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How to install window 10 on PC and How to create Windows 10 Installation USB.


How to Install Windows 10 by using USB


In the Past, if you wanted to install windows, you had to find your installation disc. With windows 10 though, all you have to do is make an installation USB. 

In this Post I'm going to show you how to do it. This is Chaltrends, , where we solve your problems with computers, internet and technology. 

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Today's question is 

How do I make a Windows 10 Installation USB? 

Well first of all, let's take an overview of what we'll be doing. We're going to make a USB that contains a copy of Windows 10. 

Once you have one of these, it lets you Install Windows 10 on a new computer (and you'll need to buy a licence)


  • Install Windows 10 on a New Computer, 
  • Clean Installation of Windows 10,
  •  Upgrade to Windows 10 
  • Update Windows 10 to Latest Version 
  • Repair Problem with Windows 10. 

To do this we'll download a tool from the Microsoft website. This tool will download the latest copy of Windows 10, and it will then use this to make a bootable USB drive. 


You're going to need a Windows computer with a good Internet connection, and a blank USB drive. I recommend using an 8 Gigabyte USB stick as a minimum. 

If your USB drive contains any files, make sure you copy them to somewhere safe on your computer, because we're going to be wiping the USB drive. I've tried to make as tutorial accurate as possible, but please remember that Microsoft releases a new tool twice a year, so it's possible it could change. 

However this guide should still get through. 

First of all, you need to plug in your USB stick. Ignore any messages that appear. 

Open your web browser and search for ''Windows 10 Media Creation tool''. You should find a search result that takes you to I've included the link below and above.

How to create Window 10 Installation USB

On this web page, look for Create Windows 10 Installation Media''. Click ''Download tool now''. Run the tool. 


Wait for the tool to load. Accept the terms. Now wait again Choose the to Create installation media And click Next. 

It's a good idea to make a USB drive that will work on other computers as well as your own. So untick box for Use the recommended options. 

Language, you can change this here if you need to. 

Edition- this doesn't  give you a choice now. 

Architecture - change this to Both. Now click Next. On this screen, you can leave ''USB flash drive'' Selected. Click Next. You should see your USB stick here if it's plugged in. Click on it once, then click Next. 

Wait for Windows 10 to be downloaded, it takes a while. After that there's another wait, while the USB drive is being prepared. 

When it's finished creating your USB drive, you can click Finish, and unplug your USB drive. 

So how do you use the Installation USB? if you're upgrading your computer to the latest version, plug it in, and then open File Explorer, find the USB drive, and double - click setup. 

Then follow the instructions on the screen. But if you want to Erase everything on your computer and install a fresh copy of Windows 10, you need to turn off your computer, plug in the usb, and then boot the computer from your USB drive. Every computer's different, so check your instructions. 

Please let me know in the comments below how you got on, 

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