what you need to do is simply go and select any of the reason from here and enter the password of your Instagram account and tap on temporarily disable account.

Deactivate Instagram account


So if you want to reactivate your account again once you have disable or deactivated your Instagram account what you need to do is simply log into your Instagram account and it would ask you to reactivate your account so simply go and tap on reactivity or account and your account will be reactivated. 

Deactivate Instagram account

So hope it has helped you in deactivating your Instagram account temporarily. 

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